Do Australian Shepherds Get Along With Other Dogs? (Best Companion Dogs)

Dog lovers all over the world have fallen in love with Australian Shepherds. These easy-going canines are a great choice for a family pet, and part of the reason for that is they are incredibly obedient. Most dog owners have found that Australian Shepherds are very easy to train, and learning tricks is like second nature to them.
One thing we know is that these dogs love people; they are even patient with active kids. It’s easy to see why these dogs would be a great addition to your family, but the real question is, are Australian Shepherd good with other dogs? This is something you should know before bringing an Australian Shepherd home if you plan on having more than one dog.

Do Australian Shepherds Get Along With Other Dogs?

These dogs aren’t aggressive, and because of that nature, they get along very well with other dogs. An Australian Shepherd dog loves to romp around playing, and they are always happier when they have another canine to play with. Since they have such a friendly spirit, Australian Shepherds get along great with dogs and other pets. Even cats can get along with them.

Best Companion Dogs For Australian Shepherds

While Australian Shepherds are able to get along great with just about any dog, some make better companions than others. Some breeds of dogs will feel confused by an Australian Shepherd’s playing habits and just can’t entertain them as well. This is because Australian Shepherds were originally bred as herders and still carry out some of those traits. 
Most dog owners find that the best choice of companion for an Australian Shepherd is another Australian Shepherd. This is because they share the same instincts and want to play alike. However, any type of herder dog with a friendly personality will make a great companion. These are the best breeds of dogs to introduce to your Australian Shepherd as a companion:

Labrador Retriever

It’s hard not to fall in love with a labrador, whether you’re a person or an Australian Shepherd. These energetic pups love to play, and they get along very well with other animals. If your Australian Shepherd needs a playmate, this is one breed of dog that loves their playtime. A well-trained labrador retriever could make an excellent companion for any energetic Australian Shepherd.


All dogs need to be well-trained and socialized in order to ensure they get along with other animals. A socialized husky of any type can be a great companion for an Australian Shepherd because they are very friendly and energetic. This is one breed of dog that can definitely keep up with your Australian Shepherd for a romp around. 

Border Collie

Sometimes opposites attract, and many dog owners have stated that their Australian Shepherd gets along perfectly with a Border Collie dog. This is because they are able to challenge each other at playtime, and it works to burn off extra energy in both dogs. Each breed keeps the other challenged enough to prevent them from becoming destructive.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Remember that movie, Beethoven? That loveable dog was a Bernese Mountain Dog, and they are just as loveable in real life. These two breeds get along very well because they both have such happy spirits. Australian Shepherds can easily warm up to the calm and accepting Bernese Mountain Dog.


Havanese dogs are tiny and covered in hair. You may think this seems like an odd choice as a companion for an Australian Shepherd, but the truth is they couldn’t be a better match. Havanese dogs are very energetic, and they have such a warm and loving attitude. Size is no barrier when it comes to the friendship between an Australian Shepherd and a Havanese.


One thing about Beagles is that they are happiest when they are around people, dogs, and basically any other animal in general. Beagles can make friends with anything if they are socialized. Since both Beagles and Australian Shepherds are cheerful dogs, they can have a lot of fun together. 

Boston Terrier

These little balls of joy are always up for a good time. They love to be surrounded by people and other dogs. The reason why they make such great companions for Australian Shepherds is that these dogs are adaptable and always excited for playtime. If left together, it won’t take long for a Boston Terrier to become best buddies with your Australian Shepherd.

Irish Setter

While people love Irish Setter dogs for their loveable and carefree nature, these dogs can cause mischief when they get bored. Since they have a friendly attitude, it’s easy for them to fall in love with an Australian Shepherd. This works well for the dog owner because the Australian Shepherd can keep the Irish Setter entertained and active enough, so they don’t become destructive.


Boxers love receiving attention just as much as Australian Shepherds love to give it. This is one dog pairing that can be combined to create one of the most loving canine companionships.  Both of these types of dogs are incredibly affectionate and radiate positivity. It’s hard not to smile when you’re in their presence. 

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being one of the friendliest dog breeds around. That vote comes from humans, cats, and basically every dog that has ever spent time around them. Because of this, Golden Retrievers are the ultimate choice for a companion for any breed of dog. Since both Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds are incredibly friendly, they can become instant buddies.

Training Your Australian Shepherd

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Are Australian Shepherds Good With Other Dogs?

Australian Shepherds love to be around other dogs; the friendlier, the better. If you plan on introducing your Australian Shepherd to another dog (or vice versa), you should know as much information about the breed as possible first. With the right training, an Australian Shepherd should be able to get along with just about any breed. 

However, we know that you still have some questions about Australian Shepherds. Keep reading for some of the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Do Australian Shepherds Need Another Dog?

Having two dogs may be a bit more extra work for you, but your Australian Shepherd will be much happier with another dog around. This gives your dog someone to interact and bond with all the time, helping them stay mentally stimulated. Most dog owners find the joy of watching their dogs play together is worth the extra work involved. 

Is It Good To Have Two Australian Shepherds?

Australian Shepherds are able to make great companions to a number of different dogs, even more than listed in this article. However, they are always happiest when they are paired up with another Australian Shepherd. This is because they think alike, so they respond well to the other’s herding game habits. They’re never left confused by the other dog’s actions or intentions.

One of their most unique habits is their herding games. They will try to make other animals part of their flock and are even likely to get kids in on this game. This leaves most animals wondering what’s going on, but another Australian Shepherd gets what the game is and has fun participating.

Why Do Australian Shepherds Do Better With a Companion?

Australian Shepherds are super loyal and love to have a companion by their side. Since you likely can’t be home 24 hours a day, it’s a good idea to get your Australian Shepherd another canine companion. This is because they are an energetic breed, and they need someone to play with.

If they are left alone all day, they could become destructive as a way to let out that pent-up energy. When they have a companion with them, they have somewhere to focus that energy. Instead of tearing up the house, they can play herding games. 

Are Australian Shepherds Cuddly?

If you want to see two dogs cuddling with each other, you will likely see that with a pair of Australian Shepherds. These loving dogs are some of the most cuddly canines around. They love to cuddle up with their owners and their doggy friends. These dogs are always happiest when they are getting attention and affection.

Australian Shepherds are the right breed to get if you want a dog to cuddle with on stormy nights. Snuggling up with their owners is one of their favorite things to do. Other than playing herding games, of course.

Are Australian Shepherds a Hyper Dog?

Yes, Australian Shepherds are naturally a hyper breed of dog. They are full of energy and require a vast amount of mental stimulation to stay happy. While it’s important that you take these dogs out for a run several times a day and provide them plenty of playtimes, they are always more mentally stimulated when they have another dog around to play with.

A dog with similar characteristics and energy levels can help keep an Australian Shepherd entertained enough so they can release all of their energy and stay mentally stimulated. When these dogs get a chance to burn off their energy and have fun playing, they are one of the best-behaved breeds of dogs.  

Can Australian Shepherds Go Outside Off Their Leash?

As mentioned above, Australian Shepherds are herding dogs and still carry out some of those instincts. These habits lead them to actually be very well behaved when they are outdoors off their leash. They can be trusted to roam in a wide area without worrying about them taking off or causing problems. Australian Shepherds are smart enough to be trained to play together without being on a leash.

Final Thoughts: Are Australian Shepherds Good With Other Dogs?

Many people love Australian Shepherd dogs because they are so friendly and loveable. They are loyal, intelligent, and very easy to train. If you didn’t think these dogs could get any better, it turns out they also thrive when they’re around other animals as well. They love when another dog joins them for playtime and are welcoming to all different breeds.

While many dogs are capable of forming a good relationship with Australian Shepherds, some are better than others simply because they understand the habits of a herding dog and their games. Some dogs get confused when the Australian Shepherd tries to make them a part of its flock. However, there are still many dogs that are excited to get in on this game.