Do Beagles Get Along With Other Dogs? (Best Companion Dogs For Beagles)

If you’re getting yourself a Beagle and are worried about having other dogs in the vicinity, or vice versa, or just want to learn more, you’re in the right place. Here we’re going to discuss Beagles and their interaction with other dogs and answer the question, “do Beagles get along with other dogs.” Furthermore, we are also going to discuss the best companion dogs for Beagles. 

Do Beagles Get Along With Other Dogs?

Everybody loves Beagles. Whether or not you’re a dog lover is a different story, but nobody can deny that these are small, adorable creatures that can be very fun to play and be around with. But the question for today is, do other dogs love Beagles? Or do Beagles love other dogs? That’s the question we’ll be discussing for today.

A simple answer to the question is, yes, they mostly do. Beagles are friendly dogs that actually enjoy and flourish in packs. While they’re generally curious-minded, they can also be very possessive. This makes it essential to keep an eye out for when you’re introducing them to other dogs. 

That being said, there are breeds that work really well with Beagles. Yep, your dog doesn’t have to be lonely without you anymore and can have an adorable companion with it. 

Training Your Beagle

If you haven’t trained your Beagle properly, then this is the perfect time to start. Whatever bad behavior your shepherd has, whether it’s barking at night or other bad behaviors, using the right training program is the key to having an obedient and happy pup.

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What Are The Best Companion Dogs For Beagles?

Beagles are generally very friendly and loving in nature, so they’d generally be accepting of any new dogs. But because of how even-tempered they are, it’s better to be mindful of what companion to introduce to them so the other dog doesn’t mind the Beagle. 


Top in the list as the best companion for your Beagle is, of course, another Beagle. We’ve already talked about how fun these dogs are and how loving they can be. These dogs are also called the goldilocks dog because of how well balanced their attributes are. 

Beagles have one of the most perfect balance temperaments. They’re not too aggressive while not being too shy. They’re very loving and hence friendly but don’t go overboard and cross any boundaries. So in the company of one another, they’d get to enjoy themselves without feeling the slightest uncomfortable. 


Beagles being very fun-loving and energetic, it is good to consider having a companion that could compare to its high levels of energy, and so what better dogs than Labradors. Yes, Labradors are practically giants as compared to Beagles, so it shouldn’t be surprising to find your Beagle knocked down while they’re both playing. But the point being, they’ll get along perfectly fine. 

The answer to the question of whether or not they’re both compatible is already answered, but a downside to having yourself a Beagle and Labrador would be your attention. “How is that a downside?” Well, both these dogs being affectionate in nature, also, of course, dislike being by themselves, so leaving them by themselves may not be the healthiest thing for the furniture in your house. 

Golden Retriever 

If you’re bringing home your Beagle to a Golden Retriever, you’re already in a win-win situation. Both of these dogs are affectionate in nature, playful, and full of energy. Retrievers are also proved to be the 4th smartest dog breed. So if you’re bringing home a new Beagle to your retriever, it will train its new companion and show to it the ways around the house that it’s already aware of.

Golden retrievers are generally very fun-loving dogs and even make for great therapy dogs. Putting a Beagle and a retriever together only means twice the size for everyone, especially the both of them. They’ll get to play together, exercise together, and have fun together. 


Airedales aren’t as enthusiastic as Beagles, but this can be a plus point if you’re looking for it. Beagles are very fun-loving dogs, so if you’re looking to tone down the wildness in your house, Airedales can help balance that factor out. 

These dogs need thorough exercise, even more so than Beagles. So if you’re already accustomed to the very enthusiastic Beagle, an Airedale is something you can provide for, and so the two dogs will have companions to themselves that they can enjoy being around. 


Boxers make for great companions to Beagles. They’re both energetic dogs who are very loving in nature. For both to match each other’s energies is very important for compatibility between dogs, so that definitely checks out just fine. 

A slight downside to having both would be, again, the amount of attention given but in a slightly different way than what we saw with golden retrievers. Boxers can and do get jealous if they aren’t provided the same amount of love and attention as the other dog, and this can change their behavior negatively, so it’s important to give time to your boxer properly.


Dachshunds are comparatively smaller in size than Beagles, but that’s never a huge factor in compatibility amongst dogs. Although, it would be important to remember that these dogs aren’t as energetic as Beagles, so bringing a dachshund to an older Beagle or one that isn’t very energetic would be a better idea.

A plus point to having both as companions is that both these dogs are very loving in nature, and so they’re very good for kids to have around as they’ll be very friendly to it. Another bonus would be how they’re both tracking dogs, and so you can play scent tracking dogs with both of them.  

Cocker Spaniels

To satisfy the need for a well-tempered companion to Beagles, the American Cocker Spaniel does the job just right. These dogs prove to be great companions to Beagles and are, in a similar way, affectionate and playful.

A downside that needs to be kept in check is the same as that of boxers. When having both of these dogs, it is necessary to make sure that they’re both loved and paid attention to equally, or else you might have to witness a change in their behavior in their deprivation of affection. 

Springer Spaniels 

Springer spaniels, as the name springer suggests, are very enthusiastic dogs and much bigger than Beagles too. As we’ve discussed before, size isn’t the biggest issue when talking about the compatibility between dogs. And so springer spaniels make for great companions to Beagles. 

Beagles are generally dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs because of the pack dog mentality, and so the existence of the energetic springers as their companions would only help them be playful and excited to their heart’s content. 


The greyhound and Beagles can be marvelous companions to one another. This is because of how energetic they both are in their nature. Greyhounds are also said to be one of the most athletic breeds amongst dogs and are also referred to as the Ferrari because of their high speeds. 

Beagles are also found to be one of the 22 most active breeds amongst dogs, and so demanding a good amount of exercise to themselves and also being amazing to play with, a greyhound as a companion to a Beagle only makes sense. 


Poodles are one of the best options to consider when thinking about good, fun companions for Beagles to enjoy with. These dogs are not only the same in size as the average Beagle but also very similar in qualities! Affectionate, playful, energetic, friendly, loving, basically anything you could call a Beagle, you can call a poodle as well. Therefore, they are perfect for and with one another. 

Both of these dogs love to have fun and play around, so getting them both to exercise and to also play with another won’t be an issue at all, and so, a win-win in getting both these dogs for both the dogs and the person who’s blessed with them.

Great Danes

Great Danes are great in their size and in how big hearts they are. They’re basically giant dogs with even bigger hearts because of how kind and loving they are as an animal and as a pet. This makes them great companions to Beagles and definitely a breed to consider.

A negative point to the Great Dane is that they can be slightly hostile towards stranger dogs, and so to avoid this entire aggression as a whole, it is mostly advised to get yourself a puppy Dane that can grow with your Beagle and establish a good connection with it from a very start.  

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Of course, even after the entire discussion of the best companion dogs for the adorable Beagles, there are still some frequently asked questions about them. 

Do Beagles Need Another Dog? 

The answer to this question can be both yes and no. Beagles are generally very affectionate dogs, and in any case, they, of course, require love back as well. This love is in the form of companionship, which can come from anyone, a human, or another dog.

If you’re the kind of person that can’t usually give your Beagleyour attention, it will prove to be necessary to get it another companion, whether another Beagle or any other breed of dog (as discussed above), that it can play with and have a good company with. 

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Are Beagles Best in Pairs?

Coming back to the pack dog mentality of Beagles, it is always a good idea to have a companion with your Beagle. They thrive amongst other company, and what better company to a Beagle than another dog of its breed, really. 

Beagles being energetic and playful dogs, a company to them that would be on the same even leveled temperament is most preferred, and so a Beagle can provide the best companionship to another Beagle. So yes, in a way, they are best in pairs. 

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To revise everything we’ve discussed in this article, the general personality and temperament of Beagles show how their different attributes are very well-balanced with one another. They are very energetic animals but not too energetic to be a bother and just enough to be very fun and lively to be around. 

These balanced-out traits also make Beagles very easy to find a companion for because technically, you can pair them up with any breed, and they will somehow match their energies in one domain or another. Or they would have slightly alternating energies that fit like a jigsaw and complete each other in a sense, and so either way, Beagles are even better when they have a companion with them, whoever it may be.

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