How Many Times Can A Golden Retriever Have Puppies?

If you’re wondering how many times a golden retriever can have puppies, then you’ve found the right article. Not only will you find the answer, but you’ll also learn when you should start and stop breeding, the best breeding practices for golden retrievers, and most importantly the signs it might be time to stop breeding as well!

So keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

So, How Many Times Can A Golden Retriever Have Puppies?

All reputable breeders will tell you that you should never breed the same golden retriever more than 3 or 4 times. Ideally no more than 3 times. You should also make sure that you’re waiting roughly 18 months – 2 years between breeding to ensure your girl has enough time to recover.

What’s The Shortest Time Recommended Between Pregnancies?

Generally, 18 months – 2 years is the shortest time recommended between pregnancies. While this is recommended, other breeders and countries have been known to breed their girls back to back, or after a much shorter amount of time.

Back To Back Breeding

You may have heard of back-to-back breeding before. This is when you breed your pup for two litters back to back, before giving them a heat cycle or two to recover, before breeding them for back-to-back litters once again.

While a lot of people do this. It’s definitely not recommended, as it’s not good for the health of the mother or her pups. However, of course, the health of your pup is entirely up to you. And if you’re not sure how often you should breed your golden retriever, then you should definitely consult your vet for the answer, as well as all the other advice that you need.

Best Age To Start Breeding Your Golden Retriever

You should breed your golden retriever once she’s finished her second or third heat cycle. This is generally between the 18-24 month mark for golden retrievers. By breeding them later, you’re making sure they’ve had enough time to fully mature ensuring the healthiness of her and her litter.

If you breed your golden retriever too early, then you increase the chances of affecting how she matures, as well as being too early to test for all medical conditions a golden retriever may have.

On top of this, The American Kennel Club doesn’t accept registrations of litters that were born before the mother was 8 months, which will make it a lot harder for you to sell your pups.

Lastly, when a golden retriever gives birth too early, she may not be able to look after her litter properly, which means you’ll have to step in for her. There may even be an increase in behavioral problems in the puppies as well.

What Age Should You Stop Breeding Your Golden Retriever?

You should stop breeding your golden retriever after their third or fourth litter. Or when they’re 8 years old, whichever comes first. Doing this ensures you’re going to keep the mother in good health, as well as reducing the risk of pregnancy complications which are a lot more likely in older dogs.

What Are Some Common Signs That You Should Stop Breeding Your Golden Retriever?

Just because you know the time frame you should start and stop breeding your golden retriever, doesn’t mean you should stick to it religiously. There are also times when you may need to stop breeding your golden retriever prematurely for the best. Here are the main signs to look for:

Previous Pregnancy Complications

The first biggest sign is previous pregnancy complications. Some pregnancy complications that can occur include an unplanned c-section, multiple miscarriages, and prolonged labor. The moment, these complications happen, it’s time to stop breeding your golden retriever completely.

They Have Health Conditions

As well as pregnancy complications, if your golden retriever starts to suffer from health conditions it’s time to stop breeding them as well. Conditions such as diabetes, pyometra, cancer, dysplasia, and arthritis are all clear signs it’s time to stop.

The Mother Doesn’t Meet The Breed Standards

Next, you may want to stop breeding the mother if they don’t meet the breeding standards. This is to make sure the breed stays healthy and the genes stay strong.

Generally speaking, a golden retriever should be symmetrical, balanced, and active. They should be kind and friendly with a balanced and well-chiseled friend;y expression. More specifically their eyes should be dark brown and well set apart, with a black nose. Their jaw should be a standard scissor bite where the upper and lower teeth overlap nicely.

While these are just a few you can check out the full requirements here:

She’s Already Had Four Litters

And lastly, if your golden retriever has already had four litters, then this is the maximum amount for her, so you should definitely stop breeding her at this point. Any more than that and you risk damaging her health and the health of her babies.

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Now you should have a good understanding of how many litters your golden can have, as well as when it’s time to start and stop them from having puppies. Just to recap, you can breed your golden retriever a maximum of four times, however, three times is much more recommended. You should also make sure you aren’t breeding your golden retriever before they are 18-24 months in age, and only breed them until they are 8.

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