Best Brushes For Corgis

Choosing the right brush for your corgi is paramount for making sure you’re grooming them correctly. Not only is brushing regularly going to reduce the amount of fur you find in your home, but it will also improve their coat, remove mats, spread the natural oils of the coat, and much more!

So with that being said, here are the best brushes for corgis! As well as what to look for in a brush!

What Are The Different Types Of Brush (And What Do They Do?)

Before you know what the best brush is for your corgi, it’s important to understand what you’re looking for in a brush. After all, different brushes are going to serve different brushes! Here are the different types of brushes and what they do!

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are the ideal brush to use for dogs with double coats, as they dig deep and remove any dead hair, debris, and dirt. The pins on slicker brushes are at a slight angle which means they aren’t going to harm your corgis skin, just keep their fur looking perfect.

On top of this slicker brushes are great at spreading your dog’s natural oils through their fur so they keep it healthy.

Due to the way this brush is designed, when this brush is used correctly, they are soothing to your corgis and can feel like a massage. However, if used incorrectly, (by using too much pressure) they can scratch your corgi’s skin. So a light hand is key!

Bristle Brushes

Bristle brushes provide the same benefits as a slicker brush, but only on the top layer of fur. They’ll still remove any muck, and grime as well as detangling fur and spreading oils, but if you want to penetrate to the deeper inner coat, then you’ll need something other than a bristle brush.

What Are The Best Brushes For Corgis?

It can be hard to narrow down the best brushes for corgis to just one. Because there are so many things an individual may want in their own brush!

Best Overall Brush: Hertzko Self Cleaning Brush

If you’re just looking for a good all-rounder, that balances effectiveness with price, then the Hertzko Self Cleaning Brush is for you. It has most of the features you would want from more expensive brushes but still sits nicely in a decent price range.

It’s one of the best brushes for removing tangles and mats in your dog’s fur, and it also has been designed in such a way that it won’t scratch your corgi’s skin! It will simply remove the fur, knots, dirt, and dander from them. (Which is a lot for one brush to do!)

And for your comfort, it also has an ergonomic handle, so brushing your corgi becomes a lot less of a chore.

However, it’s important to note that while this brush is great, it’s only great for short-haired corgis! If you have a long-haired corgi then the short bristles aren’t going to make it to the bottom coat!

Runner Up: FURMinator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

If you have a long-haired corgi, then this brush is going to be the perfect choice for you! Unlike other brushes which have ahead of bristles though, the FURMinator has a row of stainless steel teeth, which are a lot better at de-shedding your corgi and removing all their excess fur!

On top of this, the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool is also extremely easy to clean. You just need to press a button and the fur between the teeth gets pushed out (just make sure you don’t leave it to become too clogged).

When you’re picking the size for your corgi, you may want to choose the large size if your corgi is long-haired.

And if you have any questions about whether this is a great brush, it’s also important to remember that it was designed and patented by groomers!

Best Undercoat Rake: Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool

Because corgis have such thick inner coats, especially in the winter months, it’s important to get the right undercoat rake to remove this thick inner fur. The way the Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool is designed makes it the ideal rake for removing any loose inner fur!

This rake has also been designed to be pain-free as well! The teeth are rounded at the ends so you never have to worry about the rake scratching or cutting your corgis skin!

But the best part is, it’s not just an undercoat rake! The dual-sided design allows you to clean your pup’s fur of muck, before moving on to de-matting their undercoat!

I’d say the only downside of this brush is the fact it’s not wide enough, this means it will take a bit longer to groom your corgi compared to other brushes.

Most Premium Brush: Chris Christensen Mark III Slicker

Before we go any further, it’s important to know that this brush is expensive. And for most people who just want their pup to be comfortable. It won’t be for them. However, if you’re looking for your corgi to look like they’ve come straight from the salon, then this is the brush for you!

The pins are larger than you’ll find on most standard brushes which means it will grasp hair better, and also save you time and energy when brushing! And just like a lot of the other brushes on this list, the pins are also scratch-free!

However, of course, the biggest con to this brush is the price. It is far more expensive than any other brush on the list, and for the average dog owner, it simply isn’t worth the price. But if you want your corgi to look pedigree standard all the time, then the Chris Christensen Mark III is for you!