The ULTIMATE Husky Eye Color Guide (All Questions Answered)

When it comes to husky eyes, the differences are wide and far between. If you own a husky you know that each husky has their own unique set of eyes. Or if you’re considering getting one, then their eyes are normally one of their biggest selling points!

In this article you’ll find out the different colors your huskies eyes might be, whether their eyes will change, what it means when your husky has red eyes and much much more! So keep reading to find out.

What Are The Common Husky Eye Colors?

There are four main eye colors that your husky may have. Blue, brown, bi-colored and parti-colored. Each of them are beautiful, and will give your husky their own unique look.

Blue Eyes

This is one of the most common eye color in huskies, and it about 40% of huskies will end up with blue eyes. As you probably know already, a huskies blue eyes can vary massively from a light icy blue, to a dark deep ocean blue.

If you look closely into blue eyes you may also notice small flecks of color such as grey and green as well.

File:Siberian Husky blue-eyed.jpg - Wikipedia

Brown Eyes

Another extremely common eye color is brown eyes, which also make up about 40% of all huskies. Just like with blue eyes, a huskies brown eyes can also come in many amazing shades. Some will be light brown like amber, while others will be much darker.

Brown eyes stand out on all huskies, however, a husky with a light face wear brown eyes the best.

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File:Brown eye siberian husky.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Bi-colored Eyes

Bi colored eyes are a lot rarer than brown or blue eyes, but they’re still not the rarest. If your husky ends up with bi-colored eyes then they’re only going to be in about 15% of huskies that have them.

While bi-colored eyes are rare, they’re still more common in huskies than a lot of other dogs and they look beautiful. And don’t worry, even if your husky has bi-colored eyes, there’s no current evidence to suggest that they’re eyesight will be affected in anyway.

When your husky has bi-colored eyes, one of their eyes will be blue and the other will be brown.

Some other dogs that can have bi-colored eyes include Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Dalmatians, Great Danes, and even Chihuahuas.

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File:Husky-redeye.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Parti-colored Eyes

If your husky has parti-colored eyes, then they’re amongst the rarest type of eye color. In fact, only about 5% of huskies are going to have parti-colored eyes.

Huskies with parti-colored eyes will have a mix of brown and blue in one or both eyes, and in a lot of cases, they often begin to blend together when they meet.

Parti-colored eyes are extremely rare, so if you end up with a husky that has them you should be very happy. And don’t worry about their eyesight either. Once again having parti-colored eyes isn’t a sign that they’ll have poor eyesight.

File:Part-colored husky puppy eyes.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Do Huskies Eyes Change Color?

Yes, up until a certain age, your huskies eyes are likely to change color. In fact, most huskies are born with blue eyes and it’s only as they age their eyes begin to change color.

If you want blue eyes, you should try to pick the pup with the clearest blue eyes, however, even then this is no guarantee. A lot of times though, murky blue eyes often turn to brown as your pup begins to age.

When Do A Huskies Eyes Change Color?

A huskies eyes change color while they’re still puppies. Generally it’s around the 5-8 week mark that your huskies eyes are likely to change color. By 16 weeks they should be completely set, however some people have even reported that up to the 6 month mark your huskies eyes can change color.

If past the 6-month mark your huskies eyes are changing color (especially if they’re turning red), you should take them to the vet to make sure they don’t have an eye problem.

Why Do Huskies Have Blue Eyes?

You may find it peculiar that all husky puppies are born with blue eyes, but that they change as they get older. However, scientists think there is a reason for this.

There’s a gene in husky DNA called ALX4 with a mutation. It’s this mutation that causes blue eyes in huskies as it decreases the amount of pigment production in their eyes. However, it’s important to note that while it makes them appear blue to us, there’s not actually any blue pigment in them. In the same way that the sky appears blue to us, but from space, it’s now blue!

It’s also important to note that even though huskies have blue eyes, there’s nothing wrong with them or their eyesight. While blue eyes can be a sign of problems in other dogs, in huskies it’s perfectly normal.

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How Can You Tell What Color Eyes Your Husky Will Have?

There’s no real way to guarantee the eye color of your husky. The only way to know for sure is to wait longer before picking them. As previously mentioned, by the 8-week mark your huskies eye color will generally be set, so picking them at this point is a good indicator that their eyes will stay the color they are.

However, once again, it’s important to remember that sometimes, even up to the 6 month mark your german shepherds eyes could potentially change from blue to a different color.

Are Huskies The Only Dogs With Blue Eyes?

Just like there are other dogs with bi-color and parti-colored eyes, there are also dogs other dogs with blue eyes as well. Dalmatians, Great Danes, border collies, Australian shepherds, and even German shepherds can all have blue eyes!

Can Huskies Have Black Eyes?

If you’re reading this, you may have sworn you’ve seen a husky with black eyes. Well, the answer is no, huskies never have black eyes. When you think you’ve seen a husky with black eyes, you’re actually look at a husky with extremely dark brown eyes.

This normally happens when the iris’ are so dark that it can be hard to spot where the pupil ends and the iris begins.

Can A Huskies Eyes Turn Red

If you’ve owned huskies for some time, you may swear that your husky has red eyes for a short period of time. In fact, some people even refer to this as devil eyes.

Luckily it’s nowhere near as scary and you don’t have to worry that your pup is possessed! In actual fact, the devil eyes you think your husky have is just the way they’re catching the light. If they’re looking at a light source behind you, it can often give the illusion that their eyes have glow red.

However, if you do notice that the white of the eye is beginning to go red their may be a medical problem. And some can be more serious than others. If this is the case make sure that you take your husky to the vet ASAP.

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Now you know everything you could possibly want to know about your husky and their eye color. No matter what eye color your husky is, they’re still amazing, loyal pets that you’ll end up loving unconditionally!

Just remember, blue and brown eyes are the most common color, and remember unlike other dogs, blue eyes aren’t a sign of an eye problem.

If you liked this article make sure you check out the rest of the website. Otherwise have a great day!