Do Boston Terriers Get Along With Other Dogs? (Best Companion Dogs)

Whether you are thinking of getting a Boston Terrier or you already have one, you may be wondering whether this breed usually gets along with other dogs. It is always a good idea to research the temperament of the breed you are thinking of getting and whether or not they are compatible with the dogs you already have.

Boston Terriers generally get along well with other dogs. They are known to be outgoing and friendly. But you must keep in mind that each dog will have a different temperament.

If you have a Boston Terrier and you want another dog, you want to choose a breed that gets along with your Boston Terrier. This article discusses Boston Terriers, whether or not they get along with other dogs and the best companion dogs for them.

Do Boston Terriers Get Along With Other Dogs?

Yes, Boston Terriers usually get along with other dogs. Because Boston Terriers are outgoing and friendly, you don’t have to worry about them being aggressive with other dogs or pets.

If you introduced your Boston Terrier to another dog and they barked at the other dog, this is not usually a sign of aggression. They bark because they want to play or because they want the other dog to pay attention to them.

The more you socialize your Boston Terrier, the better they will behave around other dogs. Socialization teaches dogs what behaviors are acceptable and which are unacceptable. Without proper socialization, your Boston Terrier will not know how to act around another dog.

The best way to ensure your Boston Terrier gets along with other dogs is to introduce them to dogs of all sizes and breeds. The younger you start socialization, the better.

Do Boston Terriers Get Along With Other Pets?

While Boston Terriers get along well with dogs and cats, they have a high prey drive when it comes to smaller animals like rodents. Socializing them with small animals will help your Boston Terrier know what to do and what not to do.

Remember to not leave your Boston Terrier alone with a small animal. Even if you have taught your dog to leave the animal alone, you can not count on this training. They may still act on their hunting instincts.

Do Boston Terriers Get Along With Children?

Even though Boston Terriers were initially bred to be fighting dogs, they are bred now to be companions. Today’s Boston Terriers are family-oriented. They are very affectionate, gentle, and loyal.

Boston Terriers have a great reputation when it comes to children. Some Boston Terriers will even join in children’s games.

This breed has also been used for therapy work because of its gentle nature. So, while you can feel confident in letting your Boston Terrier near children, you should never leave them unsupervised. Both dogs and children are unpredictable, so it is best to be on the safe side.

Since Boston Terriers are so small, they can get injured on accident when playing with children. Children should be taught how to behave around your Boston Terrier and any other dog.

Best Companion Dogs For Boston Terriers

When it comes to companion dogs for Boston Terriers, you want to choose a breed that is also bred for companionship. Dogs bred to be companions are gentle, friendly, and outgoing. They are happiest when they are with their family, not just their owners, but your other pets as well.

The breeds listed below make good companion dogs for Boston Terriers, but remember that dogs need training and socialization to make them suitable companions. You must also give them time to get used to their new home and new family.

Boston Terriers are adaptable and friendly and are known to get along with other dogs, so you have a lot of options when choosing a companion dog for them. Here are some of the best companion dogs for Boston Terriers.


Chihuahuas are small dogs that love spending time with their owners. They are known for their low energy levels, and they do great in small homes or apartments.

While Chihuahuas are sweet most of the time, they can be stubborn. Some Chihuahuas prefer to be the only pet, depending on their socialization. You can train a Chihuahua to get along with other dogs.


Dachshunds make great companion dogs because they have an animated personalities. They usually get along with other dogs, as long as the other dog is friendly.

Dachshunds can sometimes get feisty with dogs they don’t know, so you must socialize them to your Boston Terrier with training to ensure they get along. Dachshunds are intelligent, so you can train them fairly easily.  

Remember to give your Dachshund time to get used to their new home and new family. It could take a while for your dogs to get along well.

English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels are friendly, quick learners, eager-to-please, and easily trained. This makes them perfect companion dogs for just about any breed, not just the Boston Terrier.

However, while the English Springer Spaniel does great with other dogs and children, they are not the best companions for cats.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are a very friendly breed, so they make ideal companions for their owners and other dogs. French Bulldogs are calm and relaxed most of the time, so if you are looking for an affectionate dog with an even-tempered personality, they make a great choice.

When French Bulldogs are spoiled and are used to being the only pet, they may act stubborn and jealous around other dogs.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are affectionate and very sweet. They are known to get along well with new people and new dogs. This breed is known for being eager-to-please and outgoing.

Golden Retrievers are often therapy dogs because they have a friendly personality and gentle demeanor. They also get along great with other animals you may have, such as cats.

Great Dane

Despite their size, Great Danes are a very gentle breed. They are playful and affectionate and are known to be good with children.

Great Danes get along great with other animals when they have been properly socialized. However, some Great Danes can get aggressive around dogs they are not familiar with.

Greyhound/Italian Greyhound

Most Greyhounds enjoy the company of other dogs. They are gentle and get along with other dogs as long as they are not aggressive.

Italian Greyhounds also get along with other dogs. They are smaller than Greyhounds, and they are peaceful and friendly towards cats and dogs.

Irish Red Setter

Irish Red Setters are good with other dogs, such as the Boston Terrier, but they are not good around birds. This type of dog was bred for hunting birds, so they will see your pet birds as prey.

Irish Red Setters are rarely aggressive, but they are large in size and can sometimes be rambunctious, which could lead to injury in your Boston Terrier. You can train an Irish Red Setter to be more calm and gentle.


Labradors are almost never territorial or aggressive, so they can make a great choice for a companion dog to your Boston Terrier. Labs are laid-back, patient, and friendly. This makes them great family dogs.

Labradors can be big and powerful compared to smaller breeds. While they get along great with other dogs, toy breeds or miniature breeds may get hurt accidentally when a Lab gets playful and rambunctious.

Miniature Pinscher

Some Miniature Pinschers get along with other dogs, but not all of them. As long as they have been properly socialized, Miniature Pinschers get along with other dogs.

Some male Miniature Pinschers get dominant with other male dogs, so it is best to learn the dog’s temperament before you bring it home to your Boston Terrier.

Miniature Pinschers are known to be protective of their owners. That makes them great companion dogs for their owners, but they will be wary around strange dogs in their house at first. Proper training and socialization can help your Miniature Pinscher learn to get along with your Boston Terrier.

Schnauzer/Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers usually get along well with other dogs. They are not generally aggressive towards other dogs, but male Miniature Schnauzers can sometimes get dominant with other males.

Standard Schnauzers also get along with other dogs as long as they have had appropriate socialization. Without proper socialization, Schnauzers may be territorial or even aggressive towards dogs they don’t know.


Pugs are tiny dogs that were bred to be companions. This means they are gentle and friendly by nature. Pugs make great lap dogs because they love their owners and love to show affection by cuddling and being right by their owner’s side.

Pugs are easygoing, so they get along well with most other breeds. They are also small and love to sit on their owner’s lap, so they don’t take up that much space.

Do Boston Terriers Need Another Dog?

Boston Terriers love being in the middle of the action. They want to be surrounded by their family, so they sometimes experience separation anxiety.

Boston Terriers need lots of attention from their owners. If they feel like they are competing for your attention, they may not be happy about another dog in the family. However, training can help your Boston Terrier learn how to behave.

Are Boston Terriers Best In Pairs?

Whether or not your Boston Terrier will do best with another depends on their temperament and socialization. Younger dogs will be more adaptable and open to change compared to older dogs.

If your Boston Terrier has been raised as the only dog in the family, getting all the attention, they will have a hard time adjusting once you add another Boston Terrier. If your Boston Terrier is still a puppy, it will be easier to socialize them with another dog in the house.

Boston Terriers are known as the “American Gentleman” because of their tuxedo-patterned coat and their impeccable manners. They are very friendly and outgoing, so they get along with other dogs.

Boston Terriers are rarely aggressive and get along with other dogs and pet animals. Even though they bark a lot, their barking is not a sign of aggression. It is a call for attention or an alert to a potential threat.

The Boston Terrier temperament is usually friendly and laid back, but remember that each individual dog is different. Socialization is important for any dog, so it is essential to introduce your Boston Terrier to other people and animals, so they learn how to behave.

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As you can see, there are a whole bunch of other dogs you can keep with your Boston terrier happily! And whatever dog you pick, Boston terriers generally have a great temperament!

If you liked this article, make sure you check out the rest of the website. Otherwise, have a great day!