Male Vs. Female Cockapoo (What’s Best For You?)

For anyone looking for a great family dog, the Cockapoo should be on the top of your list. These dogs are loving, gentle, and an excellent size for any home. Cockapoos are known for being highly adaptable to many home settings and can get along well with pretty much everyone.

When choosing a Cockapoo for your home, it is important you decide which gender will fit in the best. Here are the most significant traits to focus on when it comes to male vs. female Cockapoos. This information is sure to help you decide which is suitable for your family.

What Are The Size Differences Between Male And Female Cockapoos?

The standard fully grown adult Cockapoo stands between 15-18inches and weighs between 18-20lbs. The miniature adult cockapoo is on average 15inches and will weigh around 15lbs, and the tea-cup cockapoos will stand a little more than a foot tall, weighing in at 12lbs.

How Big Are Male Cockapoos?

The average Male Cockapoo stands about 18 inches tall and weighs about 20+lbs.

How Big Are Female Cockapoos?

The female Cockapoos are slightly smaller, standing at around 15-16 inches tall and weight around 18 pounds.


The differences in height and weight between the male and female Cockapoo are very subtle, if any, depending on the dog you adopt.

What Are The Temperament Differences Between Male And Female Cockapoos?

Like any other breed of dog, the temperament between a male and female will differ, even if it’s just slightly.

What is The Temperament of a Male Cockapoo?

The male Cockapoo is high-energy, fun, and easy-going. It is common for males to grow up and become very laid back and gentle.

Males are known for being relatively submissive and less independent. These dogs are well known for “clowning around.”

What is the Temperament of a Female Cockapoo?

Female Cockapoos, although loving, can be territorial and stubborn. They do like to play; however, when they are done, they’re done.


While both dogs are loving, intelligent, friendly, and adapt easily. The female is more self-sustaining and requires less attention, whereas the male Cockapoo is always on the go and needs to be entertained frequently.

Is There A Price Difference Between Male And Female Cockapoos?

The price you are going to pay when adopting a cockapoo will differ greatly depending on where you get them from, whether they have papers or not, and what type you are getting. However, for the most part, breeders do not charge more for one breed over the other.

Years ago, females would cost more money because females make puppies and puppies sell. However, now purchasing puppies for breeding purposes is being monitored much more closely than ever before.

Most breeders are having their buyers sign non-breeding disclosure, promising to spay their puppies within a certain amount of time after purchase, or they can be sued and lose their dog.

The price you pay for a male will be similar to the price you pay for a female. The common cost for a Cockapoo is anywhere between $900-$2000. The price will change depending on the breeder, bloodline, health, etc.

Are There Training Differences In Male And Female Cockapoos?

When it comes to training Cockapoos, you may find it a bit easier to get the males to listen and obey. Although they are both considered to be very smart and the breed is great for being a family pet, the females are a little more stubborn.

Overall, the Cockapoo is considered a fairly easy-to-train breed of dog no matter which gender you choose.

Training the Male Cockapoo

Although the male Cockapoo tends to mature a lot slower than the females, they are more obedient and free-spirited, making them much easier to train. The males tend to have a laid-back demeanor, and carefree attitudes training can be less tricky.

To successfully train a male Cockapoo, your best course of action is to get them some exercise before your training sessions to wear down their energy a little bit the make training time fun.

Training the Female Cockapoos

The female Cockapoo is usually more independent and dominant. They can be a little more stubborn, and it can be difficult to get them to do what you ask if they aren’t in the mood. Training may be a little harder for females.

To successfully train a female Cockapoo, you will want to assert your dominance over them and let them know you mean business.


The biggest difference when it comes to training the male vs. female Cockapoo is the independence and stubbornness of the female. She may make things difficult if she isn’t in the mood for the lessons.

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Are There Any Health Differences?

There are no major differences in the health problems associated with the Cockapoo breed, whether they are male or female. They are both susceptible to the potential issues that commonly occur in the Cockerspanial and the Poodle breeds.

Although being a mixed breed dog and having more types of genetic health conditions that could be passed down, the chances of them developing these illnesses or diseases are lower than a purebred.

Health Conditions Common in Cockapoos

The most common health conditions you may encounter with a Cockapoo are as follows.

  • Retinal atrophy
  • Luxating patella
  • Ear Infections
  • Hyperthyroidism

The life expectancy for a Cockapoo male or female is 12-15 years.

Are Males or Females More Affectionate?

When it comes to love and affection, you won’t be disappointed in either gender. The Cockapoo is a great family dog that loves to be spoiled and cared for. Both the male and female are likely to be a lapdog that will soak in all of your attention.

However, it does seem that males are a little more excited to see their owner come walking through the door or be more receptive to excessive hugs and kisses than the females.

Are Males Cockapoos Affectionate?

Male Cockapoos are very social creatures who love to play and snuggle. They tend to be calmer in situations where there is a lot of affection and excitement.
Male Cockapoos are known for being very invasive and in your face, always interested in what their humans are up to.

Are Female Cockapoos Affectionate?

Female Cockapoos can definitely be affectionate towards their family, friends, and even other pets. However, they tend to be a little more dominant and uptight and could seem less loving than males.

Let us be clear; this does not stop them from enjoying being pampered and spoiled.


When comparing the two sexes, it is obvious that the male Cockapoo may be more affectionate than the female. This doesn’t mean the female isn’t affectionate or won’t want to be cuddled with, and it just means they are a little more independent and do not feel the need to be loving all the time.

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Are Males Or Females More Independent/Dependent?

It seems to be a common theme in many breeds that male dogs tend to be the least independent of the two genders, and it is no different for the Cockapoo. The female is often more independent than the male in this breed and is less dependent on their humans.

Are Male Cockapoos Independent/Dependent?

Male Cockapoos are less independent and love to spend time with their families. They are playful and open to everyone and can be seen as a being dependant on their loved ones. They want to have people around them as much as possible.

Are Female Cockapoos Independent/Dependent?

Not only are the female Cockapoos more independent, but as previously mentioned, they love to assert their dominance. They are known to hump things even if they are spayed just to assert their dominance over those around them.

They are loyal dogs and love their families but are much more accepting of being off doing their own thing, and when they don’t feel like being cuddled will just walk away.


Any Cockapoo will make a great pet, they are happy to sit on your lap, and both genders will be excepting of your love and attention. However, the females are more independent from their human’s attention.

Who Is Better For Families?

Both the female and male Cockapoo would make a great family pet. Neither of them is known to be overly aggressive or hot-tempered. Both genders can adapt to most households and are great with children and other animals.

Are Male Cockapoos Good Family Dogs?

Male cockapoos are great family dogs; they are fun little balls of energy and can be goofy and silly. They would work fit in perfectly with high-energy families who have younger kids who like to play and run around a lot.

Are Female Cockapoos Good Family Dogs

Female Cockapoos can also make a good family pet. They are loving dogs who are sweet and independent. These dogs can be calm and easy to train.

However, the female Cockapoos tend to attach more towards a single person rather than the whole family. (they are still loving towards their family, they just connect with one person more.)


Both genders can make excellent family dogs. However, because the female prefers to attach themselves to one person, the male may be slightly more appropriate for a family.

Who is Better With Other Pets?

If you are concerned about bringing a Cockapoo in the house with another pet living there, it is pretty safe to say that there shouldn’t be much of an issue. Most of the time, Cockapoos, male or female, are capable of getting along with other pets in the home.

It is especially easy to make socialization easy if they are started as puppies.

How Are Male Cockapoos With Other Pets?

Because of their high energy and love for play, a male Cockapoo is usually pretty easy to get along with. They are very excepting of most other pets, no matter if they are male or female.

However, because they are naturally territorial, as are most canines, an un-neutered male will feel the need to mark their territory if another male enters their home.

How are Females With Other Pets

Most fixed female Cockapoos are fully capable of co-inhabiting of other pets. They may not become the best of friends with them, but they can live together peacefully.

With that said, females can be very stubborn, especially if you were to bring the same-sex dog into the home. Having another female in the home can cause fights and aggression back and forth constantly.


The differences between males with other pets and females with other pets are that females can be dominant and aggressive towards other females, whereas males are friendly with everyone.

Who Is A Male Best Suited For?

If you are looking for a fun-loving, high-energy, in your face with love pup, the male Cockapoo is the dog for you. They are silly dogs that are quickly forgiving and hold no grudges towards humans or other animals.

Because of their high energy and need for constant attention, males are best suited for homes with people who can be around often and do not mind having a dog permanently stuck to your hip.

Who Is A Female Best Suited For?

Female Cockapoos are known for being loving, loyal, and spoiled. If you are interested in an intelligent dog that is independent and low maintenance, this is the dog for you. Females are known for being moody at times and are only affectionate when they want to be.

Female Cockapoos do love their whole family but are most loyal and affectionate towards a particular person.

At a Glance

Both male and female Cockapoo will make a great family pet. They are smart, easy to train, and easy to care for. The biggest difference between the two is their need for affection and attention.

Females are more independent dogs who love their family but don’t necessarily need to be dotted on, whereas males want to spend as much time as possible with their humans and love to play and have fun.