How Often To Bathe An Australian Shepherd

If you’re wondering how often you should bathe an Australian Shepherd, then you’ve found the right article. In it, not only will you find out how often to bathe them, but also what happens if you bathe them too much as well!

So keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

How Often Should You Bathe An Australian Shepherd?

If you’re thinking about bathing your Australian Shepherd, you don’t need to do it too often. In fact, only bathing them every four to eight weeks is going to be the ideal amount of time. Any more than this, and you may begin to strip their coat and skin of the natural oils they need to stay healthy!

How Often Should You Bathe An Australian Shepherd Puppy?

If your Aussie is still a puppy, they should be washed even less than the adults. An Aussie puppy’s fur is a lot different from an adult Aussie, and it’s actually a lot more sensitive to being washed. The only time you should wash an Aussie puppy is if they’ve rolled in something they shouldn’t have.

What Happens If You Bathe An Australian Shepherd Too Much?

If you bathe an Australian shepherd too much, then you may begin to notice that the following things are happening:

Their Coat Will Be Stripped Of Its Oils

Aussies coats contain oils that keep the fur moisturized, lustrous, and clean. If you wash them too often, the oils in the fur will be stripped away. Instead of being lustrous and strong, their fur may become dry and brittle.

You can combat this by making sure you’re using the right dog shampoo when you wash them.

It Can Cause Dry Skin?

Washing your Aussie will not only remove the oil from their fur, but it will also remove the oil from their skin. This is even more problematic because it frequently causes dry skin and other irritations, making your Australian Shepherd extremely itchy all of the time.

They Can End Up Getting A Chill

If you don’t properly dry your Australian Shepherd after washing him, he may get a chill. Aussies have a double coat, in case you didn’t know. The outer coat keeps your dog warm while the inside coat protects them from the elements (such as wind and rain).

When you give your Australian Shepherd a bath, you’ll also soak the inner coat with water, making it more difficult for them to stay warm. If you do give your pup a bath, be sure to thoroughly dry them afterward.

young merle Australian shepherd playing with toy, portrait

You Increase The Chance Of Them Getting Hot Spots

Because Australian Shepherds have such thick fur, they are more prone to hot spots. When a cut surrounded by damp patches of fur becomes infected with germs, hot spots develop. They’re excruciatingly painful and take several weeks to recover.

The more you wash your Aussie, the more prone they are to develop hot spots.

They May Get Stressed

While the majority of Australian Shepherds enjoy the water, others do not. If your pup doesn’t enjoy the water, bathing them will cause them a lot of worry.

So be sure that bathing your pup is definitely necessary before you do so!

Are There Any Benefits To Bathing Your Australian Shepehrd?

Of course, it’s not all negative. There are also some benefits associated with bathing your Australian Shepherd as well. Here are a few of them.

It Can Help Strengthen The Bond Between You Both

Bathing your Aussie can be a terrific way to develop your bond with them if they enjoy bath time. They will not only enjoy splashing around and getting dirty, but they will also get new pleasant experiences with you!

They’re Going To Smell Nice

Obviously, this is the most significant advantage. If you bathe your Australian Shepherd, they will smell amazing! However, even though they smell great, you should avoid bathing them too frequently.

It Can Help With Allergies

Certain skin allergies need frequent bathing with a particular shampoo to keep them under control. Bath time will not only assist your Australian Shepherd stop smelling, but it will also help relieve any discomfort they may be experiencing.

Remember, if your Aussie requires more baths than usual, visit a veterinarian to determine the appropriate amount.

If You Do Bathe Your Australian Shepherd, Make Sure You Use The Correct Shampoo

As a word of caution, if you do plan on bathing your Australian Shepherd, make sure you use the proper shampoo.

Your skin has a pH of roughly 5, making it mildly acidic. Your dog’s skin has a pH of 7, which is considered neutral. Shampoos and soaps created for humans take into account the pH of their skin, so they’re not suitable for dogs.

If you use human shampoos and soaps on an Aussie, it could cause them to develop dry skin and other irritations such as hives.

It can be even more dangerous if they consume human soap. When this happens, your dog is likely to vomit, slobber, and feel nauseated, which isn’t fun for him.

Finally, even if you get tear-free shampoo for your Australian Shepherd, you should avoid getting it in their eyes. Even if they get shampoo in their eyes, it might cause irritation.

You Don’t Need To Give Your Australian Shepherd A Full Bath When They’re Dirty

Finally, as you might have guessed by now, you don’t always need to give your Australian Shepherd a full bath when they’re dirty. In reality, it’s frequently a waste of time.

Another option (and one that I use with my dog on a regular basis) is to hose them down (as long as it’s warm enough outside). Allow them to shake off the water and then back brush their fur once they’ve been hosed down.

This gets rid of a lot of the dirt and grime they’ve accumulated. Finally, give them a thorough drying with a cloth. If they still have a canine stench, you can try masking it using doggy deodorant.

If they’re covered in something other than mud, you’ll have to bathe them. Dog moist wipes, on the other hand, are another option to explore.

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So, now you know that you should only be washing your Aussie every four to eight weeks, depending on how dirty they are. But as a general rule of thumb, you should try to wash them as little as possible.

And remember, if you do need to bathe your Australian Shepherd, you should try to use a dog-friendly shampoo and dry them off thoroughly afterward!

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