Can Corgis Eat Peanut Butter? (And What Are The Risks?)

If you have a corgi and wish to spoil them with peanut butter every now and then, the first question that may spring to mind is: can corgis eat peanut butter?

Peanut butter is quite tasty, so it’s no wonder that your corgi might desire some from time to time.

We’ll go over all you need to know about the advantages and hazards of feeding peanut butter to corgis in the sections below.

So Can Corgis Eat Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter, in moderation, can be beneficial to your corgi’s health. Because corgis are one of the most energetic dog breeds, it’s only natural that peanut butter can help them satisfy some of their high energy needs.

Peanut butter, like all dog treats, is good for corgis when given in moderation. We’ll go over some of the nutritional benefits of peanut butter for your corgi in this section.

Why Is Peanut Butter Good for Corgis?


  • Peanut butter is one of the numerous treats you can give your corgi that has a high-calorie content.
  • One tablespoon of peanut butter may contain up to 100 calories, which is more than enough to give your corgi a boost of energy when they need it.
  • If your corgi does not have diabetes or any other medical issues, one tablespoon or two tablespoons of peanut butter each day is considered safe to serve for them.


  • Niacin is one of the most important vitamins you can feed your corgi in order to keep them healthy.
  • Niacin is more widely known as vitamin B3.
  • What niacin does is break down complex fats and sugars to help the body release energy.
  • Niacin is also adept at helping your corgi’s body produce digestive enzymes or stomach acids, thereby making the digestive process easier.


  • Protein should ideally be one of the main components of your corgi’s diet.
  • It not only aids in the development of your dog’s muscles, but it also helps in the healing and maintenance of those muscles.
  • Furthermore, ensuring your corgi’s immune system is fully functional and able to deal with a variety of infections and illnesses is important.
  • Since peanut butter is a great source of protein, it’s no surprise that it’s considered to be an ideal treat for corgis.

What Are the Risks of Peanut Butter for Corgis?

Peanut butter is safe for corgis to eat, but only in moderation. Peanut butter, especially the improper sort of peanut butter, might cause more damage than good to your corgi.

Let’s look at some of the negative effects of peanut butter on corgis:


When it comes to allowing your corgi to eat peanut butter, this is pretty much the worst-case scenario. When your corgi eats xylitol-containing peanut butter, it can induce seizures, stumbling, and collapse.

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that can be lethal to your corgi if consumed in excess. If your corgi has consumed xylitol, you should seek medical help right away.


Your corgi may have rashes or other types of skin irritation after eating peanut butter in some situations. Bald patches are also a cause for concern after eating peanut butter.


Peanut butter is high in healthful fats, but too much of it might make your corgi overweight. You’ll need to keep a close eye on their daily peanut butter consumption to make sure they stay at the right weight and size to stay active.

Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar is another of the many internal concerns related to your corgi eating peanut butter. If your dog already has low blood sugar, you should seek medical advice before starting them on peanut butter.

How to Feed Your Corgi Peanut Butter?

Let’s talk about how to give peanut butter to corgis now that you know they can eat it.

There are particular feeding practices, suggestions, and tactics that guarantee they get the most out of their meals, as there are with any dog food and treats. As a result, in this part, we’ll go over some of the finest methods to feed peanut butter to your corgi.

Give Them Plain Peanut Butter Spread

You may feed plain peanut butter to your corgi twice a day. Make sure the brand you’re using doesn’t include xylitol, which may be hazardous to your corgi and even lethal.

Also, no more than one spoonful of peanut butter per day should be fed to your corgi.

Give Them Treats

Several well-known pet food companies now make peanut butter or peanut butter-flavored treats for your dog. You may give them to your corgis as treats or snacks a few times a week, but only in moderation.

We strongly urge you to do your homework on the companies you’re considering buying from to ensure your corgi isn’t allergic to any of the substances.

How Much Peanut Butter Should You Feed Corgis?

Understanding how much peanut butter your corgi can eat is important for their health. Peanut butter is not the ideal therapy for your corgi, so only give it to him in small amounts.

A puppy shouldn’t have more than one teaspoon of food each day, and an adult corgi shouldn’t get more than one tablespoon.

Even with these guidelines in mind, it’s always a good idea to check with your veterinarian to see if your corgi has any medical issues that might make peanut butter eating dangerous.

How and When to Introduce Peanut Butter to Your Corgi?

Peanut butter may be introduced to your corgi gradually and exclusively as a treat. Peanut butter should never be included in your corgi’s diet.

You may start giving peanut butter to your corgi when they’re young and give it to them in little amounts once or twice a week. Make sure it’s plain butter – preferably creamy rather than crunchy – and free of xylitol the first time you serve it to them.

Consult your veterinarian right away if your dog shows indications of skin irritation or an inability to perform fundamental duties. Indigestion symptoms like vomiting are indicators that you may have given your corgi too much peanut butter.

When to Avoid Feeding Your Corgi Peanut Butter?

If your corgi shows indications of skin irritation, indigestion, or has a medical condition like diabetes, you should avoid giving them peanut butter. It’s not a good time to give your dog peanut butter if they’re going through any of them, even before they’ve had their first lick.

In other words, feeding peanut butter to your dog while they are not completely well is a horrible idea. If your corgi is healthy but develops an allergy or digestive symptoms after eating peanut butter, don’t feed it to them again.

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That concludes the discussion. If you’ve read the preceding parts, you should have a good notion if corgis can eat peanut butter or not.

You may give them peanut butter if you believe it will not harm them. Keep in mind, though, that no two dogs are alike, and what works for one corgi may not work for another.

The trick is to pay close attention to your pet’s reaction to peanut butter and determine whether it’s acceptable to offer it to them on a regular basis.

While peanut butter provides some nutritional benefits for corgis, too much of it (particularly if given at the incorrect time) can be hazardous. You won’t go wrong if you meet your corgi’s requirements as specifically as possible.