Can German Shepherds Eat Apples? +Bonus Apple Sauce Recipe

When you’re making a snack for yourself, you often look down and notice your pup waiting patiently. If it’s an apple in your hand, then you may be asking yourself “Can german shepherds eat apples?”

If so, then you’re about to have this question answered!

So Can German Shepherds Eat Apples?

Not only can german shepherds eat apples, but in the right amount, they’re also an extremely healthy treat!

So if you’re worried about giving your german shepherd apples, don’t be! As long as they’re not allergic, they’re going to love them!

Why Are Apples Good For German Shepherds?

There are a number of reasons that apples are good for german shepherds. One big reason is that they’re great for their teeth.

The material that makes up an apple is perfect for cleaning your pup’s teeth and helping to keep their breath fresh.

However, they don’t just help keep your dog’s teeth clean. They also provide lots of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants!

Here’s what makes each of them so great.


  • Fiber often ferments into fatty acids, which stops bad bacteria from growing in your dog’s stomach.
  • It will also help your german shepherd to feel fuller for longer. So if you have a dog suffering from obesity, it’s a good way to help them feel full, without keeping them hungry.
  • Some fiber also slows your dog’s metabolism. So if you’re pup is suffering from diabetes, it’s going to reduce the amount of blood sugar fluctuations, which will help better manage the illness.

Vitamin A

  • Vitamin A is going to help keep your german shepherd’s coat shiny and full of life.
  • It’s also going to help promote growth in dogs, especially puppies.
  • Vitamin A will also help your german shepherd see at night. It’s a vitamin that helps both dogs and animals see.

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory. So if your german shepherd has any allergies it’s going to help calm them down.
  • It also increases the number of antibodies your german shepherd has. This is going to reduce the chances of illness and disease.
  • Vitamin C can also increase the amounts of interferon in your german shepherd which can help reduce the chances of cancer!
  • It’s also going to help boost amounts of collagen in your german shepherd. This can help keep their bone and joints strong and healthy, which in turn reduces the chance of joint and bone issues like hip dysplasia.


  • Antioxidants help reduce the number of free radicals in your german shepherd’s body. Free radicals can make your german shepherd look older quicker, and also weaken their immune system.

Lastly, if your german shepherd can’t eat meats because of dietary requirements, then these can often be a tasty snack to make their diet a little less boring!

(According to PetMD)

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What Are The Risks Of Eating Apples?

If you feed your german shepherd too many apples, then there are going to be risks. The most common risk is that your german shepherd will suffer from is a belly ache and diarrhea. Just like with humans, too much fiber isn’t good for your dog.

Some dogs have also been known to choke on apples. If you’re going to feed your german shepherd an apple, make sure you remove the core first. It’s often too tough to eat, and they may try to swallow it whole.

Don’t let your german shepherd eat the apple seeds either. Apple seeds actually contain small amounts of cyanide. While swallowing an odd few seeds will be okay, too many could make them sick.

Apples also contain a lot of natural sugar. If your dog is suffering from sicknesses such as diabetes or cancer, make sure you consult your vet before letting them have any.

Lastly, of course, in rare circumstances, your german shepherd may be allergic to apples. If they are then they could go into anaphylactic shock. If you notice any swelling, difficulty breathing, coughing or other symptoms take them to the vets.

What’s The Best Way To Feed Your German Shepherd Apples?

If you plan on feeding your german shepherd an apple, don’t just give it to them whole. Instead cut the skin off it and then cut it into slices. Once it’s in slices, remove the core and all the seeds.

Doing this is going to make it easier for them to eat, and you’re not going to have to worry about them choking.

As well as giving it to them normally, you can also freeze it. Dogs absolutely love this and if you have a teething puppy it’s also going to soothe their teeth! (Find out more about how to soothe a teething german shepherd puppy.)

Also remember, when before feeding your german shepherd an apple make sure you wash it thoroughly. Lots of apples have chemicals and pesticides on them which need to be removed before eating.

Should You Feed Your German Shepherd Apple Peels

Some dogs don’t have a problem eating apple peels, however, other dogs can suffer from indigestion.

If you’re feeding your dog an apple it’s often best to remove the apple peel. But that doesn’t mean they can’t eat them. It’s just to reduce the chance of indigestion.

How Often Should You Feed Your Dog Apples?

Because of the high amount of sugar and fiber in apples, they should only be fed in moderations. A few slices every couple of days is going to be completely fine. However, generally, you don’t want to give them too many every day.

If you’re not sure how often to feed your german shepherd an apple and other treats then it’s always best to consult your vet first.

As a general rule of thumb though, 10% of their diet can be made up of treats.

How To Make Apple Sauce For Your German Shepherd

Fancy making a delicious apple sauce for your german shepherd? It works great as a treat and also for adding to their food to make it taste nicer!

Here’s how you make this fantastic sauce.

  • Apples
  • Cinnamon
  • Water

Start by washing the apples thoroughly. Once they’ve been washed peel the skin, and remove the core and seeds. Make sure the apple is cut into nice chunks

Juice or blend the apples until the pulp and juice have been separated.

Once you’ve done this, add both ingredients together. If the consistency is too thick, add some water until the sauce looks right for you.

Add a pinch of cinnamon and keep stirring until everything has mixed back together.

And make sure you don’t replace any of the ingredients. While these are all fine for your dog, some other ones may not be. (Always avoid nutmeg which is poisonous.)

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As you now know german shepherds can eat apples, and in the right amount, they can be an excellent addition to their diet!

Here are the main points to remember.

  • Apples are good for german shepherds because they contain fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants.
  • Make sure you don’t let your dogs eat the seeds or core of an apple, and avoid giving them the peels when you can.
  • If you feed your pup too many apples they may get an upset tummy and constipation.
  • You should consult a vet before adding new food to your german shepherd’s diet.
  • If you notice that your german shepherd is coughing, swelling, having difficulty breathing or any other symptoms after eating an apple, take them to a vet as they may be allergic.
  • Wash the apples thoroughly, cut them up and remove the peel, seeds, and core before giving them to your dog!
  • Don’t feed your german shepherd too many apples at a time. One every few days is more than enough.

If you liked this article leave a comment. Otherwise, have a great day.

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