18 Ways To Spot A Purebred Beagle (& Where To Find Them)

When looking into adopting a purebred Beagle, you are making a huge decision that comes with a hefty price tag. The last thing you want to do is find out later down the road that you paid the price for a purebred and came home with a mixed breed. So how can you tell if you have a Purebred Beagle? This article will go into detail, giving you helpful information that will let you know what to look for in purebred Beagles and also offer you other tools that may help you conclude.

How To Tell If You Have A Purebred Beagle

There are many different ways for someone to tell if they have a Beagle. However, it isn’t an easy task when deciding on whether or not that Beagle is purebred. There are many things to look for in their personalities, physical appearance, and behaviors, but these are only going to give you an idea. It’s not foolproof by any means.

What Are The Physical Indicators

It is easy to pick out a beagle from almost any other dog on the planet; however, it isn’t as easy as it seems to pick out a purebred. These dogs will have a certain look to them, whether they are mixed or not. If you are getting a beagle puppy and you want to know how to look at them and tell if you are getting a purebred Beagle, it may not be possible. However, there are some physical features you can look for if they are missing; chances are good, you do not have a purebred Beagle.


The most common colors of a beagle are a mix of black, white, and tan (or tricolored), but they can also be red and white or chocolate tri-color, a solid brown, not black.

Color Streaks

A white streak of fur on your Beagles head is a great indicator he is purebred. Although mixed breeds may also have white streaks, purebreds will not be missing this detail.


The coat is going to feel a little rough, not smooth and soft. It will be a medium length and is going to lie flat against your dog’s skin.


Your purebred beagle should never stand less than 12inches in length or more than 15 inches. Beagles weigh roughly around 20-24lbs.


The tail is a dead giveaway as to whether or not you have a purebred Beagle. All purebreds are going to have at least a small amount of white on their tails, whether it is a large splotch in the middle or a little spot on the tip.


It’s amazing what small little feet can tell you. They can be the one thing that makes or breaks the chances that you have a purebred dog. Along with the mandatory white patch on their head and tails, a purebred Beagle will always be sporting four white paws. If even one paw is a different color, they are mixed with another breed.


A Beagle’s ears are always large and floppy and should hang just below its chin line. Anything shorter should be an indication that your pup is not a purebred Beagle. Because of the length of their ears, it is vital for you to check them frequently, keeping them free of moisture and dirt that could build up, leading to an infection or other health problems. Although these ears are adorable, they are perfect for bacteria to breed because they flap over the canal.


The legs of a Beagle are extremely distinct and are a big part of what makes them so cute. Beagle’s let’s are always smaller than most other breeds, placing them closer to the ground. This feature is actually for a good purpose. Beagles are hunting dogs who use their noses to sniff the ground in order to track small animals and other little critters.

What Are Behavioral Indicators

It is not only a Beagles’ looks that can indicate whether or not they are legit purebred dogs. They also have many signature traits that are unlike any other dog breed.  Some of the biggest traits are due to the hunting behaviors they were designed to have.

Their Barks, Bays, and Howls

There is no doubt that Beagles love to communicate. They use vocalization for everything from wanting a drink to informing you of an intruder. However, their form of communication changes depending on what it is that they want to tell you. Beagles will bark for almost everything. Barking is like talking to them. They will bark when it is time to take a walk or when they get excited to see you come in the door after a long day of work. These barks are extremely loud and will get your attention. Next is the howl. The Howls are more of an alert, and as hunting dogs, they would howl to let their owners know they found something. In the home, beagles might howl if they suspect an outsider is near or if they hear something they are unsure of. These howls are a long drawn out and are a loud moaning type sound that is highly distinctive. Finally, there is the Bay, which is a mixture of their bark and howls. Some say it can sound a little like a yodel and is mainly used when seeking attention.

Training Troubles

Another sure sign you have a full-blooded Beagle on your hands is when you struggle to get them to train. Beagles are brilliant dogs but also stubborn and high-strung. These traits make them challenging to teach. When you are getting ready to train a beagle, you will need to find a way to keep them engaged and free from any distractions. If anything is around that can distract a Beagle, it will!

Constant Sniffing

As previously mentioned, Beagles are bred to be hunting dogs or “sniffer dogs,” so they are automatically programmed to have their nose ready at all times. Dogs have an excellent sense of smell that outreaches humans smell by miles. Beagles are even more sensitive to smells than most breeds and will know when something is around before you can even see them. Beagle will more than likely be sniffing all around the house non-stop.

Other Ways To Know If A Beagle Is Purebred?

You don’t have to rely on the dog itself to give you the information you are looking for when deciding whether or not you have a purebred Beagle. There are other ways to try and get this information yourself.

Use a Pet DNA Kit

Recently pet DNA kits have become a very popular thing. These tests only require a swab of your pet’s saliva; then, scientists can analyze their genetics to tell you what breed your dog is. (Get A DNA Test Kit Here..)

Talk To A Vet

A veterinarian isn’t going to be able to give you a sure answer on what breed your dog is and if they are purebred with 100% certainty. But they do see their fair share of dogs on a daily basis and can help make an educated guess as to what they think.

Talk To a Breeder

If you are unsure your purebred is legit a purebred, you may want to consider talking with another breeder. They are specialized in all things Beagle and may shed some light on your dog’s genetics. A good breeder is not only going to know what types of things to look for, but they will also know what things to disregard. Not only are there things that purebreds are sure to have, but there are also a few that purebreds will never have.

Do Some Online Research

This article is a great start to doing your own online searches. Looking into other sites, especially those that specialize in Beagles, will help give you tons of ways to look for signs you have a purebred Beagle. When you are researching information, try using keywords that do include not only “purebred” but also research Beagle genealogy, Bengal puppies, the origin of Beagles, etc. The more specific you get with your keywords during a search, the more information you are bound to find.

Ask For Their Papers

If you genuinely want a purebred Beagle and you won’t be happy with even the smallest percentage of a mixed breed, you should go through an AKC certified breeder that has proper documentation guaranteeing you that your dog is a purebred and nothing less.

Ask to See the Parents

When in doubt, look into their gene pool. All good breeders will have the mom and dad available for you to see when considering purchasing a puppy. Check out the parents and make sure they have all the tall tale signs of being purebred.

Where Can You Find Purebred Beagles?

Although we always like to suggest adoption when looking for a new dog or puppy, that will probably not be the best option for you if you are looking for a purebred animal. These dogs are not the easiest to come, nor are they the cheapest, so they rarely are given up, and if they are, it doesn’t take long for someone to swing in and grab them. Your best chance of getting an actual, purebred Beagle puppy is through a breeder.

AKC Puppy Finder

When looking for a legit 100% purebred Beagle, you may want to check on the AKC puppy finder site. These breeders are highly rated, vetted, and AKC registered, which means there is little to no chance you will get cheated.

The National Beagles Club of America

The National Beagles Club is the AKC branch for Beagles. This site not only offers information on Beagle breeders but also tons of information on the Beagles themselves and shows information if you are interested in showing your dog. You can look through the lists by state and Beagle types.

Puppy Find and Other Online Forums

There are many online forums that you can go to that offer searches by breeds and locations to help you locate purebred puppies, including Beagles. It is important to vet these sites closely to make sure you are not being scammed, and always remember to look for AKC certification.

Newspaper Listings

This form of listings is oldy, but still a goody. You can still look for puppies in breeders listings in the newspapers. Many breeders are still doing this, especially in smaller towns and cities. These listings will more likely be in local papers or on town websites.

Social Media

There is very little you can’t do on social media anymore. Finding puppies couldn’t get any easier than joining a Beagle or puppy group on Facebook or scrolling through Instagram. This is another excellent source that is easy to access but still needs to be entered into carefully. Many people are being scammed on Facebook pet sites and are getting mixed breeds after being promised purebreds or, even worse, paying for a purebred only for the breeder to be fake and the post to be a scam.

Where You Shouldn’t Look For Purebred Beagles

There are many places people go to find their perfect dog, and some may be a little shady, but with a bit of research and careful planning, most sites are on the up and up. However, there are some places you should just plan to avoid altogether.

Puppy Mills

Never get a dog from a puppy mill. These facilities make money by over breeding their dogs while forcing them to live in some of the worst possible conditions. Besides being unethical and heartbreaking, you also do not want to get your purebreds from these types of breeders because you may end up with an inbred dog or a Beagle with a bunch of health problems.

Pet Shops

Pet shops are just as bad as puppy mills, and most of them actually buy their puppies from those mills. The only difference is you never see what’s behind the cages these dogs are displayed in. There are no guarantees you are getting a purebred dog.

Does It Matter If Your Beagle Is Purebred Or Not?

The answer to this question is going to differ greatly depending on why you are adopting the dog in the first place. Some people are interested in show dogs or a well-bred hunting dog that comes from a strong line of hunting dogs. In these cases, getting a purebred is defiantly going to be necessary. If you have a specific job for your Beagle, having another breed mix intertwined within their DNA can affect the way they act, look, or perform. However, if you are just interested in adopting a Beagle as a pet and you like the look of the Beagle, getting a mixed dog isn’t always a bad option. Mixed breeds are known for being healthier and living longer than purebreds, and they tend to have a much calmer demeanor. Another positive side of getting a mixed puppy is getting the best of two different worlds. Having the size of a beagle mixed with the calm temperament of a labrador makes for an amazing pet to have around. Finally, if you do not mind bringing a mixed breed Beagle into your home, then the chances of adopting your dog are going to be much higher. Because so many people look for purebred puppies, a lot of mixed dogs are given up or abandoned. If the added genes don’t matter to you, you have the ability to provide a home for a shelter dog who might now have had the chance at family life.

How Much Do Purebred Beagles Cost?

The cost of a purebred Beagle will fluctuate greatly depending on many different factors. Some of these factors include whether or not they come with papers, their lineage, their colors, the breeder you are purchasing from, whether or not they have been vetted, etc. On average, you could spend anywhere between $500.00-$1500 and even more if you are looking for a top-quality show Beagle. If you have adopted a purebred and it hasn’t already been registered with the AKC or the American Pet Registry, you will want to do this yourself, and that will cost between $100-$200.

Extra Costs When Owning a Purebred Beagle

It is important to understand that purchasing a Beagle isn’t the only cost of owning one. Actually, the initial payment is only a fraction of the cost of owning a dog. There are many other factors that play into the financial responsibilities of having these dogs. Some of those include:
  • Microchipping- Microchipping, your dog, can cost around $55
  • Toys, treats, accessories- $100-$200 a month
  • Food- To feed the average Beagle, a healthy amount of food will cost roughly $100 a month, depending on the brand.
  • First-year vet visits-$595
  • Spay or Neuter– $175
  • Average cost every year after $530
When considering the cost of a purebred Beagle, you should also prepare for the possible future and the cost of treatment for health conditions commonly found in Beagles.
  • Hip Displasia- $1,500 – $6,000
  • Patellar Luxation– $1,500-$3,000
  • Menigitis– $1,500 – $4,000

How Big Do Purebred Beagles Get?

A purebred Beagle can differ in size but not by very much. And if you go by AKC guidelines for show dogs, they are 13-15 inches for females, weighing about 20-22lbs and 14-16 inches for the male’s weight about  22-24lbs. If your beagle stands any taller or shorter than these measurements, there is a good chance they have been mixed with another breed.

Do Purebred Beagles Have Long Ears?

Yes, purebred Beagles have long droopy ears that hang down to the end of their noses, and the tips should be rounded at the end. Beagles are well known for their long floppy ears and how they flap in the wind as they come running. As mentioned, it is essential to make sure these floppy ears are cleaned. To clean a Beagles ears, you simply rub them down with cotton swabs a few times a week, or you can purchase a dog ear cleaning kit from any pet store or online.

Do Purebred Beagles Shed?

Beagle will shed all year round, but it doesn’t get awful until the springtime and the fall. After the weather starts to break and the cold winter months are over, Beagles will shed their second layer of fur so they do not become overheated during the warmer months. During the fall, Beagles will shed their summer coats to prepare for the winter months again. During this time, it is a good idea to brush your beagle daily.

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Let’s take another quick look at the crucial factors that help you determine whether or not you have a purebred Beagle.
  • They have a white streak on top of their heads
  • They have all four white paws
  • They have white somewhere on their tails
  • They have short legs
  • Their howls are loud and can sound sad or depressing
  • They have long droopy ears that come even to their nose when outstretched
  • They have a rough double coat they shed during the spring and fall
  • They love to sniff
  • Most Beagles are tri-color (brown (or black), white, and tan)
  • They are energetic and curious
  • They tend to be challenging to train because they can be easily distracted
  • They will have their nose to the ground constantly sniffing out everything
  • They are extremely vocal
All purebreds will have these features, traits, and behaviors. However, some mixed breeds could as well. It is almost impossible to determine if your purebred is 100% unless there is a paper trail from the breeder or a DNA test is performed. No purebred dog is recognizable just from its behaviors and features; even the smallest percentage of another breed will make them a mix, even if that breed’s characters are never apparent.


Purebred dogs Beagles can make for a fantastic pet, companion, or hunting buddy. These dogs are prevalent in the most prestigious dog shows and commonly featured in dog magazines. If you are looking for a purebred Beagle, it is important you know what details to set your sites on to make sure you are getting the perfect pet.