Why Do Cavapoos Eat Poop?

Anyone who has had a dog knows that dogs occasionally want the most unusual ‘foods.’ In certain cases, this may suggest that they ingest excrement. Cavapoos eating poop shouldn’t be a huge concern in most cases. It happens. However, there are times when you should pay attention and strive to solve the problem.

On this page, we’ll go through some of the possible reasons why a Cavapoo could be eating poop. We also want to provide you with some choices for dealing with the issue if it gets out of hand.

Why Do Cavapoos Eat Poop?

The word for eating poop is Coprophagia. To make things as non-scientific as possible, we shall just refer to it as ‘poop eating.’ However, if you see your veterinarian to handle the issue, they would most likely term it as Coprophagia. You may also use that word to conduct more research if you choose.

Cavapoos may end up eating their own poop for a variety of reasons. We’ll go through as many of them as possible here. Keep in mind, though, that not all of these will apply to your Cavapoo. You’ll need to observe their behavior in other regions to have a rough idea of why they’re consuming excrement.

Cavapoos Eat…A Lot

There are a few unchanging characteristics of Cavapoos.

The first thing you should know is that they consume a large amount of food. Cavapoos, in reality, are a never-ending source of food. Cavapoos do not appear to have the signal that tells them “enough is enough” when it comes to eating. This means that they will continue to eat unless instructed otherwise.

So, what does this have to do with poop? Poop is just food for your Cavapoo. It is an organic material, and it will be quite appealing to them.

We wouldn’t be shocked if a Cavapoo ate a dash of poop if given the opportunity.

Beautiful tricolored cavapoo puppy laying on a blue background

They Enjoy the Taste

Many people cannot comprehend how dogs vary from them. Some individuals, for example, will refuse to give their dogs fish because the owner dislikes the flavor of fish. They believe the dog will be the same. What do you think? Things don’t always go as planned.

You and I would never eat crap now. It appears to be awful. It stinks to high heaven. We presume that if you tried it, it would taste just as bad.

The problem is that dogs do not think in the same way. For many dogs, the flavor of their feces is comparable to eating at a three-Michelin-starred restaurant (one would imagine). They can’t wait to get their teeth into this tasty treat that the dog has prepared. They simply appreciate the flavor and texture.

If your dog always appears to be eating feces and their meal appears to be nutritionally adequate, it is possible that they just prefer the flavor of the poop. For this reason, you may witness them eating the feces of other animals.


Boredom Dogs will do things when they have nothing else to do.

Cavapoos, as you may be aware, need plenty of exercise. Exercise will always be one of the best types of stimulation for these canines because they are among the most intelligent.

If your dog doesn’t get much exercise other than a run-around in the backyard, he or she may eat their poop just to feel alive. They may well not feel alive, yet all they want is to be entertained.

Lack of Attention

While Cavapoos can be rather independent at times, they will still want your care on occasion. If you do not pay attention to them, they will most likely start acting out.

Your dog may act out in a number of ways due to a lack of attention. One of the signs is eating their own poop.’ It could help them deal with their feelings of loneliness and worry. Remember that dogs are social animals. They cannot thrive on their own for lengthy periods of time.

If your dog looks to have only lately started eating its own feces, you might consider whether a change in your routine could be the culprit.


Pica is a condition that may afflict dogs. This is a case in which a dog consumes food that is not normally considered food. This might or could not entail poop. They are unlikely to have Pica if they are just consuming excrement and no other non-food items.

Pica can occur as a result of a variety of circumstances. This might include emotions of anxiety or loneliness. It might also be a sign of a more serious medical condition. If your dog looks to have Pica, you should take them to the vet and get them treated.

They Have Recently Had Puppies

Eating poop is a normal pastime that you should not be concerned about if your dog has recently had pups and is still nursing them. They may even swallow the excrement of their own puppies.

This is because your dog recognizes the puppies’ frailty. Cavapoos will consume their pups’ excrement in the wild to avoid being tracked down and attacked or becoming prey for a much larger predator. They may even guard them against other dogs that are known to slaughter the puppies of other canines.

While your dog will most likely feel at peace when you are caring for them and the puppies, they will still be unable to fight their natural propensity; nevertheless, by the time the puppies are approximately 8 weeks old, they should have stopped nibbling on the poop.

They Are Sick

If there appears to be no other explanation for your Cavapoo eating their own poop, they may be unwell. If you see any other symptoms in them, you should take them to the vet as soon as possible.

If your dog has suddenly started eating excrement, it might be an indicator of disease. Most dogs will eat poop for the remainder of their lives, or they will never eat it. It’s odd for them to start eating it at random, unless they’re just trying to catch your attention.

Why Do Cavapoo Puppies Eat Their Poop?

Cavapoo puppies do not consume their excrement for the same reasons that adult dogs do. As a result, if an adult dog consumes poop for whatever reason, the same reasoning will very certainly be conveyed to a puppy.

The only ‘additional’ explanation that may be relevant here is that Cavapoo puppies may eat their own poop in order to sniff (literally!) out the world. They’re trying to figure out what’s edible and what isn’t. They could eat their poop once or twice before learning it’s bad for them.

If your Cavapoo puppy eats his or her own excrement more than a few times, you’ll know there’s an issue that has to be handled.

How Do You Stop Your Cavapoo Eating Poop?

If your dog eats a lot of its own poop, you should clean it up straight soon. The sooner you clean it up, the less probable it is that they will eat it.

This should address the problem fast if your dog looks to be eating a lot of feces from the backyard, particularly old waste. Even if it is their own, dogs should not consume their own excrement.

If your dog looks to be eating other animals’ excrement, try to avoid situations where this can happen, such as regular trips to dog parks or walks through fields with sheep or cows. If necessary, keep them on a leash so you may punish them.

Clean Up Their Poop Immediately

If your dog eats a lot of its own poop, we recommend that you clean it up right away. The faster you clean it up, the less likely they are to ingest it.

If your dog appears to be eating a lot of excrement from the backyard, especially old waste, this should solve the problem quickly. Dogs should not be eating their own feces, even if it is their own.

If your dog appears to be eating the feces of other animals, try to avoid settings where this may occur, such as frequent visits to dog parks or walking through fields with sheep or cows. If you must, keep them on a leash so that you may reprimand them.

Check Their Diet

As previously said, if a dog appears to be eating a lot of poop, it might suggest a nutritional shortage somewhere down the line.

If your dog is consuming low-quality food, this is most likely the source of the problem. We recommend that you eat healthier foods. Pay attention to the nutritional information on the container as well. This should inform you just how much food to give your dog.

Remember that Cavapoos have a proclivity for overeating. They are unlikely to overeat to the point where they are unable to consume their usual meals. It is still advisable, though, to keep track of everything else they drink ‘just in case.’

Train Them Not To Eat Their Poop

This will not be the easiest task in the world, but Cavapoos can really be simpler to train than other dogs. If you manage to catch your dog in the act, you may use it as a training tool.

If your dog is eating poop, tell them no and try to distract them with a favorite toy or a sweet treat (Cavapoos are easy to train with food in tow due to how food-focused they are)

It is vital not to chastise your dog if you discover them eating feces. This isn’t going to work. Positive reinforcement is everything in dogs. This will gradually teach your dog that eating poop is not an issue.

Want To Train Your Cavapoo With Peace Of Mind?

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Why is Your Cavapoo Obsessed With Eating Poop?

If your Cavapoo looks to be fascinated with eating their own excrement, they are most certainly suffering from Pica. The other causes of feces eating do not appear to constitute an obsession. They won’t eat much of it if the dog is anxious or has begun to act out for attention, for example.

Can Your Dog Get Sick From Eating Poop?

It’s improbable that a Cavapoo eats its own poop “right away.” There is a minor chance that they will become unwell if they ingest poop that has been lying about for a few hours or the poop of other animals. The dog’s immune system, on the other hand, should be able to fend off the bulk of the pathogens.

How Do You Clean a Cavapoo’s Mouth After They Eat Poop?

In most cases, you won’t have to do much. Giving your dog a dental chew and wiping their teeth with paper should be plenty. Food and drink will be useful as well. Cavapoos will eat everything you give them without hesitation. Getting a doggy mouthwash may be effective in specific situations, such as if your dog looks to be constantly ingesting excrement.


In most circumstances, your dog eating feces isn’t a major concern. It might be second nature to your dog. If there appears to be an obsession with poop eating, you may want to look into an underlying issue. Fortunately, if the underlying cause can be discovered, the problem should be rather straightforward to remedy.