Male vs. Female Beagles (Which Should You Choose)

If you have narrowed it down to the breed you want, and if that breed happens to be a Beagle, then it is time to decide if you want a boy or a girl. Male and female Beagles can offer the same unconditional love and companionship, but there are a few differences to take into consideration when you make your final choice.

Getting a Beagle is a big decision, and some people prefer male Beagles over females, while others favor the opposite sex. Male and female Beagles are different, and we will help you figure out which of the two is right for you.

What are the Size Differences Between Male and Female Beagles?

Males are usually larger than females regardless of breed, and sometimes size can be relevant for a new dog owner. Examples are when you walk your dog – you need to be able to hold it physically, and size can also play a part if you are living in a small and cramped apartment. 


Let’s start with male Beagles. Male Beagles tend to be around 15 inches in height, making them small or medium-sized dogs. Weightwise, male Beagles usually weigh in at approximately 26 pounds. Both height and weight can differ somewhat but should fall within a small margin to comply with breed standards.


The Beagle is a breed where males and females don’t differ too much in size, and female Beagles tend to stand 14 inches tall – slightly smaller than males. That said, many female Beagles are bigger than male Beagles, and there is no guarantee for how big your dog will get. The average weight of a female Beagle is 23 pounds.


Size probably won’t be what determines if you should get a male or a female Beagle, as the two aren’t that different. Both are compact little dogs that are easy to take with you everywhere, and their height and weight are very similar. 

What are the Temperament Differences Between Male and Female Beagles?

It is not a myth that male and female dogs are different, and to make sure you find the perfect fit for your family, make sure to consider the differences in temperament. This is something many families forget to take into consideration when deciding on the right dog to get.


Boy Beagles are funny, goofy, and always up for an adventure; they love to snuggle, but they also know how to go to sleep in another room or take a break after a play session. In many breeds, female dogs tend to be more independent, but male Beagles are very balanced regarding loyalty and independence.

A male Beagle tends to have an overall more stable temperament than the often hormonal female, and they are great at making their owners laugh. If you are someone who loves a good snuggle but who doesn’t want to snuggle 24/7 – a male Beagle is a perfect fit.


Now, a female Beagle absolutely loves it when you give her your full attention. They are likely to follow you to the bathroom, the kitchen, sleep next to you at night and keep your feet warm while you finish up work – the more snuggling, the better! 

Female Beagles also tend to get a little hormonal when in heat, usually twice a year, and that is something you need to take into consideration when choosing a girl.


Temperament is often a combination of breed, personality, upbringing, and, well, genetics, and it can be hard to predict the temperament a dog is likely to have. The Beagle puppy’s parents should be a good hint, as temperament is believed to be hereditary to a certain point, but gender may also play its part. 

Female Beagles are even more loving than males, generally speaking, and they thrive when they get to be close to their owner and receive belly rubs – preferably all the time. A female is better suited for someone who wants a velcro dog that is sharp and intelligent, and a male suits someone who wants a goofy and more independent pup. 

Is There a Price Difference Between Male and Female Beagles?

Not all breeders set different prices for male and female Beagles, and this is something you will have to check with each individual breeder. Rescues and shelters do not have different fees depending on the dog’s gender.


On the rare occasion that a breeder charges depending on the Beagle’s gender, a male dog is likely to be the cheapest. The price difference won’t be big, but you may be able to get a few dollars off compared to the price of a female Beagle.


The reason why female dogs are sometimes more expensive is that they are more valuable from a breeding point of view. A female dog is the one that carries the puppies – essentially generating more money for a breeder. 


You are going to have to do your research here to see if the breeder you choose charges more for a female Beagle. It can happen, but it is not necessarily the norm. If there would be a price difference, you can almost count on that a female Beagle will be more expensive than a male.

Are There Training Differences in Male and Female Beagles?

All dogs can be trained, but some dogs learn faster than others. This is not based on whether the dog is male or female; instead, it comes down to your training methods and the dog’s individual learning abilities.


While there are no differences in training per see, male dogs tend to be more easily distracted during training! They also hike their legs, which most females do not, and that can make marking indoors more of an issue.


Female Beagles are focused, sharp and determined, which can sometimes be an advantage when training! They may also mark territory, despite common belief, but do not hike their legs.


Neither is easier to train, as it depends on how you structure your training, but the most obvious difference is that male dogs hike their legs when they pee, and some feel this complicates things when trying to potty train or teach the dog not to mark inside.

Maturity also plays a role when it comes to training, and a mature dog might be easier to train as they have better focus and self-control. Female dogs mature faster than male dogs, which could indicate that a young female Beagle is easier to train than a young male Beagle.

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Are There Any Health Differences?

The Beagle does have a few known health issues, such as skin conditions and bone- and joint disease, but it is an overall healthy breed. Let’s have a quick look at any differences you can (or cannot) expect.


It is not unusual for people to choose a male Beagle so that they won’t have to deal with the dog going into heat twice a year, but male Beagles are not completely spared from health-related complications. It is important to feed high-quality dog food to keep male Beagles happy and healthy.


Intact female Beagles run the risk of getting a few different types of cancer at some point during their lifetime, and many choose to spay to prevent those cancer types that are directly linked to the female Beagle’s reproductive system. UTI’s are also fairly common (and usually harmless) in female Beagles.


There is no real difference between male and female Beagles in the health department, except for health issues related to their individual reproductive systems.

The key to a healthy Beagle is high-quality dog food, regular vet checks, and a lifestyle that includes both physical exercise and mental stimulation. Providing all this will set your Beagle up for what will hopefully be a long and healthy life.

Are Males and Females More Affectionate?

Both male and female Beagles are very affectionate by nature, but female Beagles tend to be affectionate all the time, with little to no regard for personal space. Males love being with their humans as well but tend to walk off after a while.

Neither is better than the other, but here it comes down to how much affection you are personally okay with and whether you also want to be able to separate yourself from your pooch from time to time.

Are Males or Females More Independent/Dependent?

The two genders are independent in different ways! Males are more independent when it comes to being separated from their owners, while females want to be with you constantly. Males, however, sometimes require more guidance when it comes to training, while females are more independent in that area.

Some argue that separation anxiety may be a bigger issue in female Beagles compared to male Beagles, simply because of their adoration for their owners. Male Beagles love their owners, too but tend to be better at entertaining themselves when needed.

Which is Better For Families?

Both male and female Beagles make excellent family pets, and it comes down to deciding what type of dog fits you best, but both are generally wonderful with children and the kinds of dogs that are always up for an adventure.

You get a small but active dog that won’t get tired before you do, and these qualities are part of the reason why so many families worldwide opt to purchase or adopt a Beagle instead of another breed.

Which is Better With Other Pets?

In terms of getting along with other pets, there is no difference. Beagles tend to get along well with other house pets, provided they are introduced to them at an early age. While Beagles are bred for hunting, their prey drive does not tend to be an issue when living together with other animals.

A Beagle that did not grow up with cats, guinea pigs, or other dogs may not be properly socialized, so just make sure you introduce them in the safest way possible. It is always better to start when the Beagle is young, but adult Beagles can learn to coexist with other pets too.

Who is a Male Best Suited For?

Male Beagles are ideal for someone who loves to snuggle and cuddle but who doesn’t want the dog to follow them around 24/7. You should also have a good sense of humor when taking on a male Beagle, as they can be a little silly and goofy, and especially while young.

When it comes to maturity, male Beagles sometimes appear to mature a bit later than female Beagles, and it is also something you need to be prepared for as an owner.

Who is a Female Best Suited For?

Owners of female Beagles need to be prepared to spend time with their dog – a lot of time, as female Beagles love being the center of your attention. They are at their happiest when receiving cuddles and belly scratches, but they are also very easily trained, thanks to the strong bond with their owners.


Male and female Beagles are essentially the same breed with few differences, and what you prefer will come down to your personality and lifestyle. If you don’t want to have to deal with your dog going into heat twice a year – get a male Beagle or opt to have your female Beagle spayed. 

Female Beagles are often a little needier than male Beagles and prone to follow you around like a shadow, while males are more independent. However, it is important to recognize that every dog is an individual, and there is no guarantee that your dog will meet any of the criteria mentioned in this post, regardless of the gender you pick. 

The bottom line is this: A Beagle will love you wholeheartedly provided you hold up your end of the deal (love and appropriate care), and that is true for both males and females. Do your research and get what feels right for you.