How Much Exercise Does A Cavapoo Need?

Cavapoos, also known as Cavoodle, are active little mixed-breed dogs. They are a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle dog breeds. They are popular for their playfulness and sociableness.

While exercise is important for keeping your cavapoo happy and healthy, there is such a thing as over-exercising, which we should also be cautious of.

Let’s look into how much exercise a Cavapoo needs.

How Much Exercise Does A Cavapoo Need?

Cavapoos and workouts go together. Cavapoos may become destructive if they do not have a suitable outlet for their energy. Not all cavapoos, however, demand the same degree of activity. It is determined by their age as well as the individual.

Another factor to consider is age because adult cavapoos and pups require different quantities of activity. This explains why some cavapoos can run and walk for hours while others need to be dragged out of the home for even a short walk.

How Much Exercise Does A Cavapoo Puppy Need?

Puppies’ bodies are delicate because their skeletal structures are still developing. They won’t be able to till they’re 18 months old. If your puppy is still young, it should not go more than a mile in a day, which should be broken up into multiple short walks. Any activity that causes strain on your puppy’s joints should be avoided until his or her body has grown to its full size.

How Much Exercise Does A Senior Cavapoo Need?

Adult cavapoos should have two daily walks, each lasting at least 20-30 minutes. If your Cavapoo has begun to grey, limit their exercise time to 30-60 minutes, divided into two or more sessions.

Apricot colored cavapoo puppy with a toy laying on a white background

Why Is Exercise So Important For Cavapoos?

Regular exercise is generally recognized to increase a Cavapoo’s life expectancy. A species that was created to help men herd tiny and large animals are supposed to keep active even after they’ve grown into cuddly companions.

So it’s hardly surprising that they maintain their ancestral desire to be active. They are used as scenthounds in airports, among other things, due to their acute sense of smell.

If you want your Cavapoo to be physically active and mentally occupied, you must arrange frequent exercise into your demanding schedule.

A Happy Dog

You may have heard that a tired dog is a happy dog. Isn’t this also true of us humans?

We sleep best after a productive day, yet lazing about all day causes guilt and discomfort at night. So put on your house slippers and take your Cavapoo for a much-needed walk around the neighborhood.

A Happy You

Your dog uses up all of his energy sprinting and jumping, leaving him with no energy for mischief. You won’t find him emptying your fridge or jumbling up your clothing as long as he’s weary. How does this make you feel? A contented dog means a contented owner!

Your Cavapoo’s Overall Health and Weight

A well-exercised cavapoo keeps toned and fit. It avoids obesity and all of the associated problems. Cavapoos also have a stronger heart and lungs, reduced obesity, greater mobility, a healthier digestive system, and fewer aches and pains due to enhanced resistance to frequent activity.

What has this to do with you? A better life for you and your pal, as well as a bigger wallet, free from your Cavapoo’s medical expenses due to being overweight!

Balance And Calm

A moderate amount of exercise helps to keep your Cavapoo calm and balanced. As a bright breed, the Cavapoo demands cerebral stimulation as well. Taking your Cavapoo on regular walks or along varied paths might help maintain his mind healthy and balanced.

Quality Time with You

Another advantage of training your Cavapoo is that he will spend more time with you! Cavapoos are gregarious creatures who like spending time with their pack leader—you.

When you play with your dog, make him run with you, and keep him physically active, you are bonding with him. Isn’t that why you brought him home? So you’ll be able to enjoy their company as well!

How to Exercise Your Cavapoo?

It is great if you try to give your Cavapoo three different sorts of exercise:

  • Daily strolls
  • Cardio – short, intense activities like running or swimming – twice or thrice a week
  • Mental exercises such as agility circuits, tug of war, etc.

Walking Your Cavapoo

Walking is a great low-impact activity for your Cavapoo. Every day, you must take your dog for at least two twenty-minute walks. Keep in mind, though, that your dog’s walking speed should take precedence over your own. If your dog starts panting and wants to halt to catch his breath, they’re probably done. If they’re hopping about like a bunny, take a longer walk with them.

Walking Your Cavapoo Pup

It is preferable if you do not walk your dog too rapidly. Your dog would sprint to catch up with you, maybe tearing a muscle or putting unnecessary strain on its weak joints. Long walks should be avoided. Instead, go for something gentler and more controlled.


There are various ways to get your Cavapoo involved in physical exercises. Throw a ball to him and see the joy on his face as he sprints to catch it. You may teach him command words like ‘fetch’ and ‘return’ in addition to playing ball.

Most cavapoos like running around. If you brought them to a park or a vast expanse of land and let them run free, you’d see the delight on their faces.

You must, however, use utmost caution while releasing him from his tether. As hounds, they will follow their nose until they are well out of hearing range.

Cardio activities like running and swimming must be quick and intense. Grooming your adult cavapoo should be done twice a week. When working out with your Cavapoo, remember to have fun. However, bear in mind that your Cavapoo, particularly pups, may be injured if they jump from a great height.


You may train your dog in basic agility techniques even if they are not competing in a dog show. A homemade obstacle course may add much-needed excitement to your dog’s daily exercise routine.

Teach him how to jump over a wheel, through a hoop (a hula hoop works well), and maneuver agility circuits. Keep a wonderful surprise at the end of the course to make it more entertaining.

Agility circuits keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated.


Every dog, even your Cavapoo, adores playing catch. The game does not imply being limited to a ball. Train your Cavapoo with frisbees and have fun playing with him as he matures. At first, a ‘baby’ Frisbee is sought, and care is taken not to steal it from their lips. Teach or train your dog to drop it when you tell him to.

Hide and Seek

Who doesn’t like a game of hide-and-seek? Especially when sweets are involved.

You may instruct your Cavapoo to wait and observe while you hide rewards throughout the house. Small nibbles should be concealed beneath a pillow, behind a shoe, on the first stairway step, or behind his favorite soft toy. As soon as you say ‘go’ or ‘find,’ he may go around the home collecting all of his prizes. He surely deserves them all!


Fetch is one of the most common games you may play with your dog. You toss the ball to him and instruct him to ‘fetch.’ But don’t expect him to bring it back to you immediately away, my friend. Your Cavapoo is more likely to chase the ball or bury it in the ground.

Cavapoos are stubborn little jerks, so be patient while you teach them to bring the ball back so you may toss it again. You may also simply run behind them and start a game of ‘catch me if you can.’

Tug of War

A tug of war is a fantastic combination of physical and mental exercise; it necessitates etiquette and is an excellent way to learn impulse control. You teach them that the game is over when their teeth make contact with your hands.

You’d need a strong rope or rubber toy to pull on, as well as terrain where he can dig his claws for anchoring.

If your dog has not been educated to control its fundamental bite, he or she may struggle to obey the rules. In such cases, it is recommended to first focus on their biting inhibition.

What Happens If They Don’t Get Enough Exercise?


If your Cavapoo begins to act suspiciously, as if he is in jail and wishes to be released, this is an indication that he needs more exercise. Remember that no matter where you live, this high-energy breed prefers spending time outside.

He’ll be a very sad Cavapoo if the only activity he gets is following you about while you pick up the rubbish.

Your Cavapoo need at least two 20-minute walks every day. He’d rather walk or run more, so do what’s best for both of you. Remember, regardless of the weather, your Cavapoo needs to go outside.


Training your cavapoo puppy will be challenging if you have a lot on your plate and cannot dedicate enough time to his exercise regimen. You will not only be inconsistent, but your Cavapoo’s enthusiasm will rapidly distract him.

If you are unable to commit to exercising every day, invite him to any rigorous training session to minimize his hyperactivity.

Anxiety and Depression

Cavapoos can grow nervous fast if they do not get their daily dose of physical activity. Physical activity and mental health are inextricably linked, and a lack of exercise has an instant influence on your mind.

Similarly, when cavapoos are not exercised on a daily basis and are locked indoors for a lengthy period of time, they get cabin fever, which causes depression. Their mental condition rapidly deteriorates, resulting in worry and, ultimately, despair.

Destructive Behavior

Cavapoos that do not receive their daily walk or run are often bored and irritable. This might result in dangerous conduct.

Take them out and tire them if you don’t want to return home to a shredded chair, a looted fridge, or worse.

Non-stop Barking

Cavapoos are extremely loud dogs. Add to that a lack of activity, and you’ve got a recipe for many, many nights of pitiful wailing. If you don’t exercise your dog, you’ll notice an increase in barking incidents. That bottled-up energy, after all, needs to be released in some manner.

Any dog, even your Cavapoo, may communicate by barking. So, if your Cavapoo never stops barking or keeps you up till the middle of the night, go on a walk together.

Restlessness and Irritability

Your Cavapoo is constantly peering out the window, but you never allow him out. He’ll scrape the door, but you won’t notice. You’ve only taken him for a short walk, and he’s still enthusiastic, but you’ve returned him far too fast.

You’re probably too engaged with other things to notice your Cavapoo’s extreme restlessness.

He will become agitated and irritable if you do not take him for a long walk or run. That would be detrimental to the environment of your home.

Signs You’re Overworking Your Cavapoo

Too little action is bad for your Cavapoo, but too much is also bad. Anything out of the usual is harmful to the health of your Cavapoo.

Regular exercise is extremely beneficial to your dog’s health. However, if you suddenly restrict his activities because he has gained weight, you risk serious joint or back issues as well as affecting his respiratory capacity.

Consult your veterinarian so he may inspect your Cavapoo and determine how much exercise he needs according to his health.

Here are some signs that your Cavapoo is overworked:

Bruised Paw Pads

Your Cavapoo will prioritize play above injury. Even if sprinting causes blisters on his paws, he’ll keep going as long as he can.

Look for blisters, flaps, or swelling on his paws. Another indicator of an overworked paw pad is pus.

Soreness in the Muscles

Your cavapoo dog’s muscles are undoubtedly sore if he struggles to get up after a workout. After that, he may even refuse to walk. He wouldn’t eat much either since movement bothers him.

Expect your Cavapoo to undergo sprint training on weekends, just like you. Their muscles aren’t used to the intense workout, and they may revolt. If he has overdosed, give him a few days off until he can jump up on his own again.

In extreme situations, exertional rhabdomyolysis might ensue. In layman’s terms, it is tissue disintegration that can cause kidney damage or failure.


Dogs, unlike humans, cannot sweat to cool themselves down. They do pant. But is that enough? If your Cavapoo, especially if he’s a puppy, attempts to keep up with you, he’ll quickly start panting and gasping for air. As a result of the heat, heatstroke or heat exhaustion might develop.

You must be aware of these warning signs and stop immediately if you have over-exercised your dog. Take them home and help them calm down.

Joint and Back Injury

If your Cavapoo isn’t walking properly after you get him home, check his paws. Dogs’ front limbs carry the majority of their weight; therefore, the earliest signs of injury will be visible here.

Your Cavapoo may begin limping if he has overexerted himself. This might be an indication of soft tissue injury.

To rule out the following causes of his limping, examine the following things:

  • Broken toe or nails
  • Cuts or visible bleeding on the paw
  • Foreign objects in the paw
  • Visible swellings

If you don’t detect any of these symptoms, but your Cavapoo is sluggish and not eating, it’s time to call the doctor.

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We may not always be able to tell whether our Cavapoo has deviated from his exercise regimen. Even more so since, like infants, they can’t tell us when they’re tired or in discomfort. However, as responsible parents, we must be vigilant and keep an eye out for our four-legged furbabies.