Can Huskies Eat Bread? (Caution Advised)

One minute you’re making yourself a delicious sandwich, and the next, it’s disappeared as if by magic. Then you look to the side and see your dog nibbling away at the bread that you had hoped to be yours.

The frustration suddenly turns into mild panic and confusion: can huskies eat bread?

That is an excellent question because bread is such a staple in most human diets, so surely it should be okay for our furry friends.

The short answer to the question is yes but with a catch – in moderation and the type of bread you are feeding them. If you stick to small portions of plain white bread, wheat bread, or wholewheat, then it’s okay.

Why Is Bread Good for Huskies?

Allowing your husky to eat bread now and again is harmless, but it must be part of a balanced diet. Bread is considered a filler and doesn’t contain nutrients apart from carbohydrates.


It is known for the production of energy, perfect for exercise and training. Protein is necessary for energy consumption during high volumes of activity, but fat and carbohydrates are better for producing energy in dog muscles.

Huskies are known for being energetic and smart dogs; they enjoy exploring their surroundings and are very wiley when escaping. They require a lot of exercise and training to keep them healthy and generally satisfied.

Therefore, if you have an active husky that you train or just generally adventurous, then a treat of bread could do it some good in producing energy.

Relieve an Upset Stomach

An old wives’ tale says bread is suitable for an upset stomach, especially if they have eaten an unfamiliar object. The bread can help things move safely and easier through the guts.

There are also cases where your dog will feel a bit poorly, mostly if they eat something that doesn’t agree with them. A piece of bread can help settle their stomach, to soak any acidity in their gut.

But it is always better to consult your vet if the symptoms are severe.

What Are the Risks of Bread for Huskies?

So, we’ve established that your husky can eat bread. It is essential to bear in mind that it is a treat and should be in moderation. There still factors to keep in mind that could make bread unsafe for your pet.

Bread dough is considered dangerous to dogs and can cause some terrible health issues.


Yeast is a vital ingredient in bread because it makes it rise and help it take shape. However, this magic ingredient could prove dangerous for your dog, causing the stomach to distend.


The same with humans, bread can cause dogs to feel bloated. The rising agent in the dough creates pressure that then causes the dog to feel bloated.

Alcohol Poisoning

One of the main concerns from dough is the ethanol that comes from the yeast. The bloodstream absorbs the ethanol, which quickly causes alcohol poisoning.

If you have fed your dog bread dough, it is essential to look out for symptoms such as drunken gait, seizures, weakness, and a depressed nervous system. It’s necessary to call your vet once you spot these signs.

Nuts, Seeds & Raisins

If you have bread that has added ingredients like nuts, seeds, or raisins should be kept away from your dog. Raisins are highly toxic to dogs, and some studies have shown them to cause renal failures.

Nuts and seeds may seem harmless to humans but are not safe for dogs. The high-fat content in some nuts and seeds can cause pancreatitis. For example, macadamia nuts can irritate the dog’s stomach.

I would advise you to do your research and check which nuts and seeds are okay. It’s always to ask your vet when your next in for a check-up what your husky can eat and what it can’t.


Some breeds will have added sweeteners, like xylitol, which has become a prevalent ingredient for some baked goods and peanut butter brands. Xylitol and other types of sweeteners are toxic to dogs, and some studies have found risks of hypoglycemia. If you notice your dog is looking weak, depressed, or vomiting, then it’s best to call for help after feeding them bread.

How to Feed Your Husky Bread?

Much like with humans, dogs should eat it in moderation. Overeating can cause weight and health issues.

If you have not fed your husky bread before, it is best to consult your vet first if they are okay to eat it, especially if they have some underlying health issues.

The best thing to do is to try with a small portion of bread and allow them to smell it so they can become familiar with it. If the dog turns its nose from it, then leave it and maybe try another day. If they do eat it, it is best to keep an eye if there are any allergic effects.

How to Serve the Bread to Your Husky?

The first thing to do is check your bread ingredients to ensure that it doesn’t have the harmful components we’ve talked about like sweeteners, nuts, seeds, or raisins.

It is essential to keep the portion small; it is, after all, just a treat.  So, cut up a slice into small pieces and gradually offer it to them instead of all-in-one.

Remember that just because you can feed your husky bread doesn’t mean it should make up most of your daily calorie intake. It should make up more than five percent of your husky’s daily calories.

Once again, moderation should also mean that bread is not fed to your huskies every day. It should be once or twice a week as a treat or when they need a little energy boost after high activity.

Lastly, remember that bread dough is very harmful, so do not underfeed this to your husky at all cost!

How Much Bread Should You Feed Huskies?

Once again, moderation is key when feeding your husky bread. A slice or two of bread once or twice a week should be substantial.

Remember that this is a treat, not part of their daily diet. If your dog starts to eat more bread, it is vital to keep your husky active to keep your pet from gaining weight.

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How and When to Introduce Bread to Your Husky?

It is essential to introduce bread gradually.  It is best to test your husky with a small piece before adding it to your pet’s usual meal schedule.

If your husky does not eat it straight away, it is best not to force it, as you can always try it another day. It is best to introduce it separately from other food to get used to the bread’s flavor, smell, and texture.

It is also vital that you check the ingredients of the bread you are feeding them to ensure that there are no extra ingredients that could prove harmful.

If you notice your dog looking weak, in pain, or suddenly suffer from vomiting or diarrhea, you should immediately contact your vet.

When to Avoid Feeding Your Husky Bread?

It is important to remember that you should not feed your dog bread if they have underlying conditions. It’s best to consult your vet to find out if your husky can eat bread.

If you know that your dog suffers from digestion issues, it should be avoided, especially keeping them away from the uncooked dough. If your dog is a little overweight, it is probably best not to feed them bread as it will just fill them up with carbs.

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Let’s Recap

Bread should be a tasty treat that is occasionally fed to your huskies, not as a daily bulk of their calorie intake.

It would help if you were mindful of portion sizes because too much can cause more harm than good. I know it is tempting to succumb to their cuteness when they are begging for more, but it is best to be cautious to keep them healthy.

You also need to be careful of the type of bread you feed them, check the ingredients beforehand, and remember that uncooked dough is dangerous for your dogs.