Best Companion Dog for Rottweiler (Top 5 Dogs)

Having a friend is important, especially for dogs. Dogs are pack animals and do best when they can socialize and hang around with other people and dogs. This article will talk about some of the best companion dogs for rottweiler.  

This article will take a look at the ideal temperament of the other dog and the temperament of the rottweiler so you can make an informed decision.  

Do Rottweilers Get Along With Other Dogs?

It’s entirely possible for Rottweilers to get along with other dogs especially when they’ve been socialized from an early age! In fact, when placed with another dog who’s friendly, intelligent and active, they can often become best friends!

What Is a Rottweiler’s Temperament?  

Think you know what a rottweiler is really like? Think again. Many people have a perception that the rottweiler is a mean, aggressive breed and can be dangerous for kids and other people to be around. This couldn’t be farther from the truth- let’s explore it a bit more. 

A Rottweiler Is Loyal 

Most rottweilers are fiercely loyal to their owners and families. They have been known to be very protective of children and their own offspring as well. They make excellent watchdogs thanks to this very personality trait. 

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They Are Well-Rounded 

Yes, some Rottweilers have a reputation for being aggressive and lacking in impulse control. However, they are very smart, and with this comes their innate desire to be cautious at times: some people, as a result, view the dog as being a mean or aloof breed.  

Despite their warm reaction to those they love, they have been known to be very reserved when it comes to others coming into their territory and talking to their people. They know they have to keep a close eye on the situation in case they have to react. 

They Are Intelligent 

The Rottweiler is one of the most intelligent dog breeds you will ever meet, contrary to what others may say. This breed has a strong ability to learn and adapt to their environments with ease. They have a good eye for their environment and do very well in the home.  

When it comes to kids, they are gentle dogs and patient with youngsters, provided they have been socialized properly. As they get to know their family, they become more protective over time. 

They Are Needy 

Rottweilers are dogs that need love, just like any other breed. They love to reciprocate the feelings of affection you give to them. They really depend on their owners to provide them a sense of being and purpose.  

The rottweiler needs you to show them how much you care each and every day, by talking to them, playing with them, training them, and of course, going for walks. Failure to do this could lead to a rottie that is destructive, aggressive, or anxious. 

They Are Active 

Rottweilers are the type of dog that loves to be active in many ways. They like to be active in the mind, and because they are so smart, daily training, puzzle toys, and playtime are necessary. Their body is also a reason they need to be active- these are dogs that are hard-wired to work hard.  

Failure to give them a chance to run freely outside, go to the dog park, or even go for daily walks can lead to obesity in your rottweiler, which leads to more significant health problems. This dog is ideal for active families or those who can spend adequate time with the animal. 

They Are Anxious at Times 

When socialized properly and trained well, you will find that your rottweiler is a happy dog. Mostly, they only become upset and moody when their owners have left- when it’s time for their owner to head to work or the store, separation anxiety can occur.  

Rottweiler owners can help alleviate this by choosing a best companion dog for a rottweiler, and by taking steps to ensure separation anxiety is minimized for the dog. 

(If your rottweiler is anxious you may notice them sitting on you, digging, and barking.)

They Express Their Enjoyment 

If you’ve ever heard a rottweiler grunt, which sounds like a low-pitch growl, this is actually their way of expressing their happiness. Those not in the know will mistake this for growling but is actually an indication of a happy rottie. 

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Male Rottweilers and Female Rottweilers Personality 

The male takes a bit longer to “come into his own.” For example, they take a little while longer than females to develop into maturity, and they tend to be a bit more boisterous in their nature, not to mention mischievous. 

Meanwhile, the female becomes aware of herself as she grows into her body. The female is more docile in nature compared to the male and has a tendency to be friendlier to other people. Males tend to be more protective in comparison to females, which is the largest difference between the two genders. 

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What Temperament Should the Other Dog Have? 


Your rottweiler is a very smart dog and needs a companion that will be on his level. The two intelligent dogs will enjoy training together and learning side by side.  


Rottweilers are known as a working breed, so they like to be active. Your companion dog should enjoy playing outside, going for walks and engaging in training exercises.  


Rottweilers can be aggressive, but socialized Rotties will be friendly dogs that get along with the whole family. They don’t want to compete with their friend for food, toys or territory. Choose a dog that’s easygoing and gets along with their fellow pup. 

5 Dogs That Make Great Companions for Rottweilers  

Curious about the five dogs that make great companions for the Rottweiler breed? These five breeds are among the strongest choices for best companion dog for rottweiler. These are just a few of the finely-temperamented dogs that can get along with rottweilers, and they all have great personalities your dog will appreciate.  

Australian Shepherd 

Much like the Rottweiler, the Australian Shepherd (or Aussie) is a dog that loves to be active and work hard. They are high energy and loyal dogs that will give your rottweiler a run for their money in terms of playing hard.  

Overview of the Aussie 

It is an intelligent, moderately sized dog that is extremely active and bred to do hard work, which they enjoy. Even if they’ve never seen livestock in their life, you may find they try to herd people at the park. Aussies require lots of attention and will need a large backyard in which to play- also make sure you have a secure fence, too. 

Personality of the Aussie 

Much like the Rottie, an Aussie needs lots of attention. They are smart dogs that require training and daily mental stimulation as well as physical exercise to stay happy. They need obedience training so their owners can keep them in check. 

Like the Rottweiler, the Aussie will reserve himself around strangers. They need to be socialized at a young age with many different people of all ages and sizes, so they know most people are OK to be around. 


Beagles do best around rottweilers that are friendly and gentle, as this is how the beagle is. These dogs are even-tempered and have the right balance of energy and personality. They are a moderately active breed. 

Overview of the Beagle 

Beagles were bred to travel together as a pack, so naturally, they love being around other dogs and people. They prefer to be with a “doggy buddy” rather than being alone. They will find great happiness in sharing a life with your whole family, including your Rottweiler.  

Beagles are great sniffers, and they will sniff anything and everything that comes their way. Outdoor playtime is important, so your beagle can get some exercise and work his nose. 

Personality of the Beagle 

The beagle is known for being friendly and curious, and for being a happy-go-lucky dog. They can get quite noisy and are known to howl along with music or noises such as sirens.  

Beagles are naturally curious about everything, especially the smells of their environment. They are easily distracted because they care so much about finding the source of a scent. In some cases, they may not respond to an owner’s command.  


The collie is not an aggressive breed of dog but are loyal to their family like the Rottweiler. They love to be surrounded by their human families, and dog companions are ideal for this particular breed. They do not like to be left alone for extended periods of time. So, a Rottweiler friend would be beneficial to this dog. 

Overview of the Collie 

Much like the Rottweiler, the Collie has to start socializing young. Daily walks, obedience training, and backyard exercise with toys and sticks are important for these dogs. They can be somewhat stubborn, so be kind but firm in your training efforts, and make sure good behavior is rewarded with praise and treats. 

Personality of the Collie 

The Collie is a very smart breed and loves the attention they get from their family, both human and canine. They love to learn and do very well when trained for simple commands, as well as agility. They have to be taught not to nip at the heels of others, which is a result of their herding background. 

Golden Retriever 

These dogs always look like they are smiling. They have an affectionate nature and are highly intelligent and active. They are the third most popular dog in America, and they get along with the entire family, which includes your beloved Rottweiler.  

Overview of the Golden Retriever 

These dogs are great for the whole family to enjoy. Golden retrievers are also are exceptional around children, adults, and other dogs. They’re beautiful and renowned for their long coats, which do need to be brushed more often than the Rottweiler’s. They are friendly to everybody and do not reserve their happiness for just family and friends-they will socialize with everyone they meet. 

Personality of the Golden Retriever 

These dogs are loving, calm, and easygoing. They are lovers of everybody, so they don’t make very good guard dogs, but they are lovable and easy to get along with. These dogs are easy to socialize and train because they are so smart. These dogs are playful right from the get-go and can be very happy-go-lucky in nature. 

Thanks to their high activity level, they make great companion dogs for Rottweilers. The two can feed off each other’s energy and can even grow and learn together because they are smart breeds.  

Labrador Retriever 

These dogs are blessed with a happy personality and high energy level. They are the most popular breed of dog in the United States. They love to go everywhere with their family and perform exceptionally well in competitions such as agility trials.  

These dogs were bred hundreds of years ago and were primarily utilized for “retrieving” Fisherman’s’ catches in Newfoundland, Canada. They were found to have such great temperaments as household pets that their popularity soared. 

Overview of the Labrador Retriever 

The Labrador retriever is a dog that requires a lot of attention, not necessarily because they need extreme mental stimulation like Rottweilers and Australian Shepherds, but because they love their family so much. 

They love to be loved and want to love others back. Their pleasant attitude can run out if they are not given the appropriate attention. Labs will have to be taught to not to jump on people and children and avoid barking loudly. They do this not out of aggression, but because they are excited dogs.  

A rottie who may feel down and out could benefit from a Lab friend. Their happy attitude can keep a rottie suffering from separation anxiety feeling good all day long.  

Personality of the Golden Retriever 

Labrador retrievers are dogs that are quite welcoming and friendly. They’re extroverts and love people. They often look like they are perpetually smiling, which is very fitting to their happy natures.  

Labrador Retrievers are also easy to train and can learn all basic commands. They are docile and eager to please. This dog will make a wonderful and versatile, not to mention high energy friend for your Rottweiler looking for a playmate.  


Rottweilers are extremely smart dogs that need a friend in both their human and their fellow dogs. It is entirely possible to have a rottweiler and another dog in the house.  

Most rotties that have been socialized properly and are friendly with other dogs will do fine with any of these breeds and others.  

Make sure you take the time to introduce the two dogs together properly- don’t rush it! You will soon see why we chose these breeds as the best companion dog for rottweiler.