Do Dalmatians Like Water & Can They Swim?

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for dogs, especially if they’re getting older or they have joint problems! So you may be wondering, do dalmatians like water, and can they swim?

In this article, we’ll go more in-depth into the temperament of the breed, as well as what you can do to encourage your Dalmatian to swim, the benefits of swimming, and the problems with swimming as well!

So keep reading to find out everything you could possibly want to know!

Do Dalmatians Like Water?

Dalmatians weren’t bred to be water dogs; however, if they’re introduced to water from an early age, then they can grow up to love water! Of course, this is all going to depend on the experience your Dalmatian has had with water growing up.

Can Dalmatians Swim?

If your Dalmatian does like water, then you’ll be pleased to know they also make excellent swimmers! However, if they have had a bad experience with water in the past, then the chances are they’re going to do everything they can to avoid swimming.

Do Dalmatians Have Webbed Feet?

Dalmatians do have webbed feet, and these webbed feet do help them swim a bit better. Not only do webbed feet help your dalmatian swim better, but they also help them run, walk, swim, dig and maintain stability as well!

How To Introduce A Dalmatian To Water

Whether your dalmatian likes water or not is going to depend entirely on how they’ve been introduced to it. If you’re yet to introduce them, then here are a few of the best things you can do!

Use A Kiddy Pool Or Bathtub

First and foremost, you’ll need a small, inflatable ‘kiddy pool,’ or you may use your bathtub if you like. We’re going to get your dog acquainted with water in this step, and letting them play in a sprinkler if you like is also a good idea at this point.

Fill your kiddie pool or bathtub halfway, so it’s not deep enough to swim in but deep enough to stand in. Make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature for your dog, so the next step doesn’t come as a surprise.

Lower Your Dog Into The Water Amidst Praise And Comforting Words

Slowly lower your Dalmatian into the water, soothing them the entire while, and after they’re standing in it, reward them with a treat and perhaps some plastic balls or other toys to encourage some playfulness.

A few sessions like this can help your dog form positive associations with water, which is essential for teaching him to swim. If you make it enjoyable for your dog and involve him in the process, he will want to participate.

Slowly Raise The Water Amount Until You Can Hold Them While They Paddle

Try three sessions, raising the water each time a bit so that by the third session, there is enough water to prop up your dog and allow them to paddle a little. Allow your dog to paddle for a few minutes before removing them from the tub and rewarding them with a goodie.

Repeat these sessions until your dog is at ease and appears to be developing a strong paddle stroke.

Get A Doggy Lifejacket

A doggy lifejacket is an excellent idea for any dog, but it’s especially important for your Dalmatian. If we’re going to let them swim in deeper water, we’ll need to make sure we’ve taken certain safeguards. So make sure your dog is wearing a comfortable and secure pet life jacket.

The lifejackets are fantastic, as they assist in alleviating concerns about your dog being fatigued, and they also feature handles on the back so you can swiftly bring your dog out of the water.

Try Deeper Waters

Now that your dog learns how to paddle and is properly attired, you can take them for a swim in the pool or in a nearby lake if you like to spend some time in nature. Get in the water first and beckon them to you; your dog will most likely follow you in.

You may need to pull them up by the lifejacket handle at first, but after they’re acclimated to it, keeping them out of the water may be more difficult than getting them in. Congratulations, your Dalmatian has learned to swim, and your summers will never be the same!

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What Are The Benefits Of Swimming?

Swimming has numerous health benefits, making it an excellent sport for your Dalmatian. We’ll go through each benefit in detail below and explain why it’s beneficial to you. The following are some of the advantages of swimming:

  • It’s great for overweight Dalmatians
  • Swimming is good for pain relief
  • Helps with arthritis and stiffness in older dogs
  • Relieves stress while giving a good cardiovascular workout

It’s Great For Overweight Terriers

Swimming is an excellent weight-loss method for overweight canines. The water provides a low-impact workout since the buoyancy keeps your dog afloat and allows them to paddle freely without having to support their own weight. If you have an overweight Dalmatian who enjoys swimming, consider scheduling frequent lessons. They’re an excellent way to get your dog in shape quickly and safely.

Swimming Is Good For Pain Relief

If you let your Dalmatian swim in heated pools, they can help relieve soreness in your dog’s muscles while also increasing blood flow and providing a low-impact workout.

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Helps With Arthiritis And Stiffness

Swimming is a great way to relieve stiffness, arthritis, and joint pain. One weekly swim session can be very beneficial to older dogs. Now that they can’t run as fast and have less energy, it will help them relax up and grow stronger. Just keep your workouts short and make sure to completely towel off your dog afterward (including the ears).

Relieves Stress & Provides A Good Workout

Let’s face it: your dog has an excessive amount of energy. Imagine being locked on a leash and unable to let it out if you think it’s difficult for you! Swimming allows your dog to run free, letting off steam and playing with floating toys.

It’s mentally stimulating, and it allows them to expend some of that seemingly limitless energy. Your dog will be exhausted but thrilled when he returns home.

What Are The Downsides Of Swimming?

While swimming has so many benefits for your Dalmatian, there are also some downsides you should consider to make sure you’re not harming your pup in any way! Here are some things you’ll need to consider:

  • You need to make sure the water is room temperature
  • Supervision is going to be required
  • Your dog will probably drink some of the water
  • You can get fur in the pool
  • Ear infections are a real possibility

The Water Might Be Too Cold

You shouldn’t let your Dalmatian swim in frigid water until he or she is a seasoned swimmer. Cold water can be a problem for puppies and dogs that are still learning.

So, unless your dog is an expert swimmer, don’t let them leap into the water for a swim.

Make Sure They’re Supervised

When you’re letting your dalmatian swim, you should always make sure they’re supervised, especially if you’re letting them swim in seas or streams!

It can only take a second for the water to turn, which could end up getting your Dalmatian in some serious trouble.

Your Dog Will Probably Drink Some Of The Water

At some point, your dog will most likely get a drink of water. If this is a pool, your dog may become ill when swimming, so be aware of this potential.

Also, when you’re outside, check to see if the water they wish to swim in appears to be somewhat clean before allowing them to enter, and don’t forget to completely dry them afterward.

You’ll Get Fur In Your Pool

There’s nothing you can do about the fact that fur and claws will wind up in your pool drain. The good news is that Dalmatians have fine, short hair, so they won’t shed as much as a shaggier dog breed would.

If you allow your dog to use the pool, be aware that you’ll have to do a little additional cleaning every now and then.

They Might Get Ear Infections

Bacteria in the water can cause ear infections in Dalmatians. To help reduce the risk, completely towel off your dog, paying specific attention to the ears. Instead of merely enjoying swimming, your dog will be less likely to develop a painful ear infection.

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As you can see, with the right introduction, your dalmatian will end up loving water. And there are also some great benefits to letting your dalmatian swim. However, you just need to make sure that if you do let your dalmatian swim, you’re supervising them and drying them off thoroughly afterward!

If you liked this article, make sure you check out the rest of the website! Otherwise, have a great day!