Male Vs Female Border Collie (Which Is Better)

As you make your way around the puppy store, your eyes land on a shaggy little guy jumping and yipping when you come around the corner. He runs around the other puppies, full of energy and life. You’ve found your new best pal, a little Border Collie.

How do male vs. female Border Collies compare? Do they have different needs? How do you know whether a male or female Border Collie is better for you? Let’s look at some of the differences between them now.

What Are the Size Differences Between Male and Female Border Collies?

You’ve decided on getting a Border Collie, but you still have some questions. First on your mind: Is there a noticeable difference in the size of male and female border collies?


Male Border Collies grow from 19 inches at the shoulder up to 22 inches and typically weigh 31-44 pounds.


Female Border Collies grow from about 18 inches to 21 inches in height and usually weigh 26-42 pounds.


The differences between male and female Border Collie size are generally pretty subtle. Male Border Collies are slightly bigger than females, being both taller and heavier on average. However, these differences are so marginal as to be barely noticeable. Both are medium-sized dogs. Occasionally, genetic variations may produce large females or smallish males.

What Are the Temperament Differences Between Male and Female Border Collies?

What about the personalities of male and female Border Collies? How does their temperament differ between them?


Overall, males have a relatively even temperament and are generally calm. Male Border Collies typically require lots of affection. This can present as pushiness, and many Border Collies nudge their owners when they want some attention. Males often retain their puppy-like energy and playfulness into adulthood. Many males are also highly food motivated.


Females are often independent and like to be in control. They engage in fewer attention-seeking behaviors. They are also known to be territorial and respond quickly to perceived threats. Even when fixed, they will mark their territory. They are generally less affectionate and tend to be more reserved. Females in heat will exhibit signs of mood swings, so be prepared for behavior changes.

Female Border Collies tend to be more aloof than their affectionate, pushy male counterparts. Males are more motivated by attention and food, whereas females will come to you when they feel like it and leave when they’ve gotten enough attention. Females are more prone to moodiness and aren’t as “even-keeled”.

Is There a Price Difference Between Male and Female Border Collies?

What about the cost of getting your puppy? Is a male cheaper than a female Border Collie? Do you want a show dog or just a beloved family pet? These are all going to affect how much you pay for your Border Collie pup.


Male Border Collie puppies cost as low as $600 for house pets and cost between $1300 and $4500 for show-quality puppies.


Female Border Collie puppies cost around $800 for house pets and cost between $1500 and $5000 for show-quality puppies.


Generally, a male Border Collie will likely cost less than a female of the same lineage. Both can cost thousands of dollars when you get a show-quality dog. Females carry a higher price tag than males because they can be bred throughout much of their lives, producing many more purebred Border Collies for breeders to sell. If cost is a limiting factor, a male may be right for you.

Are There Training Differences in Male and Female Border Collies?

Which is more trainable, though? Is one more prone to quickly learn tricks and commands? Is a male or female better as a show dog?


Because they are often more food motivated, there are distinct advantages to male Border Collie training. Their even temperament and generally calmer nature help with training.


Female Border Collies are highly trainable and exhibit notable focus and intellect. This is advantageous for competition dogs, where discipline is of high importance.


There are no great disparities between the trainability of male and female border collies, though some may notice a few distinctions.

Females are more likely to focus on, and complete tasks than males are, while males excel at field tests and games like Frisbee. Both make good show dogs or competition dogs when properly trained, despite these differences.

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Are There Any Health Differences?

How about the relative healthiness of the two sexes of Border Collie? Are males more prone to health problems than females?


Male border collies often exercise more vigorously, which makes them prone to wear on the joints. This increases susceptibility to joint injury and disease. Males are susceptible to mild heart problems as well. This doesn’t, however, negatively affect their lifespan.


Female Border Collies are prone to stomach problems and are at higher risk for minor heart problems. Otherwise, they are generally healthy dogs.


There isn’t very much difference in the health of male and female border collies, though there are some points of difference. Males grow to maturity faster, causing them to have more joint problems than females. Female health problems usually manifest as digestive issues. Both are at risk for heart problems. Generally, they both live between 12 and 17 years.

Are Males or Females More Affectionate?

Which sex is the most affectionate? If you want a really lovely dog, which should you choose?


Particularly in their younger years, male Border Collies are very committed and dedicated dogs. They often display affection readily and seek attention aggressively. They are often quite cuddle-prone dogs and may need a lot of affection.


Female Border Collies tend to be aloof and are not easily won over in most cases. They develop bonds slowly, and when properly trained, are very space-conscious dogs.


While both are loving in their own ways, male Border Collies are much more likely than females to display affectionate behavior. They tend to bond quicker and require a bit more attention and affection in return than females.

Males are far less respectful of personal space and will nose around in whatever it is you’re interested in, what your eating, or whatever catches the dog’s eye. Females are more reserved and do not invade personal space as often.

Are Males or Females More Independent/Dependent?


Male Border Collies are typically very dependent on their owners and get up in their space often. They are generally attention seekers.


Female Border Collies are often very independent dogs. They can be distant, and don’t necessarily need doting attention.


Female Border Collies are more independent than males and are better suited to being left alone during the day. Male dogs require a bit more attention and will definitely let you know when they need more with pushy, needy behaviors.

Who Are Better for Families?

For families with children, the risk of having a dog is not insignificant. Poorly trained or aggressive dogs may nip at kids, causing injury. So, are Border Collies good with kids?


Males are very playful and energetic while being quick to make new friends. This combination is great for families with children. Care should be taken not to overwork your dog, so be sure children don’t play with him too aggressively.


Females generally play very carefully with children and exhibit maternal and protective behaviors around kids.


Females are less likely to play with your kids willingly, while males will seek out play actively. They also play rougher than females and are more likely to overexert themselves. Both are considered to be good with children in their own right.

Who Are Better with Other Pets?

What if you have another dog already? Will your Border Collie mix well with another dog or other pets?


Males are generally quite amicable towards other dogs and aren’t known to be particularly cat-aggressive. Sometimes, like all dogs, they can become territorial, but this is easily trained out with proper techniques.


Females get along quite well with other male dogs but may become territorial around other females. This can lead to fights for dominance, which you should take steps to prevent and/or address should they arise.


Males tend to be more sociable and are more likely to mix well with other pets as long as they get the attention they need. They aren’t particularly aggressive and get along with dogs and other pets with ease. They are great to have in multi-pet homes.

Female Border Collies, however, don’t always get along so well with other female dogs. Their natural drive to be in charge will get in the way of their playing well with others. It’s best to avoid pairing females with other pets as they may display aggressive, dominant behaviors.

Who Is a Male Best Suited for?

You’ve got a big house with a sprawling yard. A couple of little tykes run around a swing set you’ve built in the backyard with your dog, a female mutt you picked up as a rescue. You want another dog but want to be sure it’s a safe choice for your growing family.

Male Border Collies are very demanding when it comes to attention. This means that they are a good choice only for people who have the time and energy to care for them. While this is also true of females, it is especially important for the males, who are more dependent than females are.

Male Border Collies are best suited to families, particularly those with children and/or pets, due to their calm demeanor and friendliness. Because of their high-energy nature, they’re also better suited to life in a home, a yard, or with access to a dog park so they can be sure to get plenty of exercise.

Who Is a Female Best Suited for?

You’ve got a small apartment down the street from a dog park. You want to add a furry friend to the household since it gets kind of lonely on your own. You’re looking to get a puppy. You want one that’ll be very loyal without getting too much separation anxiety since you work long hours sometimes.

Female Border Collies also require exercise and like to wander when given the opportunity, but are also well-suited to apartment life as long as they get daily walks. Because they are more independent, females can be left alone for long periods of time without creating undue anxiety. This is a benefit for working or single dog owners who may be short on time.

Female Border Collies are best suited to people or families without other pets. They are maternal around children and are especially protective of infants and toddlers. Females aren’t well suited to living with other female dogs and are more likely to be territorial. Put simply; they don’t always get along well with others.


In general, males and females have relatively minor differences. Males are slightly larger than females, by an average of a few inches in height and about 5 pounds in weight. They are both sturdy dogs, however, and both sexes are well-suited to working as herders. Males typically need more exercise, as they are generally more energetic.

They will sometimes herd children and are both good with kids in their own right. Males tend to be more playful, whereas females treat children in a cautious, maternal manner. Females do not get along well with other dogs, though, and care should be taken when introducing them to an environment with other female dogs.

Females Border Collies are highly independent and don’t need as much affection as male Border Collies tend to require. They are less pushy about wanting attention and generally go back about their business once they’ve gotten enough. Males are more likely to nose their way into your business, which some may find an endearing trait.

Overall, they both make excellent pets, working dogs, or show dogs with the proper training and care. Both are highly intelligent and display strong personalities. Whether you pick a male or female Border Collie, you’ll have a friend for life.

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