Why Does My Goldendoodle Sleep With Their Bum Facing Me?

Goldendoodles sleep with their bum facing you because they trust you and feel safe and secure in your presence. It’s also conceivable that it’s just your Goldendoodle’s favorite position. It’s also likely that your Goldendoodle is doing this to get your smell. This is a wonderful sleeping position for a Goldendoodle.

Why Does My Goldendoodle Sleep With Their Bum Facing Me?

Goldendoodles are capable of sleeping in a number of positions, some of which are rather hilarious. Continue reading to learn more about your Goldendoodle’s sleeping positions and why it’s important to understand!

While it may seem strange to you to have your Goldendoodle show you his rear end, it is very normal in the world of Goldendoodles. There are various reasons why a Goldendoodle may show you his bum.

Safety and Security

The main reason your Goldendoodle would sleep with his back to you is that he feels safe and comfortable in your presence. It represents trust and security. They are claiming that because you “have their back,” they will be able to keep an eye out for danger coming from the opposite direction and defend you.

Marking Their Territory

Some Goldendoodles may brush their buttocks on your leg to provide their scent and mark you as their territory. Goldendoodles have a scent and pheromone glands near their tails that allow them to “mark” their area by emitting their characteristic odor.

Wants Affection

Some Goldendoodles may show you their buttocks in the hopes of obtaining a good scratch! It’s one of their favorite places to scratch. This is an excellent way to express your love and care for your dog.

Allergies and Infection

Fleas or other parasite illnesses in the gastrointestinal tracts of some Goldendoodles are possible. The saliva from their bites will be particularly irritating if they are afflicted with fleas. They may turn their back to you to show that they are uneasy.


Some Goldendoodles may turn away from you to gain some breathing space. It’s conceivable they don’t want you to bother them when they’re sleeping. It might also be a tactic to avoid making eye contact with you.


It’s possible that a Goldendoodle sleeps in that position simply because it’s more comfortable! It’s conceivable that they’re merely sleeping in a more comfortable position!

Goldendoodle laying down

Why Does It Matter How My Goldendoodle Sleeps?

The position in which your Goldendoodle sleeps tells information about its personality and health. It can tell you whether the Goldendoodle is comfortable and cheerful or afraid and nervous. Their actions might also signal that they are unwell.

Take note of how your Goldendoodle sleeps most of the time. It may be good to keep a sleep journal for a week or so. You’ll be able to set a baseline for what’s normal for your dog if you maintain note of the data. If anything deviates from their baseline, you’ll know something is amiss.

Why Does My Goldendoodle Sleep Curled Up In A Ball?

There are two reasons why your Goldendoodle would sleep curled up in a ball. The first is that it helps them remain warm. The second reason is that they do not feel safe and hence curl up in a ball to protect themselves from harm.

When your Goldendoodle sleeps in a ball, it’s usually because they’re trying to stay warm. Animals may conserve heat by tucking their noses near their tails. It will be a common sleeping posture in the winter or in colder locations.

If your Goldendoodle sleeps in this manner as a form of defense, they are frightened and on high alert. When they curl up in a ball, they protect all of their vital organs from being damaged. Furthermore, they may easily get up quickly while in this posture.

Why Does My Goldendoodle Sleep Flat On Their Side?

When your Goldendoodle sleeps on its side, it indicates that it is comfortable and ready for a nice night’s sleep. Goldendoodles who like this position are content puppies who feel at peace in their surroundings. This is the position in which your Goldendoodle will generally be when it enters the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep.

Why Does My Goldendoodle Sleep Upside Down?

This is a comfortable, safe, and worry-free sleeping position for your Goldendoodle. It’s also a great place to cool down! Only the most irresponsible Goldendoodles would sleep in this exposed position. In this posture, the Goldendoodle’s stomach is open, exposing all of its vital organs. It also implies that rising up quickly will be tough.

During the summer, you’ll frequently find your Goldendoodle snoozing in this position. It’s an undeniably entertaining and exciting sleeping position for your dog!

Why Does My Goldendoodle Sleep Like Superman?

This is a common sleeping position for puppies and high-energy Goldendoodles. Your Goldendoodle is fatigued and wants a nap when he falls asleep on its belly, but because he is on his tummy, he can get up quickly and begin playing!

This sleeping position is typically associated with a happy, content Goldendoodle that just needs a quick power nap before returning to work!

Why Does My Goldendoodle Bark In Their Sleep?

A Goldendoodle frequently barks or whimpers when it enters the REM period of sleep. This sleep period lasts around five minutes. It’s quite natural, and as long as the barking isn’t excessive, there’s nothing to worry about.

Why Does My Goldendoodle Twitch In Their Sleep?

Goldendoodles quiver or kick their legs during the REM period of sleep. This means that your Goldendoodle is taking a well-deserved nap. It is best not to disturb Goldendoodles when they are sleeping because this is their restorative sleep, which they require to be healthy.

Can Goldendoodles Have Nightmares?

Goldendoodles, like humans, can have nightmares. Your Goldendoodle may begin to scream or bark more frequently than usual, signalling a nightmare. To calm them down, gently massage their back and speak their name quietly. Consult your veterinarian if this is happening on a regular basis.

My Goldendoodle Circles and Digs Before He Sleeps. Is This Normal?

This is standard Goldendoodle behavior. This is a tradition passed down from wolf ancestors who would circle or dig in the ground to make a more comfortable bed. Excessive circling may suggest that something is wrong with your dog, so consult with your veterinarian.

How Much Sleep Does My Goldendoodle Need?

According to the American Kennel Club, Goldendoodles should have 12-14 hours of sleep every day. Puppies need about 18-19 hours of sleep every night. Examine your Goldendoodle’s sleeping habits once again. If they’re sleeping more than normal, it’s time to take them to the vet.

How Can You Help Your Goldendoodle Sleep Better?

Make sure your Goldendoodle has a comfortable Goldendoodle bed to sleep in, as well as a lower sleeping environment. If there is fresh food and water around, your Goldendoodle may rest certain that they have all they require.

My Goldendoodle Doesn’t Sleep With His Bum Facing Me, What Should I Do?

If your Goldendoodle does not sleep in this position, it may indicate that he or she does not trust you or feel safe. It is conceivable that your Goldendoodle will not be at ease in this position. Keep note of your Goldendoodle’s sleeping habits and activities for a week to see if you can determine what’s wrong.

I Don’t Think My Goldendoodle Trusts Me Because He Doesn’t Sleep In A Relaxed Position. How Can I Build Trust With My Goldendoodle?

For a multitude of reasons, a Goldendoodle may not trust you. It is vital to pay close attention to the Goldendoodle’s behavior in order to comprehend and respond appropriately.

Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, suggests five simple steps to help you welcome a new dog into your home or reestablish trust with your present Goldendoodle.

Stay Calm

Because Goldendoodles can smell your enthusiasm or worry, it’s crucial to be calm and talk softly to them. Make sure you’re not moving too rapidly or suddenly. The fight or flight response in a Goldendoodle can be triggered by excitement. If you must move, start with small motions to gradually attract your Goldendoodle’s attention, then get up, stroll, etc.

Respect Their Personal Space

It’s ideal to give a Goldendoodle at least four feet of space until you’re sure they’re ready for attention. Avoid making direct eye contact with the Goldendoodle since Goldendoodles see this as a threat. If you have to approach them, don’t do it directly. From the side, approach them.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

When approaching a Goldendoodle who is wary of you, approach from the side and at their level. Kneel next to the Goldendoodle, facing the same way. You’re in the Goldendoodle’s territory, but it’s not an aggressive situation. If your Goldendoodle appears upset, carefully back away from them without turning your back on them.

Get On Their Level

As the Goldendoodle approaches you, extend your hand and let them smell you. It is fine to put them on the front of their chest if they stay quiet. If the Goldendoodle kisses your face, it means they’ve accepted you. Positive reinforcement for the Goldendoodle involves rewarding this behavior with a goodie.

Go For A Walk

Taking a Goldendoodle on a walk is the greatest way to build their trust. This is when you demonstrate to the Goldendoodle that you are the pack leader and will provide them with direction and safety. When walking your Goldendoodle, Cesar stressed the need to remain cool and authoritative.

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Your Goldendoodle may be sleeping with their butts facing you for a variety of reasons, both positive and negative, or it may indicate some underlying health difficulties. Whatever the cause, it is critical for loving pet owners like you to examine how their pets sleep on a regular basis to ensure that they are happy and healthy!