Do Boston Terriers Like Cuddling? (And Other Signs Of Affection)

Boston Terriers are one of the more lovable dog breeds. They’re always happy to see you and make wonderful companions. Their small, cute stature lends itself to pursuits of love and affection. We’ll discuss how they like to cuddle and show affection.

But, some Boston Terriers have an aversion to cuddling, and there are some possible reasons for this. We’ll discuss a few methods to make them more amenable to affection.

Do Boston Terriers Like Cuddling?

Yes, most Boston Terriers embrace cuddle time with reckless abandon. There are a few exceptions, but they are definitely a cuddly kind of dog. It gives them a sense of belonging, provides warmth, and reinforces their role as part of the family unit. If you’re looking for a pet that shows unconditional love, a Boston Terrier is perfect.

Is It Characteristic of Boston Terriers to Be Affectionate?

Yes, Boston Terriers are very affectionate and require reassurance. Just like humans, they respond to touch and interaction. It shows that they love you and your petting indicates reciprocation of that love.

Some studies with dogs suggest that touching and cuddling with them lowers our cortisol levels. Cortisol is a steroid humans produce to deal with stress, tension, and anxiety. Unfortunately, this also forces us to build up unhealthy fat around the midsection of the body.

Cuddling with your Boston Terrier will help keep these hormonal levels down and allows for a release of stress. It also decreases depression, reduces heart disease, increases cognitive abilities, and promotes healthy sleep.

How Do Boston Terriers Show They Love You?

The ways in which Boston Terriers show they love you are many and varied. The following are some of the most common ways they do this. But, of course, individuals will have their own special ways of showing it.

Cuddling After Eating

Once a Boston Terrier has its belly filled with food, it’s almost always time to cuddle. This is one of the surest signs that they love you. The tryptophan is kicking in, and the stroking helps with digestion.

Bringing a Favorite Toy

Upon trotting into the room with its most coveted toy, it not only spells that your Boston Terrier wants playtime but also a sign of great affection. It can also mean that the dog sees you as the leader of the family pack and feels compelled to share.

Ergo, by bringing you its most prized possession, the dog wants to please you. Be sure you accept the gift with enthusiasm to show your appreciation.

Staring Into Your Eyes

Eye contact is very important to Boston Terriers. Not only is it a sign of love, but it also helps produce oxytocin. This is the same hormone new mothers release to help bond with their babies. It’s the same thing when a Boston Terrier stares directly into your eyes.

Oxytocin is good for both dogs and humans because it builds trust, empathy, and loyalty. What’s more, it sustains an overall healthy mental state for you both. It produces a good, loving feeling and bonding experience.


Boston Terriers are famous for leaning on their favorite humans. This is not only a display of affection, but it also helps alleviate their natural propensity toward anxiety. But it could also lean on you because the terrier wants to go for a walk or to the park.

Watching and Staring as You Leave

Another sure sign that your Boston Terrier loves you is when they know you’re leaving and they don’t show signs of separation anxiety. It means they trust you and are confident that you will return home as soon as you can.

Excitation upon Returning Home

One of the most distinct ways a Boston Terrier shows its love is by how it freaks out when you return home. They will serenade you with barks, licks, jumps, and tail wagging. This behavior is a Boston Terrier’s most obvious form of affection.

Preferring Your Bed

Where your Boston Terrier chooses to sleep is a determining factor in the dog’s love for you. Even if you forbid the dog from sleeping with you and/or in your bed, it’s a definite sign of love. This is also a show of loyalty and its desire to be a part of the family.

Relishing in Your Love

Rolling on their back and exposing their bellies for rubbing and petting means that your Boston Terrier loves your love. You can tell by how they react toward your touch and nuzzle their little moist noses into your hand.

Why Are Some Boston Terriers Unaffectionate?

Sometimes, Boston Terriers aren’t very affectionate, and this could only be its personality. Just as humans are different in their preferences of touching, so are dogs. But, there could be several other reasons for this as well.


There are some Boston Terriers that don’t want to be affectionate or cuddle. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, but they will definitely have other ways of showing you they care. For instance, even though they may not curl up next to you on the couch, they may often sleep in your bed.

Prior Abuse

If your Boston Terrier is a rescue, it could have experienced severe abuse prior to being a part of your family. In this case, it’s best to take things slow and be patient. Show the dog it can trust you and that you’ll do what it takes to make it happy. It may take quite some time, but the dog will eventually come around.

Doesn’t Like Your Brand of Affection

Sometimes, a Boston Terrier may not be affectionate because they don’t like how you give it.  If you are kissing the dog super loud on the ears, it more than likely hurts. So, they don’t want to be affectionate with something they associate with pain.

Can You Coax a Boston Terrier to Be More Affectionate?

In the event you have a Boston Terrier that doesn’t want to cuddle or show other signs of affection, there are a few things you can do to encourage it. The most important thing is to not force affection onto the dog. Forcing a dog, or even a human, to do something it doesn’t want will not glean desired results.


If you get your Boston Terrier as a puppy, socializing the dog as early as possible will help make it affectionate. When the dog becomes accustomed to your love, it will become part of the status quo. They will understand it as something that is normal.


Before you pick up your dog, sit next to it on the floor. Lifting off the ground could be quite alarming, especially if it’s a rescue that experienced abuse. But, it’s important you pick up the Boston Terrier regularly so it gets used to you and your handling.

Avoid Restrictions

Even when you hold, cuddle, and pick up the dog, don’t force it to stay on your lap, in your arms, or in the area. Don’t restrict its movement. Ensure the Boston Terrier has ample room to move around. If it wants to go away, just allow it to happen.

Encourage & Reinforce Affection

Always put yourself in a position to offer your affection to a Boston Terrier. Make sure the dog notices you have a tasty treat on hand. This will teach the pooch that human contact has positive associations and, sometimes, delicious benefits.

If the dog is an independent sort, make yourself the most interesting thing in the vicinity. This means removing all distractions and diversions, including toys and food bowls. Create a verbal command that you say whenever you spend this kind of time with the dog so it understands what’s going on.

Always begin these sessions with gentle stroking and calm, soft-spoken words. Slowly incorporate toys, treats, and other items into the mix as trust builds with bonding. With time and patience, the dog will understand that human affection is not only a good experience but also a desirable one.

Controlling Affection as a Reward

The worst thing you can do is offer affection to a Boston Terrier after it has done something wrong or engaged in undesirable behavior. Doing this will only reinforce more bad and destructive behavior. Use affection to show the dog you approve of them and their good behavior.

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Will Boston Terriers Be Clingy?

A Boston Terrier’s ability to be clingy is more of a personality trait rather than a characteristic of the breed. So, not all of them will attach to you like super glue. In the event, you want to control the clinginess, be particular and sparing with affection. But don’t remove it altogether.

Will Boston Terriers Attach to One Person?

Yes, Boston Terriers get very attached to one person. This is why they’re ideal for single people and not so much for large families. But, they will learn to bond with all family members when they come into it as a puppy.  Even still, they will prefer one person more than anyone else.

Do Boston Terriers Require Constant Attention?

The preferences and personality of a Boston Terrier will determine whether it needs a lot of attention or not. In some rescue cases, they may need more attention than most others of their breed. But, it’s important to give the dog what it needs to prevent undesirable behaviors from manifesting.

Do Boston Terriers Like It When You Hold Them?

All-in-all, most Boston Terriers do like for their humans to hold them. But, some owners do report various behavior preferences. For instance, when resting, a Boston Terrier may enjoy you holding them, but any other time, they’re elusive. And yet some others will want constant holding any moment your hands are free.


So, yes, Boston Terriers are consummate cuddlers.  They do this by sharing their most prized toys along with leaning and kisses. This activity helps to build trust between the two of you and gives the dog a sense of belonging and a bit of warmth too.

Interacting with your Boston Terrier in such a way will help you as well. It lowers cortisol levels, which means less stress, decreased depression, improved sleep quality, lowered chances of heart disease, and so much more.

Even though a Boston Terrier’s kisses may be sloppy and wet while leaving behind tufts of hair all over the couch, their love and affection more than make up for it. If you treat the dog right, it will return your love without condition.