25 Pros And Cons Of Owning A Beagle! (FAQ Included)

Are you familiar with the beagle dog breed? They are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. One look at them and you’ll surely get enamored by their cuteness.

Nevertheless, all dogs have negative traits that even the most passionate dog lovers can get discouraged. In this article, we will be tackling the beagle pros and cons and point out the factors that you need to consider in choosing whether to raise a beagle or not.

Beagle Pros and Cons (Quick Summary)

Here is a summarized list of beagle pros and cons:


  • They are small in stature.
  • They have really cute physical features.
  • They can adapt to any situation.
  • They are non-territorial.
  • They are sociable.
  • They love to cuddle and be cuddled.
  • They love food.
  • They have a great sense of smell.
  • They have a curious nature.
  • They have full of energy and love to play.
  • They are relatively low-maintenance.
  • They live longer than the average dogs.
  • They can be therapeutic.


  • They may be prone to allergy.
  • They can experience shedding.
  • They are easily distracted by an intriguing smell.
  • They are vocal and have loud barks.
  • They are constantly yearning for food.
  • They need to eat more as they live longer.
  • They can have bathroom issues.
  • They just have too much energy.
  • They love to dig.
  • They tend to flee or escape constantly.
  • They can act stubborn.
  • They need creative effort for training.

What Are the Pros of Having a Beagle?

They Are Small in Stature

Matured beagles can have a measurement between 13 to 15 inches. Within that range, they can weigh around 20 to 30 pounds. A dog measuring a bit longer than a ruler poses no intimidating factor, only the adorable qualities you can expect.

If you have a small space inside your house, with no backyard or front lawn, then this dog might suit your needs. They can also be easily transported or carried around. They need effort but their size makes it encouraging that things will work out.

They Have Really Cute Physical Features

Beagles have such cute features. They are way more adorable than their cartoon representative, Snoopy. You will be amused by how long their ears and how amazing their eyes as they give you a soulful gaze.

Their features will be highlighted more when they play uncontrollably or longing for extra care from the owners. The beagle’s appearance is recognizable; so much that it may be said that this dog is what most of us think what a standard dog looks like. If a kid or an amateur artist was to draw a dog, immediately, they will mostly have the features of a beagle.

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They Can Adapt To Any Situation

One of the characteristics that make beagles popular for dog owners is that they are versatile. They can adapt to any situation and won’t change their behavior for the worse. Whether you live in an urbanized area or residing in the countryside close to nature, their personalities will still be the same.

If beagles have undergone dog training, they can do a lot more than what other dogs can do: skillful, agile, vocal, and non-confrontational. It is like having a small-sized guard dog without the dangers of uncontrollable aggression.

They Are Non-Territorial

Dogs are naturally territorial, whether it is their usual hang-out place or the people they are comfortable with. They will even fight other dogs just for property rights. However, beagles are the total opposite.

Since they are non-confrontational, they are comfortable having other dogs around. You won’t be troubled giving attention to one dog while not doing much for the beagle since they don’t act out of jealousy. It is hard not to love a dog that doesn’t know how to get mad.

They can be cool with cats and other normal pets too, but it will be safer if those are not rabbits. Beagles used to be hunting dogs generations ago and those long-eared, vegetable-loving creatures are their usual targets.

They Are Sociable

Beagles have a favorable temperament. They love to be around with people and also they can find joy in being alone with themselves if their owners are busy. They are such sociable dogs that they are even safe to be around with children.

If a visitor comes along, the first impression they will have with the beagle is that they will find them adorable because of their size. They will tend to pat the dog and later on, they will be playing. As an owner, they will give you peace of mind, knowing that a beagle can never do troublesome things like biting.

Beagles are great companions and they tend to long for companionships with humans and other dogs. A leash or cage in a large environment might make them feel isolated.

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They Love To Cuddle and Be Cuddled

As stated, beagles are sociable and non-confrontational. They love to be showered with compliments and won’t mind at all any patting and cuddling. You can enjoy watching TV in the living room and tame your beagles by having them on your lap and massaging their heads and bodies.

Although it is already common knowledge that dogs generally loved to be constantly affirmed, cuddling with beagles make it more encouraging due to their physical features. If you are not around, they can cuddle with other dogs and pets too. That is definitely not a problem at all.

They Love Food

Dogs love food but for beagles, it is more than sustenance. They want to be given treats from time to time and this can also be beneficial for visitors. With their cute eyes and playful nature, it is hard to say ‘no’ to a begging beagle.

The best part of their food-loving nature is that they are not picky. If you give them food, granting it is safe for dogs, they will chomp their way down until the bowl is empty. So, the next time you will be hitting the grocery stores or having left-overs, you will have no problem that the food will get uneaten. With that in mind, make sure to observe the necessary considerations in feeding pet dogs.

They Have a Great Sense of Smell

They may not be built like guard dogs, however, they were once used for hunting rabbits centuries ago. With their excellent smelling capabilities, they serve as great trackers of prey. Along with their high levels of energy and agile body, they can perform the hunting tasks very effectively.

It is for that reason that authorities like police and airport security use beagles to smell baggage and human clothing and detect unwanted substances. It can be easier to handle since they are somehow carry-size dogs and are non-aggressive.

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They Have a Curious Nature

Given the gift of sensitive smell, they can be intrigued at such things normal humans don’t usually detect. They will keep sniffing until they have found what they are distracted about. This level of curiosity is very helpful especially when the situation needed it the most.

Depending on the training, you can have both a cuddle-loving dog and an excellent tracker. For personal security, you can be prepared ahead if you observe and understand a beagle’s sudden curiosity. Heck, you can even solve crimes with the help of a beagle. That may be stretch sometimes but the chances are still high.

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They Have Full of Energy and Love To Play

As hunting dogs with excellent tracking capabilities, they will not be as effective if they are not agile enough. Beagles possessed incredible amounts of stored energy. This may be having something to do with their love of food and their bodies’ digestive reaction to maintain their small frames.

Beagles having lots of energy are great for kids and outgoing adults. They can have tireless playmates and can be great entertainers also. You can have fun training them for they can work with just little stimulus. One game you can try on and also will serve as an exercise for their curious nature is ‘treasure hunting’.

They Are Relatively Low-Maintenance

Beagles have a healthy complexion. They don’t have thick fur or long coats and therefore, they require less amount of time and effort in grooming compared to other dogs. For that reason, bathing them can be done conveniently and frequently.

Low-maintenance can also mean that they are easy to handle during grooming. Since they are not aggressive types, you can clean them without having to worry about any risk. Just try to limit the objects that can potentially distract a beagle.

They Live Longer Than the Average Dogs

Beagles have longer lifespans than average dogs. A healthy breed can live for up to 15 years. Having a dog that can accompany you around can make you feel attached and most of all, loved. Additionally, you can share that feeling to the next generation and teach them to value animals starting with one of the best examples of love-worthy animals – the beagle.

They Can Be Therapeutic

Having all those positive traits, beagles are really great pet dogs. The fact that they are among the top 10 dog breeds of most lists proves that countless of people love to have them around.

Imagine having a stressful day at work and when you got home, your beagle greets you with adorable eyes. Also, when you’re feeling discouraged over a really sad situation and your beagle hands you a tennis ball, you can shift your focus to positivity by playing with your dog until you get tired while enjoying.

There can be many situations where a beagle can help you in times of need and the presence of unexpected dangers. Having them and knowing what they can be capable of gives you assurance and peace of mind, which is definitely therapeutic.

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What Are the Cons of Having a Beagle?

They May Be Prone To Allergy

Despite having short coats, beagles can be prone to become a carrier of allergies. They are naturally playful and as they go outside, dig dirt, smell all sorts of objects and find amusement in moving things.

So when they enter the house, they can carry microbes that won’t do well to a person with allergies. If you have an outgoing beagle, make sure to clean them always before entering the house.

They Can Experience Shedding

Beagles can also experience shedding too. Shedding is when the fur is falling out and making room for newer strands. Since they have thin furs, shedding might occur seasonally. Unfortunately, this is a natural process and all you can do is adjust.

Prepare a small vacuum cleaner or coat brush in case there will be falling fur. It is less worrisome to know that shedding won’t happen all the time but during the period it does happen, it can contribute to triggering allergies.

They Are Easily Distracted by an Intriguing Smell

Beagles have great smelling capabilities and sometimes it can be disadvantageous. You might be playing with your dog and have all the attention until a visitor comes along bringing food and consequently remove all the attention from you.

It can also happen when you’re training your dog but the concentration will divert to a stray tennis ball on the yard.

To focus the task at hand, beagles will need a controlled environment or at least a place where they are very familiar with without any changes or possibilities of distraction. If the habit persists, you need a counter-procedure to revert the attention to you or the task.

They Are Vocal and Have Loud Barks

When they are distracted and find something unusual, they will constantly bark. For some reason, their barks are loud despite having a small frame. This can be tolerable if you live in rural areas.

However, if you are living in a city, where the window offers a view of multiple material distractions, the bark can be a problem for the other tenants and neighbors. Sometimes, this can lead to massive disputes and your sudden exit.

While training your dog, always stress the importance of stopping. Beagles are somehow rebellious because of their adventurous and curious personality and you have to display a familiar gesture of authority.

They Are Constantly Yearning for Food

You already know that beagles are food lovers and they look at food beyond mere sustenance. However, that love of food can backfire. They may not be picky but there will be situations where you might spend more than what is for the food budget because you constantly give in to the beagles’ begging.

If you used to feed them anytime they want, be ready for situations when you go outside and leave them inside the house. Of course, you will leave food on their respective plates but that can last for a few moments.

If hours passed by and you haven’t arrived yet, expect your things to be chewed on because they might see them as edibles at first. You can be mindful next time but don’t extend more of your generosity. Have them learn when enough is.

They Need More Sustenance Due To Longevity

The longer they live, the more food they need to consume. For this situation, a negative aspect that can be seen is when you are passing the responsibility of the beagle to an individual with fewer means of providing food.

A beagle can live 15 years or more, healthily. At that period, 2 generations have seen and shared the responsibility of taking care of the dog. A long term preparation can prevent such a dilemma of commitment.

They Can Have Bathroom Issues

For a creature that loves food and has a small stature, of course, you will be expecting frequent defecating. If the beagle is untrained, they can just poop anywhere, even on your expensive carpet rug. It will even be a bigger problem when you have to leave the house and your beagle is the only creature left.

Even if you provide ample amounts of food, if you take your time outside, the dog will eventually unleash numerous amount of poop. Potty training is the only solution to that. As early as possible, before the beagle will begin to have an insatiable desire for food, train the dog to do its business in the right places. 

They Just Have Too Much Energy

Sure, an energetic beagle is fun to play with but you have other priorities too, right? If you stop playing and move on, the beagle will look for something else to have fun with. Mostly, it can be spent on the things you need to be careful about, like chewing of objects or fleeing outside.

If you have a neighbor who raises rabbits, then ‘taming’ is out of the picture. You can help the beagle channel properly its energy by regulating your activities also. Learn to limit the amount of giving food, set schedules for playing time, and build necessary barricades.

They Love to Dig

If you are in the law enforcement department, a beagle will have no shortage of digging tasks. However, for casual and ordinary owners, a beagle can ruin your well-landscaped backyard.

If you let the dog play outside and something triggers its curiosity, expect the soil to be scattered everywhere. Even the large potted plants are not spared. Supervision is a must when you let your beagle play outside.

They Tend to Flee or Escape Constantly

A sensitive nose, a curious nature, and a love for digging – those are ingredients for an adventurer dog. Don’t be surprised that as soon as you unleash it outside, you might be spending hours looking for it. Even if build a barrier on your backyard, if they can jump over it, they will certainly do.

There is nothing you can do about that since beagles have hunters’ personality. Supervision is really important and at the same time, anticipation also. Try to familiarize the beagle’s habits and go-to places ahead so that you will have less time figuring out where it can go.

They Can Act Stubborn and Be Disobedient

Since beagles have overflowing amounts of energy and have tendencies to flee, they can also be capable of rebelling your commands and instructions. It has nothing to do with your treatment. It’s just that beagles wanted to go on an adventure whenever they like.

They are easily distracted and when you ask them to focus, they will simply neglect it. For a remedy, you can offer counter-distractions like offering treats to get their attention back to you.

They Need Creative Effort for Training

Even if you have to train your beagle a certain trick or task, it will just get forgotten and then, you have to redo the procedure. Beagles easily lose focus, love adventure, and always have tendencies of fleeing.

You need to approach its training in a more creative manner in which it will have fun always while unconsciously reinforcing the teachings. This is the hardest part and can take every inch of your effort to succeed.

Interested In Training Your Beagle The Right Way?

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  • Cheaper than hiring a professional.
  • Cheaper than replacing everything they might break.
  • And definitely cheaper than a lawsuit against you, if they decide to bite someone.

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Is a Beagle Right for You?

After stating all the beagle pros and cons, can you say that you are qualified to take care of one? To help you with that, here are some of the considerations you have to put in mind:


If you have newborn babies or toddlers, have a time-consuming job with multiple paperwork, or just have many things to attend to, then don’t consider having a beagle. As stated, they can be independent but they can be uncontrollable because they love adventure.

Training them will take most of your time and there can be occasions where your patience is tested to the limits.


If you are living in a rural or suburban area, raising dogs is encouraged. However, if you are living in a normal city apartment with neighbors who are stressed, burnt-out tenants, there will be high chances that your beagle’s barking can disturb them.

Their adorable features may somehow lessen that but the risk is not worth taking. You need awareness of your environment if you want to raise a beagle.


Since the beagle is one of the most popular dogs, purchasing one is affordable. Remember that beagles are food lovers and energetic enough to chew something they think is edible.

Think about the budget you have to allot to keep those tendencies in check. For a normal salaryman, that can be a burden. So, if ever you are planning to raise one, make sure that you have the finances to do so.


Now you know all the pros and cons of owning a beagle! As you can see they’re fantastic dogs, and you definitely shouldn’t let the cons outweigh the pros! If you choose to own a beagle, they’ll give you years of happiness!

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