14 Dogs Similar To Dobermans (In Looks And Temperament)

This article will explore the differences and similarities between dogs that are similar to Doberman dogs. Dobermans are incredibly beautiful and agile dogs, but they can also be a handful. They require a lot of training and can actually be dangerous if not trained properly.

So, here we will look at dogs similar to Dobermans to inform you about other options for a pet dog if you are not in the market for a Doberman but would like to consider something similar. We will look over a range of characteristics, colorings, behaviors, etc., to give you a complete picture of all the dogs that you may want to consider.

What Are Common Personality Traits In Dobermans?


Dobermans are incredibly intelligent as well as very alert. Their ability to recognize dangerous situations and/or people is one of the main reasons why they are so popular. Their intelligence aids them in many other categories, which we will detail below. This makes them easy to train, and they can remember a whole host of commands. 

In fact, Dobermans are the fifth smartest breed of dog. Although this intelligence can be very useful and does make for better interactions between people and your dog, it does mean that they need a lot of stimulation as they get bored very easily.

Ability To Learn

Due to their high intelligence levels, a Doberman is very easy to train and can learn a wide range of commands and tricks. However, their intelligence also means that they can easily recognize authority, and if you are not commanding enough, they may simply ignore you.

You will need to be very strict with a Doberman. This is why “respect training” is very common with Dobermans – it’s no good having a guard dog if they do not respect you.


As long as Doberman dogs are properly trained and obedient, they are considered a very friendly breed. They are confident and comfortable around other people and other dogs and, as long as they have been taught to be so, will be loving and not aggressive towards others.

As long as they are taught to socialize from a young age then you will no problems with a Doberman around other people.

Energy Levels

Dobermans are a rather energetic breed of dog and they require a fair amount of exercise. Their intelligence means that they require a lot of stimulation in order to beat boredom, so even if they do not need walking as much as some other breeds of dog, they will require a lot of attention and things to keep them busy. 

They are naturally athletic dogs and so will require several fast-paced walks or jogs a day to keep them in their best shape.

Training Is Required

It is best to train a Doberman dog very early on. This is because as they become smarter with age, they will quickly learn who to obey and who to ignore. If they do not believe you to be authoritative enough, they will simply not listen to you, no matter how much you shout or give commands.

They will know that they “outrank” you. When trained as a puppy, they will learn very quickly and so will make a great and easy pet to look after.

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So What Dogs Are Similar To Dobermans?

Below is a list of the dogs that are the most similar to Dobermans. The majority are close in temperament and nature, but some also have the added bonus of similar coloring.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Like Dobermans, German short-haired pointers are a medium-large-sized dog. Their temperament is also very similar to that of a Doberman in that they are very intelligent, meaning that they are also very easy to train. They are also very loving and make a great companion.

Similar to Dobermans, their intelligence level means that they need a lot of stimulation to stop them from getting bored. Unlike Dobermans, who can adapt to smaller living spaces, German short-haired pointers need a lot of room to live in.


Although they do not look particularly similar to Doberman dogs, Vizslas are very close in their nature. They are particularly playful and energetic. They are a purebred breed of dog with a lot of love to give. They have high energy levels, just like a Doberman, making a great choice if you or your family are particularly active.

Just like Dobermans, they will happily go for a few walks or runs a day. However, like the German short-haired pointer, and unlike Dobermans, they need a lot of living space; otherwise, their inability to adapt will leave them bouncing around your flat!

Pharaoh Hounds

As their name suggests, Pharaoh hounds are an ancient breed that was commonly owned by Pharaohs. They are roughly the same size as Dobermans, albeit ever so slightly shorter. They are a very easy dog to own but, like Dobermans, are still very clever. Additionally, they have the same “noble” sense about them and are very elegant dogs. They are also adaptable to smaller living situations.


Weimaraners are just like Dobermans in that they have very high energy levels. They will happily run around a park for ages without tiring. Although their shiny silver coat means that they do not look much like Dobermans, they are very close in their caring nature and ability to love.

They are very friendly dogs that make great house pets as long as you have the time and energy to entertain them. This is because they were originally bred to be gun dogs.

Australian Kelpie

Australian kelpies are very close to Dobermans in their body shape and size. However, they have a longer coat and an ever so slightly longer face. Their pointed ears make them a good Doberman lookalike if you would choose to pin a Doberman’s ears. They were bred to work with cattle in extreme heat, and so, much like Dobermans, they are not easily exhausted.

They have very high energy levels and are incredibly intelligent dogs. Just like Dobermans, they also require training from a young age as they can very easily be trained and can be very destructive if untrained or left alone for long periods of time. They need a lot of stimulation.

Miniature Pinscher

Much like Dobermans, Miniature pinschers have a “noble” air about them, marking them as very elegant dogs. However, although their coat and shape remain much the same as Dobermans, the main difference is their size. As their name suggests, Miniature pinschers are a lot smaller than Dobermans, growing to a maximum of 13 inches.

Despite their similarities to Dobermans, Miniature pinschers are actually an older breed! Despite their size, they are similar to Dobermans in almost all other aspects. They are intelligent, energetic, and very self-assured. This big attitude in a small body is quite a feat. 


If you were after a Dobermanesque dog to have as a guard dog, then a Rottweiler may already have come to mind. Their coloring and patterning are very similar to Dobermans, although they differ significantly in size and shape – they are a much broader and bigger dog overall.

However, their nature is very similar, which is what makes them good guard dogs. Despite their reputation as an aggressive breed, if they are trained correctly, they are very loving and loyal dogs. They are very intelligent and are very aware of situations. Just like Doberman, they are very loyal to and protective of their owners.

What Dogs Look Like Dobermans?

If you are after a dog that simply looks like a Doberman rather than particularly concerned about the differences in nature, then check out our list below. 

Great Dane

Great Dane, although maybe not the most obvious choice in the place of a Doberman, is a great alternative in that they are very similar in shape. They are elegant, slim dogs, albeit much larger in size. They are also bred in a multitude of different colorings and patterns, meaning that you are able to find one with coloring similar to that of a Doberman. 

File:Great Dane black laying.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

German Pinscher

German pinschers look incredibly similar to Dobermans. They have the same short silky coat and also have the same black and brown coloring and a similar patterning. However, they are also bred in other colorings.

Just like Dobermans, their ears are very often pinned, giving them a very similar look to that distinctive of the Doberman breed. They are also medium-size dogs which makes them also similar in shape and size to a Doberman.

File:German Pinscher.JPG - Wikimedia Commons


If it the brown and black coloring of the Doberman that you like, the Beauceron breed is also a good choice in the place of a Doberman. They are slightly larger dogs but have a very similar pattern. Like Dobermans, their coat is short and shiny. Their air is also very “noble,” like that of a Doberman.

Beauceron Breed Information


Again, a Rottweiler is a good alternative to a Doberman not only in nature but also in terms of its looks. Its similar coloring to that of a Doberman means that it has a similar look despite being a slightly larger dog. Although not as slim as a Doberman, Rottweilers are powerful-looking dogs with an elegant short-haired coat.

File:02 I Exposición Monográfica Club Rottweiler de España - Santa Brigida  - Gran Canaria.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Manchester Terrier

The Manchester terrier is significantly smaller than the Doberman in terms of size but is very similar in its shape. Its slim figure and elegant stature mark it as a good alternative to a Doberman. It almost looks like a puppy Doberman. It has the same coloring and patterning as a Doberman and the same distinctive look (Manchester terriers’ ears are often pointed like those of a Doberman).

File:Manchester Terrier 3.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Australian Kelpie

The Australian kelpie’s large pointed ears make it look similar to a Doberman at first glance. However, they are not as slim of a dog as the Doberman. They come in a variety of coloring and markings, meaning that it is possible to choose a dog that looks similar to a Doberman in these categories. Although larger overall, they do have slim faces like Doberman dogs.

File:Australien Kelpie.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Miniature Pinscher

As we have already seen, Miniature pinschers, like Manchester terriers, look like Doberman puppies. Their overall stature is a lot smaller than a Doberman, but their look is incredibly similar, making them a great choice if you like the look of a Doberman but want a small dog.

Like many of the other breeds discussed here, they come in a variety of colors, meaning that you can choose a dog that specifically has the markings and coloring similar to those of a Doberman. Their reputation almost as a “mini Doberman” means that they are made to look similar with pinned ears and a cropped tail (although this is now illegal in some parts of the world).

File:Female miniature pinscher breed of dog in grassy park in Yokohama,  Japan.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


To sum up, there are a lot of dog breeds that are similar to Dobermans either in temperament, looks, or both. The Doberman is a great dog to own due to its intelligence, but this does also mean that they can be a handful if not trained and looked after properly.

By looking through this list of alternative dog breeds, you may come to realize that there are other dogs who, although similar to Dobermans, are better suited to you, perhaps in their nature. 

We have attempted to give you a well-rounded overview of all of the most important characteristics of the different dog breeds to give you as much information as possible that relates the particular dog breeds to the Doberman. If it is the beautiful coloring that you are after, and not particularly the size or nature, then there are many options available such as the Miniature pinscher.

However, if you are simply after a guard dog (for which the Doberman breed is particularly famously well-known), perhaps a Rottweiler would also be a good option. 

Whatever your requirements for a dog, if you like Dobermans, then hopefully, our guide on dogs similar to Dobermans will give you all the information you need to choose your favorite breed.