What Are The Best Automatic Dog Feeders For Large Dogs?

The main benefit of an automatic dog feeder is right there in its name. For dog owners who can’t always be there to feed their dogs, looking for the best automatic dog feeder for large dogs just makes sense. Products such as the PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog Feeder and the Van Ness Large Auto have proven to be a hit with customers seeking exactly that. Which one is right for you?

One of the neat things you’re going to notice as we cover automatic large dog feeders in the greatest possible detail? Many of them come with worry-free smart device features!

A Quick List Of The Best Automatic Dog Feeders For Large Dogs

An automatic dog feeder for large dogs search will turn up a number of products. Before we take a deep dive into your options, here is a quick look at the best automatic dog feeders for large dogs:

What Are The Best Automatic Dog Feeders For Large Dogs?

With all of the above automatic feeders for large breeds in mind, let’s take a much closer look at what you can expect with each.

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog Feeder

Smart technology seems to be just about everywhere these days. Virtually everything can run through your phone. Why not have the ability to feed your dog?

This is where the PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog Feeder becomes extremely appealing.

Setup and installation of the app are both remarkably straightforward. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly tech-savvy, you shouldn’t have any issues. Once you’ve set things up with your iPhone or Android smart device, you can program the feeder to give your dog its food as you see fit.

You can give your dog anywhere from 1/8th of a cup to 4 full cups, which is a good range of choices for portion control. The slow feed option is a wonderful addition that lets you work around your dog’s complicated digestive needs. You can even use the app to feed more than one dog. This is a WiFi-using wonder for keeping your pet feed or even just giving them a treat during the day.

Also nice is the battery-powered backup. You won’t have to worry about a power outage preventing your dog from being fed as needed.


  • Offers several different options for feeding your dog
  • A feature which allows you to feed your dog at 15-minute intervals. This is perfect for those who have dogs with a bad habit of eating their food too quickly!
  • Easy to setup and just as easy to program
  • Works with both Android and iPhone devices
  • The battery-powered feature means being able to rely on it under just about any circumstances


  • There is a potential for the device to become backed up, if your pet doesn’t finish their food
  • Some of the parts could be described as a little bit on the flimsy side. Considering the fact that we’re talking about the best automatic dog feeder for large dogs, this may strike you as problematic.
  • It’s a little pricier than some of the other models available. Prices start at around $150.

Main Specifications

  • Colors: Blue
  • Materials Stainless Steel
  • Company: PetSafe
  • Product Specs: 20.3×9.4×12.6 inches
  • Product Weight: 5.65LB

DOGNESS Automatic Dog/Cat Smart Camera Feeder

Another automatic dog feeder utilizing WiFi, the DOGNESS Automatic Dog/Cat Smart Camera Feeder offers some features which distinguishes it nicely from the PetSafe offering. If the idea of a feeder with voice activation qualities is something that appeals to you, then you’re definitely going to want to give this one a closer look.

DOGNESS takes the whole idea of keeping an eye on your dog to another level. How? By letting you watch exactly what your large breed dog is up to via a camera on the free-to-download app. There are also microphone controls, as well as the ability to take photographs and videos. You really can’t say enough good things about how many options this one comes with.

At the same time, despite being so feature-heavy, this is a relatively lightweight feeder that can hold upwards of 6.5 pounds of food. The essential portion control features can be found here, as well. Everything is extremely easy to use, with the app itself being a fast download that anyone can get a handle on.

Being able to engage with your dog, even if you can’t be there in a moment, shows us just how far these automatic feeders have come.


  • Very simple and streamlined in its design. You can set this device up just about anywhere.
  • One of the sturdiest automatic dog/cat feeders to be found anywhere.
  • Problems? You’ll get error notifications you can actually rely upon.
  • Jamming doesn’t seem to be an issue here.
  • The pictures and videos look FANTASTIC
  • The app lets you talk to your dog, give the dog treats, and you can program as many as six meals daily


  • The tray might be a little small for some of the largest examples of large breed dogs. You’re going to want to make up your own mind, based on the dimensions. It shouldn’t be a problem. However, you can almost certainly forget about feeding two large dogs with this feeder.
  • Does your dog startle easily? Note this feeder has been described by some as a bit loud.
  • Camera doesn’t display the food.
  • This product is NOT compatible with Alexa.

Main Specifications

  • Colors: Pink
  • Company: DOGNESS
  • Product Specs: 7.87×16.14x 16.54 inches
  • Product Weight: 3Kg

Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder

We come now to a selection of automatic dog feeders that do not utilize WiFi. Little Giant is a notable manufacturer of such feeders. Without WiFi, you will obviously be losing out on certain features. At the same time, this feeder is well known for durability, reliability, and sheer size.

One way this galvanized steel dog feeder sets itself apart from other options is the fact that it can be used or outdoors. The strong steel design emphasizes its ability to be set up in either situation with ease. Getting this feeder up and running isn’t too difficult. You will also find that it is easy to fill the device as needed.

Remember that it can hold up to 25 pounds, but you obviously do not need to fill it as such. If you require even more from this type of feeder, Little Giant offers options that can hold even more food. There is also a smaller option for those who know without question they are never going to use more than 12 pounds.

This is an example of an automatic dog feeder for large dogs that truly delivers on the concept. It also comes with the benefit of being very easy to use, in addition to the setup process.


  • This feeder is one of the largest and simplest on the market. It is a perfect marriage to many of a large storage size and with an easy-to-use design.
  • The galvanized steel ensures this is one of the strongest automatic large dog feeders to be found just about anywhere.
  • Again, you can set this feeder up in both indoor and outdoor settings. In fact, it is designed to be mounted to virtually any wall or fence you may have.
  • Perfect for large breed dogs who like to gorge on their food.


  • Beware of missing piece. Many purchasers of this particular piece have complained that of missing pieces and damage which occurred during shipping. In other words, while this might be the best automatic dog feeder for large dogs to some, it doesn’t seem to travel especially well.
  • Gleaming reviews of this product, it doesn’t seem like this feeder can be called an ideal for every large dog breed.
  • The temperament of the breed can also lead to issues with using this product.
  • Some reviewers have even complained that the feeder was in fact too small for their large dog.

Main Specifications

  • Colors: White
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Metal
  • Company: LITTLE GIANT
  • Product Dimensions: 11×22.63×12 inches
  • Product Weight: 6.6 Pounds

WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

Our final entry for this list does not utilize WiFi but nonetheless connects you to some pretty helpful technology in your desire to feed your large dog when you’re away. Offering a slew of customization options, this is a popular choice for not only large dog breed owners but for cat owners, as well.

The WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder features several different amounts of food you can give to your dog if you’re going to be away for a period. You can also set this device to feed your dog up to as many as four times per day. The simplicity of the design and overall functionality has made this particular dispenser quite popular.

In terms of versatility, this is one of the better feeders available that doesn’t require the use of WiFi. While you might miss being able to program the feeder with your smartphone or even checking on your dog during the day, those who don’t see those features as being particularly important may consider the WESTLINK 6L to be the best automatic dog feeder for large dogs.

Programming the different functions of this feeder couldn’t be less of a hassle. This is perhaps one of the best possible devices for anyone who is not familiar with feeders.


  • Everything about this feeder is designed to be as simple as possible. Reading through the instructions, you shouldn’t find it difficult to get the device set up and running. This includes using the actual programming features.
  • This feeder is very easy to fill and shouldn’t take more than a few moments.
  • Up to four meals can be programmed for your dog each day. More impressively, each meal can be programmed to specific, unique specifications. Obviously, you don’t have to use every available meal!
  • The accuracy of what you program against what your pet actually gets to eat is pretty impressive.
  • The 6-7 pound capacity makes it one of the larger-yet-compact feeders on the market.
  • An infrared component ensures the feeder is never going to overfill.
  • The minimalist design makes it easy to program everything, and not have to worry about clogs or other incidents during the day.
  • A locking mechanism keeps your dog out as needed.
  • A voice recording feature can provide your dog with a vital connection to your voice, ensuring they will not be too anxious to eat, if you aren’t home.


  • It would be nice if the LCD panel came with backlighting.
  • You won’t be able to accurately program the feeder right away. What this means is that you will need to test out your portions once you get the feeder. This isn’t really a big deal, but keeping this in mind will save you a significant amount of stress later on.
  • The footprint associated with this product is considerable.
  • The clock associated with this product only utilizes military time. This may or may not be a problem for you.
  • While we’re talking strictly about the best automatic dog feeder for large dogs, many people who purchase this feeder do so for smaller dogs, as well as cats. To that end, if you are one of those people, you will want to be aware that they won’t be able to see the level of the food by glancing.

Main Specifications

  • Colors: White
  • Company Name: WESTLINK
  • Product Dimensions: 16.5×10 x9.5 inches
  • Product Weight: Six pounds

What To Look For In An Automatic Dog Feeder

With so many different options for an automatic dog feeder, with many others beyond what we have covered here, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. No need. As long as you have a reasonable idea of what you are looking for in one of these products, you should be able to find something ideal.

Something That Will Be Large Enough For Your Large Dog

This may sound ridiculous, but not every example of automatic large dog feeders is going to be exactly the same. While the dimensions for many of these examples can be fairly similar, we are ultimately still talking about a pretty wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles.

Some feeders also claim to be suitable for large dogs, but this can prove to be debatable. While we’ve covered a good variety, we didn’t get to every possibility. Consider the size and dietary needs of your particular breed.

Remember as well that there are ALSO quite a few different sizes of “large” dogs out there! You can still find a good automatic dog feeder for large dogs.

Make Sure The Feeder Works With Your Dogfood!

Some feeders work with a number of different sizes of kibbles. Others are more specific. Not only do you want the feeder to be big enough for the dog, but you also need to make sure it suits your feeder to begin with.

Get Something With Batteries

As you may have already noticed, this article is partial to feeders that can also operate on batteries. You can absolutely choose between WiFi or non, and still come away with a feeder suitable for your dog. The same cannot be said for whether to get a feeder with batteries or not.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but if the power ever goes out while you’re away, you will be glad your feeder is still chugging along.

Think About Features

We’ve talked about the WiFi aspect of some of these feeders, which means being able to control the feeder with your smartphone.

That isn’t the only feature you can consider. Several feeders allow you to include pre-recorded messages for your pets. This can be useful for a variety of reasons.

You also have different types of feeders.

Who Are Automatic Dog Feeders Best For?

It isn’t hard to imagine at this point whether an automatic dog feeder is at least appealing. While perhaps not for everybody, these feeders are clearly a hit with certain types of dog owners.

People Who Work During The Day

If you happen to work long hours during the day, finding the best automatic dog feeder for large dogs can be imperative.

People Who Can’t Ask Someone

Unfortunately, not everyone has the benefit of someone who can be there to make sure the dog is being fed. To that end, an automatic feeder can be a reliable means of getting around that.

Your Dog Needs To Be Fed On A Specific Schedule

Scheduling meals for your dog, as well as the portions for each meal, can be stressful for those who work or simply anyone who is going to be away for a significant amount of time. The best of these automatic feeders will be able to keep the schedule for you.

Those Who Want To Keep An Eye On Their Dog

For one reason or another, you may need or want to keep an eye on your dog while you’re away. This is perfectly understandable. There are several different possibilities to that end. An automatic feeder that comes with its own camera is one such example.

While the quality of these cameras isn’t the very top of the line, there are still some pretty impressive options that you should check out. Automatic large dog feeders can allow you to check on your dog in real-time with an app you can access on your smartphone. As mentioned before, some of these feeders even let you take photos and videos that can be shared with friends!

People Who Are Going To Be Gone For A Day Or Two

While some experts suggest automatic feeders should not be used for people gone for long periods of time, most agree that a day or even two will probably be fine. This is purely subjective. You will need to decide for yourself whether or not your dog’s health and overall temperament will make doing this a reasonable measure.

What Are Some Problems With Automatic Dog Feeders?

While large dog feeders clearly have a lot to offer, there are some potential issues.

Some Are Clearly Built Better Than Others

Even when you keep this in mind, it is difficult to argue with those who say none of these feeders are particularly sturdy. They can experience damage issues during shipping, and you can see for yourself that none of these are going to stand up to particularly rambunctious dogs.

Not A Substitute For Humans

Under no circumstances should you purchase an automatic feeder as a substitute for human interaction. While cats being a bit standoffish is deeply ingrained in our impression of them, these are still domesticated animals. They still require human interaction. These are best for short-term use.

What Are The Different Types Of Automatic Dog Feeder?

Before we wrap up, let’s very briefly cover the different automatic dog feeder types.


Perfect for those who want to give their dogs complete control over when and how much they eat. These refill when the bowl is emptied.

Mechanized Vertically-Fed

This one dictates a bit more control in their schedule. In other words, the feeder will only open when the timer has been activated.


Using a hinged lid to protect one or several compartments, these feeders keep the food rolling on a tightly controlled schedule that you will determine.


Circular feeders are fairly similar to clamshell, but can utilize different inner workings, as well as different overall designs. Both versions allow you to create a schedule to feed your dog as you see fit.

Like clamshell, these feeders work with any type of food.

Which Automatic Dog Feeder Is Best?

As you can see, there is no universal answer to the question of which feeder is the best automatic dog feeder for large dogs. With the above criteria in mind, however, you will find what you’re looking for.

You can also decide in no uncertain terms whether an automatic dog feeder is right for you and your dog!