Are Rottweilers Easy to Train? (And Tips For Training)

Rottweilers have become one of the popular dogs to own. With their energetic spirits, they are always ready to work and play. They are very devoted and obedient creatures.  

Given the correct training, Rottweilers can be about anything from a great companion to a guard dog. Which brings us to our topic question; Are Rottweilers easy to train? 

We are going to answer the question on whether or not Rottweilers are easy to train. In addition, we are going to look at what makes it hard and easy to train a Rottweiler. We will also be looking at some ways on how to train your Rottweiler to be the best dog they can be. 

Are Rottweilers Easy to Train? 

We have found that Rottweilers are very intelligent dogs who seem to be in the top easiest dogs to train. They are also one of the easier dogs to train out of most other dogs. Rottweilers have a good tendency to retain what they are taught rather quickly.  

However, it also depends on the owner on how well the Rottweiler will learn. With the right guidance from the owner, Rottweilers will have a better response during training.  

What Makes Them Easy to Train? 

As stated above, they are quick to learn and remember things they were taught. With proper training, they can be a great dog to have. However, the best time to train them is when they are still young puppies. Let’s take a look at what makes Rottweilers easy to train. 

Their Intelligence Is Ranked High 

Out of most dogs, Rottweilers have great intelligence. One reason is that this is a characteristic. They were ranked 9th out of 200 dogs for being intelligent and obedient. However, at times it does depend on the dog as well. 

A Breed That Loves to Work 

They enjoy working; it is in their blood. Which is why it is another reason they are easy to train. They are always willing to learn something new and go past their limits. Remember that even though they enjoy it, it doesn’t mean that Rottweilers should be taken for granted. Remember that your dog needs a stern but loving owner to help the training go smoothly. 

They Respond Well to Encouragement 

They love to get praise when they listen or do something well. Be sure to have an encouraging attitude during training periods, as this will let your dog know that what they are doing is something good. Rottweilers enjoy the fact that you are pleased with them when they do good. 

They Are Loyal Dogs 

If their owner is taking the right steps in training their dog, the Rottweiler is a very loyal dog. As we mentioned before, they enjoy doing work and pleasing you. They are loyal companions who will do what they are told without hesitation but once again stating many times before it also depends on the owner and how they are training them. 

Training will be easy if you can be stern and guide them correctly. Rottweilers are sweet, protective dogs, always willing to learn new things to please their owners.

What Makes Them Hard to Train? 

After looking at what makes them easy to train, let’s take a look at why they can also be hard to train. They may be intelligent and love to earn your praise, but at times it can be hard to teach them. Let’s take a look at what makes training a Rottweiler difficult. 

They Can Be Stubborn at Times 

Rottweilers don’t seem to like it when something gets repeated countless of times. It can cause them not to really want to learn something. So, when training, give about 10- 20 minutes per lesson. It will help with keeping an exciting vibe about training instead of getting bored with it. 

Rottweilers Are Strong-Willed Dogs 

When training your rottweilers, sometimes they may try to assert themselves as the alpha, even when they are pups. Though they catch on quickly, make sure to assert yourself early on as the “leader” of the pack. 

They Require A Lot of Training 

Even though they are smart dogs, they do need a lot of training when they are puppies. It can sometimes make training hard as you will have to put a lot of time and effort into training them. Make sure you are ready for this responsibility before considering adopting one. 

When doing our research, these were the only three things that mainly sticks out for being hard to train. Most of what we found was on how easy they are to train and on how they are quick to learn. Rottweilers seem to have a good reputation if the training you are doing is done correctly. 

How to Train a Rottweiler?  

Training your Rottweiler will take some time, but it will be rewarding in the end. However, owning a Rottweiler isn’t for everyone. Make sure you are ready to take the time to help teach and train your dog to be a good fit for your family.  It can be easy if done correctly. So, let’s go over some things on how to train your Rottweiler. 

Get to Know the Breed 

Before you get ready to start training your Rottweiler, get to know their temperament, and how they handle things. Each dog is different, so keep this in mind when you start up the training process. 

Start Training When They Are Young 

When you first adopt your new furry friend, start the training when they are puppies. They may be a bit stubborn at first, but they are quick learners. Remember that these dogs are smart and that it won’t take them long to start to begin to learn what you are trying to teach them.  

Potty Training 

Just like every other dog out there, Rottweilers need to be house broken. There are different ways to do this that can be easy to train your Rottweilers.  

You pick a specific spot outside designated for going to the bathroom for your Rottweiler. Then when it is time for him to go outside, let them know by saying, “You want to go out?” or “Time to go outside.” Every time they hear you say that they will know it is time to go out. Once they do their business, be sure to praise them for doing a good job. 

You may also want to have puppy pads in the house and for when they sleep, just for extra protection if they might have an accident. Get them to use to it when they are blocked off in a certain section of your house.  
For more guidance when going outside, take one of the pads outside when they learn to go on the pads. If they see it outside, it can also help them realize it’s okay to go outside as well. 

House Training for Good Behavior Indoors. 

Something to keep in mind is that Rottweilers are more of an indoor dog. In order to make sure their behavior is in check in the house, teach them simple commands for what they can and can’t do in the house. Some examples would be to teach them not to get on the couch or not to try and grab food off the counter. Whatever you think is a good fit for your dog to learn inside the house is up to you. 

Don’t Hit or Yell at Them 

Everyone makes mistakes, even dogs. That is why it is the owners’ responsibility to teach their dog what is right and wrong. When your dog does something bad or doesn’t listen, avoid yelling or hitting them. You can cause the training process to take longer as well as they might become aggressive with you. 

Instead, have a calm yet stern attitude when correcting them. Teach them in a way that they will understand that you are their owner. Teaching is one of the best times the bond between you can grow. 

Socializing Is Important!! 

It is very important to bring them around other dogs and people when they are young. It not only gets them familiar with others but helps them not to act aggressively in public.  

A great way to practice this is by taking them to classes where they will be around other dogs. You can take them to a doggy park as well. It might be best to keep them on a leash at first, as you want to make sure they can get along with other dogs. 

In addition, training your Rottweiler to walk on a leash is important. It is an excellent way for them to meet other dogs and other people. When training on a leash, be sure to teach them to walk beside you and not to pull you around as they might do that. Remember to reward them when they listen to you. 

Teach Them Commands 

One thing you need to remember when training your Rottweiler is they need more than the basic training courses. Make sure you teach them most commands as it will help them know what they can and cannot do. 

They will at least need to know; sit, lay down, stay, and come when called. You may also need to teach your dog other things that they can or can’t do around the house. 

Give Crate Training A Try 

Crate training can be very beneficial for your Rottweiler. It gives them a place where they know they can be safe and comfortable. It is also helpful for when you have people over, as some may be cautious of Rottweilers. 

However, you shouldn’t force your dog into a crate; it will only terrify them or make them aggressive when you try to put them in a crate. Be sure to have plenty of treats handy when starting out.  

If they start whining and wanting to get out, don’t get angry with them as it will take some time for them to get used to it. Also, if you let them out when they cry and whine, it will give them the signal that it is the way to get out.  

If you make it fun and have treats and rewards on hand, they may begin to enjoy their crate. It is just like trying to crate train other dogs; it just may take a bit of time and effort. 

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Reward Them Often 

The reward system is an efficient way to help teach your dog and make it more fun. Reward them after they do something that you tell them to do. They love to get praise from you, so make sure to let them know they are doing a good job. Just like any other dog, make sure to have treats involved as food is an excellent way to a dog’s heart, especially for Rottweilers. 

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Exercise Also Plays an Important Role 

Rottweilers have a lot of energy to give, which is why making sure they have enough exercise can also be a big part of training them. Be sure to spend time giving them walks as you train them on the leash, but also enjoy playing with them in your house or backyard.  

Make sure you teach them not to bite when playing. Be sure to teach this to them early on when they are puppies.  

Teach Them Not to Jump on People 

As with other dogs, teaching them not to jump on people is something to consider teaching as they may have a tendency to do this if they are excited. By teaching them “off” or “down” in an assertive way, they will know not to do this.  

Try keeping them on a leash when first introducing them to new people that come to your house. It may help with the jumping issue if they tend to have one. Sometimes it just depends on each dog. 

Teach Them When to And When Not to Bark 

Generally, Rottweilers don’t bark often; they are usually calm. However, if they do, then you might want to teach them when to and when not to bark. “Speak” is the command you would want to use if you want them to bark. “Enough” or “Quiet” is the phrase you would want to say when you need them to stop barking. 

As mentioned, they really don’t tend to make much noise, only when there is something new in their environment.  

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Get Them Used to Your Family and Other Pets 

You are your Rottweiler have a good bond, but you want to let them get used to your family as well. You should introduce them to younger members when they are puppies. However, you should stay in the same room with them as they get used to your kids. 

If you have other pets, see what kind of temperament they have before introducing them to another animal. Likewise, Rottweilers may not do well with some animals, especially with the same gender of dog.  

That is why it is recommended to train them when they are young, so they don’t develop those kinds of behavior. You can correct it if you begin seeing signs of this happening. They do get along with other animals, but not so much with cats. Just take your time when introducing them to your animals at home.  

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Always Be Positive 

Even though it has been stated many times already, remember to always have a positive outlook when training your Rottweiler. They depend a lot on your attitude during the times you train.  

Having a positive attitude when something goes wrong will help you fix the problem more efficiently. Even though it may be easy to train a Rottweiler, you should keep that attitude in check. 


Rottweilers are loyal, intelligent companions that enjoy being by your side. They are quick learners and are great at being lasting companions.  
Even though their appearance comes off as intimidating, they are really good dogs to own. 

Given love and guidance, Rottweilers can be a good dog for anyone to add to their family. Just be sure you are ready to spend time training and loving them to ensure a good life for them. 

Are Rottweilers easy to train? Yes, they are easy to train if you take the time to do so. There is a lot of information about how easy it is to train them. It also can sometimes depend on the dog. The most important thing to remember is how you handle each situation that arises when owning a Rottweiler. 

Just like with any other dog, Rottweilers need the proper care and training to live the best lives they can have. The greater the bond you have with your dog, the easier it will be to train your dog.