Best Teething Toys For German Shepherd Puppies (In 2019)

A teething german shepherd can be a nightmare. They’ll find anything they can to chew on, and they have no idea what’s acceptable and what’s not. The best teething toys for german shepherd puppies need to be durable enough to last, but soft enough not to irritate them.

However, before you find out what the best teething toys are, here’s what you should and shouldn’t look for!

What To Look For In Teething Toys For Your German Shepherd

There are a number of different features that make a good toy. The more features the toy has, the more your german shepherd is going to love it. Here are some of the main traits you should look for.

Make Sure It’s Not Too Soft Or Too Hard

There’s a fine line between what’s a good or bad toy for your teething puppy. If the toy is too hard it could end up irritating your puppies jaw as well as causing damage to the teeth.

If it’s too soft, it’s not going to provide the relief that your puppy needs and in a lot of cases, it will end up getting torn apart.

Make Sure It’s Durable

On the subject of not being too soft, you’re also going to need to make sure that it’s durable. If it’s not durable, then small pieces can often break off which your puppy could ingest.

The last thing you need is an expensive trip to the vets because your puppy has eaten something they shouldn’t have.

Make Sure It’s Not Similar To Other Toys

You should try to make sure your puppy’s toys have plenty of variety. If you buy them toys that are too similar then they’ll often end up getting bored and ignoring them all.

Remember variety is the spice of life, so you have a lot of similar toys, try shaking things up with a new one.

As well as this, there are going to be some toys that your dog doesn’t like, and some toys that they absolutely love. So this is a great time to find out what their favorites are.

Flavored Toys Are A Great Choice

While flavored toys will become less potent over time, in the beginning they can be a great way to keep your puppies attention.

As well as purchasing flavored toys, it may also be worth your time looking into long-lasting flavored chews. They can be just as effective at soothing your puppy, but they also have the added benefit of being nutritious.

Treat-Dispensing Toys Work Great

Treat dispensing toys are a great idea when you aren’t around. They’ll reduce the likelihood of your puppy chewing something they shouldn’t as they’ll hold most of their attention.

You can also take the opportunity of adding nutritious treats to them as well. So they’ll provide tooth relief as well as supporting your puppies growth!

(Bananas, apples, strawberries, and peanut butter are all great choices.)

Toys That Can Be Frozen

Toys that can be frozen are another great choice for your puppy. Cold is one of the best ways you can provide relief to your dog!

While most toys can be frozen, some of them are specifically made for it and can be frozen in a very short amount of time.

It’s not necessary of course, however, your german shepherd will love it!

What Should You Avoid In Teething Toys?

As well as looking for features that make a teething toy great, there are also a few things that you should avoid. So if you notice any of the following, it may be best to avoid a toy.

Be Cautious With Squeaky Toys

While a lot of squeaky toys are going to be fine, you should avoid cheaply made ones. Cheaply made toys can be ripped apart in a short amount of time. And if your puppy gets into them, they may swallow the squeaker.

So if you’re going to buy a squeaky toy, make sure it’s high quality.

It Can’t Be Too Small

Obviously, you don’t want to give your puppy something they can swallow whole. Because if they can, they will.

When you’re choosing a toy for your german shepherd don’t think about the size they are now, but also about the size they’re going to be in the future.

Remember, if it’s going to be too small for them now, then don’t get it. And if it’s going to be too small in the future, then make sure you don’t spend too much on it.

An easy way to check is to make sure the whole toy can’t fit in their mouths.

Avoid Toys That Include BPA

BPA is a chemical that can often be found in things made from plastic, however, they have many known side effects.

When BPA is repeatedly ingested it has been shown to cause problems such as infertility, diabetes, obesity, and much more.

Toys That Aren’t Specifically Made For Dogs

A lot of people give their puppies children’s toys, however, this can often end up doing a lot of harm. Toys made for puppies and dogs are made to withstand a puppy or dog, whereas toys made for children aren’t.

Avoid Toys That Contain Stuffing Or Ribbons

Toys that contain stuffing or ribbons are often extremely likely to be torn apart by your puppy. Not only does this make it a nightmare to clean up, but once again if your puppy swallows anything then it could end up being an expensive trip to the vets.

Don’t Pick Toys That Look Similar To Household Items

When your puppy is teething they’re going to look for anything they can to stop the pain in their mouths, including eating items around your house you don’t want them too. Don’t make their learning harder by giving them toys that look similar to things they shouldn’t be chewing on.

Doing this will send them mixed messages about what they can and can’t eat and will just end up confusing them.

Make Sure There Are No Sharp Corners Or Angles

You’ll also want to make sure there are no sharp corners or angles on the toys that you’re going to give your german shepherd. They’re going to be chewing on it pretty hard, and sharp corners or angles may end up damaging their gums.

Best Teething Toys For German Shepherd Puppies

Now you know what you should and shouldn’t look for in teething toys. So here are some of the best toys for your pup! However, remember, as long as you pick a toy with the rules above, then it’s going to be a decent choice.


A Kong is one of the most common toys you’ll see for all dogs including puppies! And for good reason. They’re tough and durable, however, they’re not going to be hard enough to chip your puppies teeth.

Likewise you can also add treats to them to make them more interesting, as well as put them in the freezer to cool them down.

Just remember, when purchasing a kong make sure you buy one that’s designed for a puppy rather, than one that’s designed for adults.

Read this article to know what to look for if you’re planning to purchase your first ever German Shepherd puppy..

The adult ones may be too big and your german shepherd may have trouble getting their mouth around it.

A great way to keep your puppy entertained for hours with his kong is by filling it with treats, sealing the hole with peanut butter and then freezing it. By doing this, they’ll have to work hard to get to the treats, letting them forget about their pain for a while.

Find the best Kong for your german shepherd!

Benebone Flavored Wish Bone

Another great choice is the Benebone Flavored Wish Bone. While you can’t add treats to it, it does come in different flavors including bacon and peanut butter.

A flavored toy can help entice your puppy as well as keeping their attention glued to it!

The size of the benebone also makes it perfect for your puppy to grab hold of and chew on.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of before offering it to your pup.

First of all, the material it’s made of is quite hard. If you’re not sure that your puppies teeth are strong enough, then it may be best to avoid it.

Secondly, the benebone is going to start to get worn and fall apart after a while. When you notice this happening you’re going to need to replace it with a new one.

Get the Benebone Flavored Wish Bone!

Nylabone Dinosaur Dental Chew

The Nylabone Dinosaur Dental Chew, is another affordable toy that’s going to be easy on your puppies teeth.

It also has the added benefit of helping to clean your pups teeth and freshen their breath.

On top of this the dental chew also has a variety of flavors that your dog will be able to test while chewing it.

However, the durability of this toy does have mixed reviews. While some people said that their puppy chewed on it for a long time without a problem, others said that unfortunately it didn’t last long with their puppy. 

If you’re going to buy this toy, it’s a good idea to make sure that your puppy isn’t an aggressive chewer. If they are, then you may be better off purchasing a kong or something more durable.

Check out the Nylabone Dinosaur Dental Chew.

Nylabone Keyring Bone

Another GREAT choice for your teething puppy is the Nylabone Keyring Bone. Each key on this toy has a different texture and feel that will keep your puppies attention on it.

Not only this but the keys also contains grooves, bristles and areas that are going to clean your puppies teeth as well.

As well as having a variety of different textures, the Nylabone Keyring bone is also easy to grab hold of, so your puppy isn’t going to struggle carrying it around.

However, some people have noticed that if they have particularly aggressive chewers, the Nylabone Keyring Bone will eventually fall apart. So if this sounds like your puppy then you should monitor them while they’re chewing and if you notice it falling apart replace it with something else.

More information about the Nylabone Keyring Bone.

Nylabone Romp ‘N’ Chomp

The Nylabone Romp ‘N’ Chomp is perfect for a dog that you need to keep entertained while simultaneously helping to ease their teething problems.

The greatest feature of the Nylabone Romp ‘N’ Chomp is the fact it has a section that can be used for treats.

However, you can only fit treats of a certain shape and size into the section and in a lot of cases, you’ll have to end up buying the treats which are specifically designed for it.

As well as filling the dispenser with treats you can also fill it with water and freeze it. This is a great way of keeping the Romp ‘N’ Chomp cold so it can soothe your dogs teeth and jaws.

Once again, this toy is fine in most cases unless you have a dog that chews and chews. If this is the case then you’ll need to keep an eye on your dog in case bits start to become broken off.

Check out the Nylabone Romp ‘N’ Chomp.

Bully Sticks

While Bully Sticks may not be made from the most pleasant ingredient for people, they are great for your puppy who will absolutely love them.

Bully sticks are a treat which can help your puppies teething. However, unlike other treats which can be devoured quickly, bully sticks will take a while to eat, which makes them a great choice for teething puppies.

If you’re going to use a bully stick you have the choice between 12″ and 6″. 6″ is often recommended for puppies, however 12″ is also completely fine.

When giving your puppy bully sticks you should keep an eye on them to make sure the stick isn’t becoming too small. As well as that, you can also keep your puppies bully stick in a Bully Stick Companion so there’s no chance of them swallong it whole by accident.

Lastly, if you plan on giving your german shepherd Bully Sticks, make sure you choose a brand that is reputable and safe. 

Buy Bully Sticks for your puppy.

Puppy Goodie Bone

If your puppy already has a kong that they love, then why not give them a Puppy Goodie Bone as well. It’s made by the same company, and it’s also a pretty similar idea.

However, as you can guess, it’s shaped like a bone. 

Each end of the bone has two holes you can put treats in, and unlike kongs where the treats drop out easily, Puppy Goodie Bones are a little bit harder to get too.

The Puppy Goodie Bone can also be frozen with treats inside it which adds a new element of fun for your puppy while also soothing their little gums.

And because of the durable nature of the toy, you don’t have to worry about your puppy biting into pieces. While this can happen it’s incredibly rare. 

Find out more about the Puppy Goodie Bone.

TUFFY Ultimate Gear Ring

Last on the list is the Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring. It’s a lot softer than the other toys, however, it can be chewed on effectively. 

It becomes an even greater toy for chewing on when you dip it in water and freeze it.

However, what seperate this toy from other toys is what can be done with it. It makes a great toy for tug of war with your puppy and you can also use it as a frisbee as well.

If your teaching your german shepherd to swim it can also be an effective choice of toy as it’s not going to sink.

So not only is it great for teething, it has a whole range of uses. 

The only downside is that some owners have reported it’s not the most durable toy. If your puppy is going to chew on it aggressively it might not stand up so well for them.

Learn more about the TUFFY Ultimate Gear Ring.

How Do You Keep Your Dog Interested In Their Toys

When your dog is teething you’re going to want to keep them interested in their toys. If they’re not, then they’re going to find something else to chew on. Something that could be a lot more valuable to you.

Here are a few ways you can make sure your puppy stays interested:

Change The Feeling

If possible, change the way the toy feels to your puppy. The most obvious example of this is freezing it and giving it to them.

When you do this, the toy is going to be new and exciting again. Not to mention the fact that the cooling sensation is going to help ease their pain.

Swap Toys Around

Avoid giving your puppy all their toys at once. When you do this they’ll quickly become bored. The trick is to only give them a couple of toys at a time. Once they’ve become bored of some, rotate them with something else. Keep doing this and you’ll keep your puppies attention for a lot longer.

Use Toys That Hold Treats

Toys that hold treats are also an extremely effective way of keeping your puppies attention. If they know they’re going to be rewarded with treats then they’re going to play with the toy for longer.

Kongs are normally best for this. But if you use your imagination you’ll be surprised by what you can think of.


Now you should have lots of ideas about the best toys to give your puppy. And if you don’t like any of the toys on this list, you should also have the knowledge to choose a toy for yourself.

Here’s a quick recap of everything you need to remember.

  • When looking for a toy for teething make sure it’s not too hard or soft, and that it’s durable.
  • Toys that are already flavored, dispense treats or can be frozen are all great choices.
  • Avoid cheap toys that contain squeakers, and make sure the toy isn’t too small, doesn’t include BPA, aren’t specifically made for dogs, contain stuffing or ribbon, look like similar household items, or contain sharp corners and angles.
  • The best toy you can get for teething has to be a Kong, however, all the toys on this list are a great choice.
  • To keep a dog interested in their toy swap them around every once in a while, change the texture and feeling and use toys that hold treats.

If you liked this article or have any more questions leave them in the comments. Otherwise, have a great day!

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