Do Beagles Smell? (And How To Deal With A Smelly Beagle)

“Do Beagles smell?” is a question often asked by dog lovers. A lot of people who own a Beagle think that they have a bad, kind of weird smell to them. 

Genetically, Beagles carry their own inherent odor. They caught this smell throughout time to keep track of every member of their back when they hunt. They were trained and bred to hunt in packs. 

However, this distinctive smell that they have can seem stinky or unpleasant to humans when they first meet a Beagle. 

Follow on to know everything about Beagles’ smell. 

Do Beagles Smell?

Yes, Beagles have a very distinctive smell that can be considered stinky to some humans. However, it is not that overwhelming. In fact, most Beagle owners forget that the smell even exists within a few days, and they stop noticing it. 

Why Do Beagles Smell More Than Other Breeds?

Every dog breed has its own distinctive smell that is unique to them only. But why do Beagle s specifically smell more than all other breeds? 

This is because of the way they were trained and bred. Beagles were trained for hunting in packs. That’s why they developed a distinctive smell of their own to track each pack member while hunting in the fields. 

With the help of their powerful sense of smell, they can locate each member of their pack very easily while they are out in the field. 

However, this smell is still accompanying them until now, even when they are home-bred for no hunting purposes. Even though the smell might be a little stinky when you first meet a Beagle, it is not the worst smell in the world. 

What Does a Beagle Smell Like?

Beagles and other breeds in the hound group, such as Coonhound, Bloodhound, Foxhound, etc., have a stronger and more distinctive scent than other breeds. This smell is often called the ‘hound odor’ or the ‘hound smell.’ 

To describe this smell, it is more of a light musky scent. It can be stinky and offensive when you first meet a Beagle, but it is not that bad or overwhelming. 

It is definitely not the kind of smell that will make you cringe or try to block your nose to stop smelling it. After spending a few days with your Beagle, you will stop even noticing the smell. 

However, keep in mind that there are certain factors that can make the smell become worse, even to an intolerable level. So, what are those factors? 

We will go over most of these factors in detail in this article. 

What Can Cause Your Beagle To Smell?

Here are some factors that will cause your Beagle  to have a much worse smell:

Pee Smell 

If your Beagle puppy is not trained to pee properly in the right place, they might pee in their own bed or crate and roll all over it. This will cause their entire body to smell like pee, and it can be intolerable.

Beagle puppies, or basically any puppy, have small bladders that they cannot control. Even if you train them to pee in the right place, there might be a few accidents where they pee somewhere else because it is very tough for them to control. 

You need to take your Beagle puppy out more often to give them a chance to pee outside and not in their bed or crate and make your house smell horrible. If you noticed any pee on their body, go ahead and wipe it with a wet tissue until you head for the shower. 

Keep in mind that your puppy might step on their pee after they finish their business. So, make sure you don’t forget their paws and clean them thoroughly as well. 

Too Much Dirt 

Beagles are very active dogs by nature. So, if you allow your dog to be active and exercise regularly, there is a very high chance that it will be covered with dirt. You can think that your dog looks perfectly clean, but this is not the case. 

Beagles have thick and short hair that can catch and hide dirt underneath it easily. So, your dog might look very clean, but there is a lot of dirt trapped underneath their hair. This can cause the smell to become much worse to the point that it is unbearable. 

That is why you need to brush your Beagle twice a week to remove any trapped dirt underneath their hair. You should also never forget to give them a good shower when they need it. This will remove all the accumulated stinky oils and dirt.  


If you have owned your Beagle dog for a while, you must have noticed that they smell much worse once they get wet. 

The skin of your Beagle dog has a lot of microorganisms lying on top. When those microorganisms get in contact with moisture or water, they start dislodging and spreading in the air, which causes that offensive smell that you are familiar with. 

This problem is more common among active Beagle s who go out and exercise regularly. This is because they attract a lot of those microorganisms when they go out. 

Medical Issues

Certain medical issues could be the reason why your Beagle smells worse than it should. So, if you take care of their hygiene and they still smell bad, check if they have any of the following medical conditions.

Bad Breath  

Of course, no one is expecting their dog to have a fresh and minty breath unless they use a canine breath freshener. However, your dog’s breath is not supposed to be overwhelmingly bad. 

If your dog’s breath is noticeably getting worse, then there is a very high chance that they have a dental problem. Bad or infected teeth can make your dog’s breath smell horrible. 

A lot of people think that dental or oral issues are the only reason for bad breath. But, in fact, other medical conditions, such as diabetes, can impact the smell of your dog’s breath. 

Ear Problems

Your Beagle’s floppy long ears might be cute to hold and play with. But they are basically an invitation to a lot of health issues. They can easily trap the heat and moisture inside, which gives bacteria the perfect environment to grow and thrive. 

This can cause a lot of ear issues, such as ear infections, ear mites, excessive wax buildup, etc. All of these ear issues can cause your dog to stink and have an offensive smell. 

To identify the ear-related bad smell, it usually has a yeasty and odd scent to it. If you smell, then it is time to check your dog’s ears. 

When it comes to ear issues, most dogs will show signs of itchiness and discomfort, and they might try to touch their ears with their paws. However, some dogs will not show any symptoms. 

That’s why you need to clean your Beagle’s ears regularly to remove all the bacteria and accumulated wax. You can use an ear cleaning fluid that is designed for your dog’s sensitive ears along with clean tissue. It is highly advised to do this once a week to prevent ear issues from happening. 


It is normal for any dog to experience occasional burps or farts. But it is not normal if the amount of excessive gas is too much and your dog starts farting more than usual. This is definitely a sign of concern. 

Gas is basically the result of indigestion of the food that your Beagle ate. So, you can try putting your dog on a strict diet until you see improvement. Avoid feeding them your leftovers or table scraps. 

When you change your Beagle’s diet, do not do it suddenly, as this can cause further problems. Try introducing them to their new diet gradually and slowly until they get used to it. You can give them small quantities of their new diet over the course of one week.

If the problem of excessive gas doesn’t go away, then you need to visit your vet. 

Anal Glands 

Your dog’s anal glands can release a bad chemical smell gradually which is okay. But, in some cases, fluids keep building up in these anal glands until they break open. If this happened, you would see some dark oil around your dog’s anus along with a very offensive odor that can be too intolerable to smell. 

You might mistake the dark oil with blood because of their similar look, but it is not blood. However, there might be drops of blood along with the dark oil if the skin is ripped. 

The smell is as bad as a rotten egg or even worse! If this happens, you need to visit your dog’s vet to seek medical care as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is not something to hope will go away on its own and ignore. 

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How Can You Stop Your Beagle Smelling?

Unfortunately, no matter how many times you wash or bathe your Beagle, the smell will not go away. This is their natural body smell that they have developed throughout the years, and it is there to stay. 

Some Beagles have a very strong natural body odor, while others don’t. So, if your dog is one of those with a strong smell, there are some tricks to lessen the smell and make it less noticeable. 

Regular Bathing 

It is essential to bathe your dog with a dog shampoo at least once a month. This good smell of the shampoo will overlap with their natural body smell. It will also help remove the dirt, bacteria, and microorganism. 

Coat Brushing

You need to brush your Beagle’s hair about twice a week. Their hair is short and thick, and it can trap a lot of dirt underneath it. Brushing will allow you to get rid of all the dirt and the bad odor. 

Waterless Shampoo 

Waterless shampoo is a great way to make your dog smell better between their bathing sessions. 

Teeth Brushing 

Your dog’s teeth brushing is not any less important than yours. You need to brush your Beagle’s teeth every day to prevent tooth decay and plaque accumulation. Doing this will also prevent bad breath. 

Baby Powder

Baby powder does not only work like magic for humans but for dogs as well. All you have to do is bring some baby powder and rub it on your hands. Then, run your hands through your dog’s hair. 

This will prevent moisture, as wet Beagle s tend to smell very worse than dry ones. 

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What Should You Avoid Doing?

Here are 2 things you need to avoid doing when it comes to dealing with your Beagle’s smell:

Leftovers and Table Scraps

Such foods can lead to excessive gas and make your dog fart and burp more often. This will make their smell even worse and unbearable. So instead, focus on a healthy diet that is easy for them to digest and absorb. 

Ignoring the Bad Smell 

Although a Beagle’s smell can be considered stinky for humans, it should not be overwhelmingly bad. If your dog’s body smell is very bad to the point that you can not handle it, then there is something wrong. 

It could be a sign of a medical condition that needs to be treated fast. So, never ignore the smell when it gets too much. 


Beagles have a distinctive body smell that can be considered stinky to humans. This smell is natural, and it should not be a reason to worry about your dog at all. You will get used to it after a while, and you won’t even notice it anymore. 

However, this smell can get worse for some dogs for different reasons, such as dirt, moisture, pee, medical conditions, etc.  

To make the smell less offensive and noticeable, you can follow some simple and basic tips. For instance, you need to brush your dog’s coat and brush their teeth regularly. 

Finally, Beagles are wonderful dogs that are loyal, friendly, smart, and cute. The smell should not make them any less amazing.