11 Great Foods To Give A Cavapoo With Distemper

When beloved cavapoo gets sick, we feel their anguish and do everything we can to help them. Distemper is one of the most frequent ailments that your cavapoo may contract, and knowing what to do to get them up and running around the home again in no time is critical!

While cavapoos may be treated for distemper, one disadvantage is that they lack a steady appetite. When treating cavapoos with distemper, it may take up to two months for them to recover.

Meanwhile, you’ll have to figure out how to get your cavapoo to eat particular foods.
It’s vital to keep the cavapoo hydrated and nourished while they’re healing. Continue reading to learn what foods a cavapoo with distemper should eat.

How To Get A Cavapoo WIth Distemper To Eat

Cavapoos are ill when they have distemper, making it difficult for them to eat. Karo syrup is a safe and straightforward method for settling the cavapoo’s stomach so they may eat. If your cavapoo is still drinking, mix 1 teaspoon Karo syrup into 8 ounces of water and feed it to them before their meal.

If your cavapoo is finicky and won’t drink the syrup-laced water, dab a little Karo syrup on the roof of its tongue. Karo syrup is a corn syrup derived from maize starch. This item is usually found in the baking area of most supermarkets.

 Karo syrup helps the cavapoo’s stomach relax so they don’t feel queasy, helping them to restore their appetite.

Cavapoo dog resting in the sun at the park, mixed -breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle.

What Food Should You Give A Cavapoo With Distemper? 

Making sure your cavapoo is well-nourished is crucial for its recovery. They likely won’t consume dry kibble as frequently as they would when they are in good health. It’s important that you feed your cavapoo food with more moisture.

These are some of the foods you should give a cavapoo with distemper:

Soft Canned Cavapoo Food

When your Cavapoo isn’t feeling well, soft food contains more moisture and is easier to digest. If you feed your cavapoo canned food, they will have a better time being fed and keeping hydrated.


Liver is an excellent diet for cavapoos with distemper. It’s soft and vitamin-rich, making it easy for the ill cavapoo to eat. Your cavapoo will get a healthy quantity of vital fatty acids, iron, copper, and zinc when they eat liver.

Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is an excellent way to provide nutrition to a cavapoo suffering from distemper who isn’t eating much. If your Cavapoo isn’t eating much, you may use a syringe to feed them chicken broth.

If the cavapoo’s hunger starts to return, however, you may start giving them boneless chicken and cooked potatoes in chicken broth. When your cavapoo has distemper, soaking any food you give them in chicken broth beforehand will help them take it more easily.

Canned tuna

If your cavapoo likes seafood, try feeding canned tuna to them. Your cavapoo will benefit from the fish oils. Some individuals combine tuna with cooked rice to allow the rice to absorb the fish oils.


When your Cavapoo isn’t eating, milk is an excellent method to supplement their diet with vitamins and nutrients. Some cavapoos want their milk to be warm before eating it. If your Cavapoo isn’t eating solid meals, it’s a good idea to offer them newborn milk.

Baby Food

When it comes to treating cavapoos with distemper, many people overlook baby food. Cavapoos like a variety of infant meals that are both tasty and safe to offer them, such as chicken or turkey. This meal is easier for the cavapoo to eat because it has already been pureed.

Everyday Foods That Can Help Prevent Distemper

You should offer immune-boosting foods to your cavapoo if you want to keep it protected from distemper. While there is a distemper vaccine, it only protects against the most frequent strains. Introduce these things to your cavapoo’s diet to help prevent it from contracting a rare type of distemper:

Bone broth

Bone broth is simple to produce and packed with nutrients that will aid your cavapoo’s immune system. Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D are abundant in this type of soup. The soup is also recognized for its immune-boosting proteins that help to keep the body healthy.


Rosemary is a potent plant with a lot of nutritional value. A healthy quantity of Vitamin B6, iron, and calcium may be found in only a tiny amount of rosemary. Anti-inflammatory qualities are also reported to exist in it.


Yogurt is an important part of a balanced diet since it helps to balance beneficial and harmful bacteria. It is a favorite of Cavapoos because of its lovely creamy flavor, but it also contains beneficial bacteria (probiotics), which are important for optimum health. Make sure you only provide plain yogurt to your cavapoo since additions might make them sick.


One of the healthiest snacks you can offer your cavapoo is a pumpkin. This is due to its high fiber content as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. Giving your cavapoo pumpkin can help strengthen their stomach, which is where distemper manifests itself.


Blueberries are recognized as a superfood because they are filled with antioxidants. Allowing your cavapoo to have a few blueberries is beneficial since they include vitamins A, E, folate, copper, manganese, and beta-carotene. These berries include several elements that aid in immune system protection.

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When your Cavapoo is suffering from distemper, we feel their pain, and we do our best to help them recover. If we ensure that they get their well-needed rest and give them the right type of food while recovering, they’ll be in tip-top shape again in no time!